Beloved Students of the One Universal Presence,

As I share with you several thoughts and ideas to ponder, it is my heart’s desire that you feel and become one with all life upon this planet. This I will accomplish by intensifying my Aura, filling you with my quality, the perfectly balanced activity of Love, Wisdom, and Power.

From the day I first enfolded this Beloved planet in my Causal Body, I received from all life on Earth such profound love, that the time has come for you to begin to feel the return current of that gift. Visualize our Earth as a pure, crystalline globe. See my luminous Presence seated in the lotus position, deep in meditation. Gently, I breathe in and out, radiating forth from my Being rays of pink, blue, and gold Light. I stretch forth my hands, and as I draw them back again, I hold within them a pure, crystalline globe; the planet Earth. I hold the Earth near to my heart and the essence of my strength, love, and constancy of service is showered upon this Beloved planet, allowing for the full release of all the gifts contained within my Causal Body. As this happens, all chelas around the world accept their responsibility as part of this activity of Light?expanding their consciousness?allowing their love and light to flood the Earth. With this work completed, anything will be possible!

You may say, “I want to do my part, but how can this be accomplished?” Listen to my answer. This is an ongoing process, and with the specific work that has been done this year, great strides have been made toward its completion. From one minute past midnight on the first day of January, you have blazed the greatest gift of love available to life?the Violet Transmuting Flame?into all that you have ever been connected with in any way, searching for the peace necessary to continue and fulfill your individual Divine Plan perfectly.

Have you stopped to consider that, just as you have done this, every great Being of Light has also endeavored to use their specific quality?together with the Violet Fire?to manifest perfection for, not only the Earth, but the entire universe? We are indeed working together for the good of all life!

When you use my quality of Perfect Balance, along with the activity of the Violet Flame, consider what this has created within the hearts and minds of humankind! It is opened the door to self-forgiveness, which when accomplished, further allows for complete forgiveness of others to take place. The Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion has been used to transmute the misqualified energy that you have created, either through acts of commission or omission.

Much can be learned by occasionally taking time to assess your actions. It is now a good time to go within and see what you have accomplished as part of your growth over this year. Make note of your thoughts, words, and deeds. How has your example affected your family, friends, and acquaintances? You may want to ask yourself if you could have handled situations differently, when the perfect peace that surrounds you was disrupted by your actions or those of others. However, do not forget to also consider the good that you have accomplished?the progress you have made.

Have the scales been balanced? With the assistance of the Violet Fire, I can see that each one of you has made great progress toward balancing all debts owed to you and that you have settled many of your own outstanding debts. Many of you have managed to stabilize your lives, bringing more peace and harmony to yourselves and others, allowing for a fuller manifestation of Unity on this planet. This is what must happen during this time in the Earth’s evolution. Harmony must manifest in the world of form for unity to become a reality for this planet.

With constancy of application, the purifying powers of this Sacred Flame will do the work necessary to allow the Earth to become Freedoms Holy Star! In closing, I ask you to remain within the perfect peace that now surrounds you. Accept this – my gift to you, and become the Presence of God, forever to remain. I AM here to assist.



Source:  Bridge to Freedom – https://www.lawoflife.com/


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