Beloved Maha Chohan:                                                                 

 As the planet Earth comes to a fulfillment of its yearly revolution around the Sun, the vibratory action of the twelve months begins to sound its final chord and note, which contains within itself the keynote of the year, and which, for the remaining days of the year, is the predominant vibration felt by all people everywhere.

 The members of the Great White (Light) Brotherhood, and every being connected with the evolution of the planet, endeavor to complete that portion of their service (which had been allotted to them at the beginning of the year)by the fifteenth of November. Each one makes it his personal or cosmic business to “close his books,” so to speak, by this date, and turn his footsteps, as well as his thought and attention, to the great conclave at Shamballa. Here all these blessed children of the One Father come, filled with happy anticipation of the joyous reunion and loving association with their celestial brothers, coupled with the gladsome expectation of celebrating the glorious feast of the Christmas in the bosom of their Father.

 Every being, whether incarnate, disarnate or ascended, is a vibratory center, like a plucked harp string. In the ascended and cosmic capacity, the pulsation of vibration which forms the radiation of service, takes on the single note at this time, which is the keynote of the year, and all the variegated services of the Brotherhood blend gently into that note, forming “The Christmas Spirit,” which is felt, absorbed and enacted by the race. Thus, the keynote of the year is once more impressed powerfully on the bodies, the akashic records and the atmosphere of Earth, so that the greatest possible service to man might be stamped on the consciousness of all people before the new vibration of the coming year is felt and interpreted.

It has the same effect as the repetition of a theme of music,which eventually is picked up and made part of the consciousness of a listener.It has the further purpose of stilling the consciousness of all beings, preparatory to the reception of those new forces and currents that become the predominant vibration when the Lord of Life releases the thoughtform and feeling vibration which will become the keynote for the coming year.

Speaking of the “keynote,”you will remember in retrospect how, the instant the last stroke of midnight sounds on every New Year’s Eve, the Great First Cause projects through the Silent Watcher, into the consciousness of Sanat Kumara (now Lord Gautama), and through this great Being into the consciousness of the Great White Brotherhood and the assembled multitude at the Rocky Mountain Retreat, the cosmic design of some particular and specific keynote and its representative thoughtform, which becomes the heart of the diversified activities of the Brotherhood for the twelve-month period ahead, so far as the radiation to and through the consciousness of mankind is concerned.

Shamballa is a most unusual retreat for many reasons. It was the first one established on Earth, forming the pattern for the Great White Brotherhood, which Sanat Kumara, himself, instituted. Besides the great council halls, record rooms, and treasuries, there are enormous guest houses, in which each member of the Brotherhood is assigned a permanent room. This room belongs to him forever, or as long as he cares to use it. Many unascended beings who,at inner levels, are members of the Brotherhood, have rooms here at Shamballa,and these remain for each one a permanent focus on the Earth long after their ascension. Even the Lord Buddha and the early Krishna’s still retain their own compartments in this mystic retreat, and the fragrance and vibration of each private contemplation room is distinctive and descriptive of the being who,from within that sanctuary, has served life.

As these joyous sons and daughters of the kingdom return “Home,” they are each enfolded in the outstretched, welcoming arms of the Father (formerly Sanat Kumara, now Lord Gautama) and then each one is escorted to his or her own particular compartment. Here they immediately begin to reverse the currents of their own life or consciousness, preparatory to entering the Great Silence, where the “pull of Earth”ceases for them and the “pull of the Father” becomes the magnetic attraction in their feelings.

When each being has become imbued with the silence, he returns to the great hall where he mingles with his friends and they have a happy time,comparing notes about their work, talking about their respective chelas, (each one very proud of his own), and so on, all contributing the joy of their combined consciousness to the festive occasion.

When all the members are assembled, they return to the great banquet hall, where a magnificent feast has been prepared for them. There are speeches and laughter and song, for be it known that these sons and daughters of the kingdom are gay and charming and happy. They have not lost their sense of enjoyment through the attainment of their ascension, rather is it expanded a thousand fold.

It is understood that each member is free to utilize the Christmas season (from the 21st of December to the 27th) as their heart dictates. Some being visits from one star and planet to another, or from home to home on the Earth plane, all carrying the love and light of their own lifestream to enrich the presence of life wherever they go—whether it be the Godhead, the Guardians of the Race, of the friends of their bosom.

 It is a time when the Masters don the festive robes of the feast days, and the glory of the unbound hair and the golden sandals blend gracefully and beautifully with the exquisite design of each being’s garment, woven of the love and service of his lifestream in the twelve month period that has passed.

The vast temples—where the Perfected Beings join voluntarily with the great Host of Light, in praise and devotion to the Source of All Life—are filled to overflowing with a reverent and joyous multitude. It is thus that we revel for this small period of time, following the light of our hearts,and the upper heavens sing with the glory of beings who reverence and respect the slightest show of service, in gratitude that is selfless and true, and an expression of friendship indestructible.

Let me say here, that it is an opportunity for the friends of the heart, yet in bounden Earth form, to rise during the sleeping hours and the time of contemplation, on the wings of gratitude and love, into the heavenly realms and homes of those whom they feel have enriched their lifestream during the twelve-month period, where each Master keeps “open-house” for his friends, ascended and unascended. The peace and exhilaration of such cosmic excursions of consciousness, will prove a marvelous lever that many a grateful heart will wield into the raising of the self into the ONE.

Lest you should feel that the Earth plane is left without succor while the Brotherhood have entered the higher octaves through Shamballa, let me explain that each one establishes, in the locality and atmosphere which has been his field of service, a permanent pillar of light, magnified and magnetized by his own life and light, and pinned into Earth through his directive will. This activity he sets in motion several weeks before he enters the Great Silence, and into this pillar of force he directs the radiation and sustaining power required to hold the focus which he has set up until his return. Therefore, although he, himself, withdraws to take his short and well-earned holiday in the heart of the Great Silence, the radiation and comfort of his presence remain to sustain his activity while he re-energizes his own valiant spirit.

 As this is our Christmas message, designed to give you a little joy of the season, I thought that this short description of how we, the Ascended Host, spend the Holy Season of Christmas, might please you.

All the Host of Heaven join me in wishing you, each one, a most holy and happy Christmas time.

Excerpt from Bulletin Book 1 – THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM  – From The Beloved Maha Chohan

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