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Excerpt from :“I AM” THE OPEN DOOR – As given to Peter Mt Shasta in January 1977


“One day one of the students who was and still is under my guidance and instruction asked a question of the one to whom I had brought him for instruction at the time; and the question asked that day, in all seriousness, was, “What does the body of God look like?” Well, I may tell you, I hope, without offending anyone’s sense of propriety, that we too have a sense of humor, and that I had a good laugh over this; and both the individuals involved had a laugh too, for you might say, my laughter is contagious.

The truth of the matter is really so simple, it is staring you right in the face every moment of your existence – it is astounding to us that this elementary truth should still, in this day when man’s scientific advancement has gone so far, remain unknown. Well, of course, we were really delighted by this question; in fact, we wish you would ask questions of us more often, as long as you are sincere, for it is only by asking questions as a child asks that True Understanding is open to you. And no matter how humble the question, when you ask as a child we do not hesitate to answer you, or see that the answer is forthcoming to you in some way which you can directly perceive.

And, I may say, according to the degree of sincerity, the degree of your true desire for knowledge, is the degree to which you are answered; for every call, every question in the mind of man, is a magnet; and that magnet inexorably attracts, in the perfect time, the answer to it. And even those who do not know this great Law – how to make the call directly to their own Godhead – who pray in their own way, are also answered according to the degree of their sincerity – for every thought at every point in the universe, no matter how remote, is heard and responded to; though, of course, not as directly as if the individual had made the call directly to his own God Self.

So you see how important it is to know what you want, and how important to say only what you mean, and not to say or even think anything, whether about yourself or another, that you do not mean or wish to happen, for thoughts are things; they go forth into the universe to act according to the thought and feeling of the one, whether consciously or unconsciously, that is sending them out.

You see, the universe is a great switchboard, and each of you is an operator; those who “pray” are requesting that another operator, some unknown “God,” put the call through for them, while the one who knows and is in contact with his own God Flame, (The “I AM” Presence) which is the central switchboard, can put the call through himself; and he becomes one of the Helpers that can, if he be sincere in his desire to Serve, answer and put through the calls of others. You see, the universe is a great hierarchy.

Just as on Earth you have countries, states, counties, districts and neighborhoods, all administered and represented by their corresponding governments, assemblies, commissions, councils and associations, so too, on all levels of God’s Creation are there similar governing bodies for the control and distribution of Infinite Supply, the Limitless Light which is everywhere, and which is made manifest as needed and called forth, at the corresponding frequency and intensity to the place in creation at which the individual finds himself in his current state of evolution.

“The keynote of all creation is order. And that order is maintained by the Divine Hierarchy of which we, the Ascended or “Arisen” Masters are, for the Earth, the principal part. Know, also, that there are Cosmic Masters some of whose bodies span solar systems; as well are there Angels, Seraphim, and tiny Elementals that may work within the smallest atom: life is everywhere. There is nowhere life is not. And that life is Light – Intelligence, Wisdom, Power and Love, which is Perfect order. And, so, as you come to understand the great Laws of Order, you come to understand how everything is put together and how every “thing” operates. And you come to understand yourself. You come to understand This Great Self that you Are, and come to understand all things:

Man, Know Thy Self!

“Are you beginning to understand now, my dear ones, what the body of God is? I hope so. Just think about it. Think about the Great Central Flame within the center of your being. Dwell upon it and allow it to expand until you are in the middle of it, and it is all about you, and in you. See what a Sun you have become! What a Sun You Are! And this is the Pattern for All Creation. Understand the Laws governing your own Light and you will understand the Laws governing all Light. As you become a Sun, for each of you is becoming a Sun, so, in like manner, did the sun of this system become a Sun – as has every electron; for the Consciousness, the Law, the Intelligent Electronic Substance of the Great Central Sun, composes, animates and causes to continue in its orderly operation and joyful existence, all Creation.

“Of all beings, only in the mind of man is there any consciousness of lack, of any want of order. Is that not amazing that in the life of one of His greatest creations God should allow disorder, lack, suffering and despair to exist? O, dear hearts, when will you see that these things do not exist except in the mind, the five sense material world of which the human mind is composed; for the “mind,” in the human sense, is matter, material, and of the materialistic “consciousness of lack,” which thinks, “me,” and “Mine,” and identifies with and attaches itself to conditions of the material world. Hence, the world of illusion, the world of suffering and pain. For if you knew that you were not that mind, but the Divine Mind which is the Heart of God, that the very Light and consciousness of the Creator was within you, then you would be free of the “consciousness of lack,” then you would be free of all illusion, wholly pure, and Perfect. You would be one with Bliss – for Light everywhere is Bliss and Wisdom. And he who understand and becomes this, in every part of his being, he is free – he is a Conscious Creator, a God Being. Know ye not that ye are Gods?

So our anatomy lesson draws to a close, though the lesson of which we are all a part never draws to a close. Think on these things: this little seed that I have given to you today. If you put the seed away for safe keeping, for a “rainy” day, you will lose it – at best it will stay only a seed. But, if you plant the seed immediately, in other words, if you take this great Law into the depth of your being and there meditate on it, nourish it by your Light and Love, and give it the freedom that it needs in order to grow, then you will have something; and what a “Something!”

This is the “Grain of Mustard Seed” which appears the littlest of seeds, yet which Jesus likened unto the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Idea in the Heart of man – the image of what he may become – a God. And the feeling of the reality of that idea within your Heart is the “Pearl of Great Price” – the Pearl for which a wise man parted with all he possessed in order to obtain. Bless you, my children. I thank you.”

Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “I AM the Open Door.” iBooks.

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