“Therefore it takes the bold, the constant, the trusting, the faithful and the wise to continue to experiment with the Cosmic Law, and as beloved Saint Germain did before He was ascended!”

An excerpt from “I AM” The Way – Beloved Ascended Master Jesus (Angel Micah)

“……very few listened to the Law by which they themselves might have become Master over the appearances of sickness, disease, disintegration and even so-called death.”

Beloved, blessed friends of Light, who have loved Me long and love Me still, grateful indeed “I AM” for your presence on this day which is a memory sweet in many respects to My heart, and yet a day in which I had to leave so much yet unsaid and undone, into the keeping of My Mother. beloved John, and the Disciples, with a prayerful heart that the vision and dispensation which has lasted two thousand years, might be anchored firmly through those blessed ones, some whom renounced the Ascension at the time of My Own Victory, in order to bring and to keep in the emotional, mental, etheric and physical consciousness of mankind, not only the radiation which “I AM” but the instruction which I gave, which has formed, of course the basis for the Christian philosophy,

Oh beloved ones, it is with grateful hearts that We honour every sincere chela who has helped Us to open the bridge from Divinity’s Realm into the realm of the outer consciousness so that Those of Us Who have been glorified and honoured by many. many centuries of men, may no longer have to confine Our instruction and radiation to the small amount of recorded doctrine which We presented, and of course through the channels of energy through unascended beings who have had great love and devotion to Us. No longer are the small Gospels the full extent of My teachings to the peoples of Earth, for the open door has allowed Us from Divinity’s Realm to bring to you now, from the past and in the more glorious future that is to come, more and more of eternal verities of that Truth which I said long ago and re-affirm THAT TRUTH, IF APPLIED, WILL SET YOU FREE!

Beloved ones, as the great Lord of the World said to you so recently, and I repeat,…..

all of the instruction and knowledge if not applied individually through your own precious application and experimentation with that knowledge and that law, will not give you freedom nor self-mastery over energy and vibration.

This I know through My Own personal experience. When I had attained that mastery for which I was born without sin, good men and women enjoying the miracles so- called, which such mastery made easy to manifest, preferred to see the fruits,…….

and very few listened to the Law by which they themselves might have become Master over the appearances of sickness, disease, disintegration and even so-called death.

Beloved ones, “I AM” grateful for opportunity to affirm and to re-affirm to you that the importance of receiving knowledge, insofar as your soul growth is concerned, is the actual practical experimentation with that knowledge received, even though at first your results may not express to you full perfection. Why? Because as your individual Presence pours Its Light through you, which is the very beat of your heart, that life-essence is coloured by your feelings thoughts and your memories, as well as all the traits of character of the present physical personality, and you are subject likewise to the mass ties of limitation and distress.

Therefore it takes the bold, the constant, the trusting, the faithful and the wise to continue to experiment with the Cosmic Law, and as beloved Saint Germain did before He was ascended!

Even if you do not have full manifestation on your first try, or on twenty years application, there is nothing wrong with the Law, beloved ones. It is just that your channel has not been purified sufficiently so that the same gifts and powers which I used merely to be the example of what every man, woman and child should be, are yours today, not in some far distant heaven with streets lined with gold! The mastery over energy and distress is not required there, for all is peace, beauty, harmony and perfection. Why should I then have come through the veil of birth and live in a world of great darkness if it was not that the great Father of us all desired to show to the people of My generation and those of succeeding generations who believed on My chronicled life, what could be done by a man wearing a coat of flesh.

Your Earth today is in a great period of chaos. The strongest points of light, even as in My day, are focuses for the remnants of discord. I say to you, that Light and that Life, which is the· gift of the Father of ALL, that beats your hearts, IS all powerful in and through you, when your motive is sincere and you are selfless in the desire to give the gifts from your own Causal Body for the illumination, harmonization of the distresses of mankind, elemental life and imprisoned Angels.

I love the Angels! All during that Earthlife, the great Archangels and lesser Angels were My companions, Mother, Herself, coming of the King- dom. Oh, to see Angels imprisoned in gross form, with such great feeling for Our perfected realm, and yet willing to so remain because Earth is not yet free.

I love the Elemental Life, that beautiful Life that has given and is giving you so freely of Itself, and I love the great Holy Christ Flame within your heart which shall one day be master over every bit of the energy and vibration which you have qualified destructively, until the upper parts of your bodies are blazing with Its Light; until your hands become as Mine, conductors of the Healing Flame from God’s Own Heart; until where you stand death ceases to be, and LIFE Itself is manifest again indignity. These things I came but to teach you, that they could be done by other men and women. Yet even those who lived within My aura, slept within the compass of My Mother’s Home, when first they attempted to call forth those powers, returned to Me distressed because human appearance yielded not, and they had physical proximity to My Presence for a number of years.

You have now proximity to My Presence. Those of you who thought enough of Me to make a short pilgrimage to My Presence. You have proximity to Me by merely mentioning My Name! My Name – which I have given to all mankind as a protection against any and all evil and distressing thoughts, feelings and pressures. In the NAME OF THE ASCENDED JESUS CHRIST men and women have healed, they have suffered privation and have come forth victorious. They have learned and used the powers of levitation and precipitation, They have ministered unto those who were temporarily under the spell of seeming illness. In the Name of the Ascended Jesus Christ, I speak now to every chela on this planet Earth and who believes in My Presence and My capacity to speak in this day and age!

It is time for each one of you to become Christ in Action! I do not enjoy the solitary confinement upon the pillars of marble. It would be a lonely heaven were I there alone. Thank God, it is not so! There are many Sons and Daughters of Light, as you well know, Who are My Companions and many superior Beings, so far above Me on the ladder of Divine evolution that I cannot even see the outline of Their “I AM” Presence or Their White Fire Bodies by the very radiance of Their Light.

So it is with you as you move upward and forward on the Path of self-mastery, always be sure that there is someone on the rung below you whom you are lifting to take the place on that rung on the ladder as you move onward into greater and greater Light.

John and Mother Mary chose to take that place for Me, and thus on that morning I was enabled to quietly and unostentatiously walk up that grassy path to the top of Bethany’s Hill and have just a little solitude, watching the Sun rise, enjoying the beauties of Earth before My beloved Disciples and those who came to wonder and to question, following after them, reached the brow of the Hill. So it was in that inner resurrected body that I was able, in the presence of almost five hundred people, not all of whom believed that such a thing was possible, I was able to quicken the vibratory action of that resurrected form and with the great assistance of the mighty prayer force that My Mother had established through Her years of prayer on Beth- any’s Hill, with the great assistance of My Own “I AM” Presence, the Ascension was publicly manifest.

Some there were who saw it, some there were who did not, because as the Light became brighter, the natural activity of the human self is to cover the eyes against glare. Some were frightened, as you find in your present and all future activities of the unusual and they turn their backs lest they be distressed. Some flung themselves on the ground, but the few who stood and can bear witness, some of whom are within this room today, you know that from the top of the Hill of Bethany, having completed My course and left in the hands of those who were to form the foundation of the Christian Dispensation, I ascended to My Father and to yours, enjoying that company of Divine Beings Who have foresworn Nirvana, continuing My assistance as best I could to any and all lifestreams who in their turn would direct their attention toward Me.

I ask this day a boon of the Cosmic Law, in the removal of the crucified Christ from all of the Christian Churches, and the replacement by a visualization of the Ascending Christ, so something that the people can look upon which will uplift their vision and give them hope, help and strength to want to achieve like mastery; for that very crucified Christ, which the orthodox world places before the people, is the symbol of vicarious atonement.

It is the way of the outer self, as you well know, to let some other lifestream carry your sin. God knows We, to the best of Our ability, every time that you honour Us with your Presence, transmute as much of the karma of your own creation as is possible. God knows, while We are in the atmosphere of Earth, how much of the mass karma, the rip-tides that flow through the Earth and Its atmosphere are sucked into the substance which forms Our auras and there transmuted into Light, charged into the “I AM” Presence of the individual who created that discord and then held there until the “I AM” Presence of such an one finds worthiness in the personality and can safely through the Silver Cord and the Holy Christ Flame release that Light again.

In the power of invocation as I used it, and as every God-free Being uses it, the Three-fold Flame in your hearts has a definite reason for Its coloration and Its place. As you draw the Power and Wisdom directs it, and Love sends it forth, you are completely protected from every adverse motive, even those which you do not know of in the outer self. Every healing that I performed, every leper that was cured, every blind man that was made to see, every obsessed one that was freed of a discarnate that has no place in that form, and every man and child that was in the appearance of death who was given again Life – was given that boon through the magnetizing of the POWER of My Father, WISDOM to use it where I saw that the lifestream could be benefitted or a lesson could be taught to the witnesses, and then the LOVE for the individual who received healing, as well as for the Father Who gave Me the power by which to do it.

Beloved ones, if you will keep that in mind in all that you endeavor to do! Power alone is the most dangerous of the qualities unless it is directed by true Wisdom and discrimination that comes of your Father, and unless it is qualified with honest Love for your God, Divine Masters, your fellow man, imprisoned Angels, little elementals, four-footed creatures and every living thing.

I repeatedly said over and over again and I still maintain that statement today for a specific reason — “I, of Myself can do nothing. It is the Father WITHIN that doeth the works,”  to remind you that the power that was drawn through My lifestream directed by the Wisdom of the Father and sent forth in Love, should never be used, and it never was used in My whole embodiment for anything but to do God’s Will here on Earth, to attempt to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the planet Earth; to attempt to arouse the dormant spark of Divinity within the peoples of that Era. Now the Cosmic Christ has spoken, and the Christ Selves of men and women and children too are beginning to act. Those who want Power of the personal self, find themselves sheared of it. Those who want power to use with Wisdom to expand the cause of Love shall INCREASE in majesty, in dignity and in works well done. Thus is the teaching of the new Era. It was the Teaching of the Christian Dispensation which was My Era, in which very few of mankind received the Ascension. Now you come to the New Age of the great Ascended Master Saint Germain, where the Kingdom of Heaven shall manifest on this Earth. Through whom? Through those in whom we have invested Our Life, Our instruction, those who have reached their hands out to Us from Divinity’s Realm to form that Bridge, which remains unto this day through your individual and collective endeavor.

You are My brothers and sisters, not of blood but of spiritual light; that Light which flows through you and through Me is the life blood of the spirit and flows from the One Father Whom I represented on Earth and Whom now you have in this day, opportunity to so represent.  Oh, censure not the outer self. If you are not the fulness of the mastery that you should become for the negative qualities of depreciation and self-blame, merely fill your feelings and your minds with more substance, and the next Beloved Master, and in this case it is El Morya, will have to dislodge it. Rather fill yourself with the feeling of rejoicing that I too was a man and was subject to pressure and bore witness to many unpleasantries, not only in the world at large but in My immediate Disciples.

Yet through the Grace of Almighty God and My steadfastness in holding to His Will, I had a victory, the Victory of the Ascension, which is to be your victory too. Perhaps in your case it will not be so spectacular and I hope for your sake it will not, because of ridicule and bigotry and disbelief upon a soul departing, particularly in that delicate fabric of ascending into the Light of the “I AM” Presence, is not a happy experience. I made that sacrifice although like all unascended beings I tried after the Last Supper to remove Myself from it. Yet I made that sacrifice of the crucifixion and the ignominy that preceded it. Then the returning and resuscitating of that form, the walking and talking and convincing of the Disciples that I was I; and the final sacrifice of a public Ascension which is the most sacred of all your experiences, one that really should not be a spectacle. I made that so that all men would know and could know that what I had done, all men could do. Yet glorified as has been My work for the doing of what I did, that day is yet to come.

In the Name of My Beloved Mother Mary, in the Name of Our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, in the Name of the great Hierarch El Morya, in the Name of the Beloved Serapis Bey Whose Ascension Flame blazes at Luxor, I thank you for believing in Me sufficiently to make a pilgrimage to My Presence. You shall be rewarded for the endeavor and the love.

Thank You beloved ones.