“To change the consciousness of mankind, we must utilize the Sacred Fire. This Sacred Fire can be drawn, by any one individual, through the entire number belonging to this evolutionary system without the intellect of any life-stream being aware of the service rendered. As the Sacred Fire of Purification passes through the consciousness of the people, it removes the inner causes of disease and malajustments, and the effects automatically disappear, as when a mirrored room is completely cleared of all debris, you will not find in that room any reflection of a grotesque or unpleasant nature.

To treat the consciousness of the people of Earth, invoking the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to sweep through each one, is to assist Saint Germain’s Golden Age in a manner beyond description, for when hundred of thousands of people begin to use their consciousness in a constructive manner, the building of the incoming Golden Age will go on in a manner that will surprise even the most progressive of natures.

We cannot urge you too much to allow the Light of the Spiritual Sun, and the Ascended Jesus Christ, and the Powers of Light to play through the consciousness. Ask Them to qualify your thought and feeling of ease and peace and harmony. You cannot get your Spiritual Freedom by effort of human will. It is a Gift of Grace alone! But if you will invoke and then allow the Spiritual Essence, that flows from the Heart of the Ascended Host, to bathe your inner soul in the Light of Their Celestial Presence, the conditions in your body and your world will begin to ease up. The outpouring of Light from the Presence of God is the only Peace that any life-stream will ever enjoy, and if you solicit that outpouring sincerely, you shall have it!”   HOLY AEOLUS


Today, there are in embodiment many good and sincere life-streams who gathered that momentum of the power of invocation throughout many centuries of study, both in the physical body and at inner levels, but whose ultimate goal for which they direct their attention is below the Ascended Masters’ level, and their motive for invocation plus their capacity to connect with the powers beyond the human veil, determine the type of manifestation that they will draw forth. Some of these good people have invoked the spirits of the departed, sincerely, honestly and faithfully, and have had a measure of success in connecting with those individuals. Many more unconsciously used the power of invocation to connect with mass entities of a discordant nature, such as war, pestilence, fear and any number of negative activities that form the effluvia around the planet Earth. These individuals invoke these very activities upon the screen of life through their attention upon them, through thinking of them, and they manifest them as distresses to themselves and to other people. They are unconscious of the power of invoking anything or anyone, or any activity UPON WHICH THEIR ATTENTION DWELLS!

For instance, beloved ones, take the mass entity of fear, – it has intelligence- because it is God’s Life that has been misqualified, it has a name – fear! When you speak that name, you draw the attention of that entity just as when you speak the Name of Jesus, the CHRIST! Now this is more important than you will perhaps understand until you think it through. War has a name; pestilence has a name and those names invoke the manifestation of the conditions that are distressing. So if you can enable yourselves as priests and priestesses of the order of Zadkiel to remember that the NAME OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE is a part of the presence of that one, and will surely draw attention of that one as though I were to speak any one of your names right now. Those of you hearing your names would turn and respond by the flowing of your energy toward Me as I speak. Therefore, let us endeavor in the invocation of the Power of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and His Order, to keep our invocations, our decrees, our visualizations, our songs and our activities connected with a POSITIVE virtue, quality or Divine Being, and thus avoid unnecessarily tangling with the momentum of some discordant vibration which allows their life to pour out from them and thus increase the mass entity that lives on the fear and the various emotions engendered by unconscious and not always fully cognizant lifestreams.


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