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An Address by the Ascended Master Saint Germain


Once each year, at the close of the twelve-month cycle, we are given a month of release and relief from the service in the world of form. Those of us who represent the great Spiritual Hierarchy, those of us—angels, Masters, devas and powers of light—who have worked with mankind and the elemental kingdom upon this planet Earth, are given invitation to return to Shamballa, and there for thirty days, we bask in the radiation of the Lord of the World, who has been the mighty king of kings, the beloved Ancient of Days, beloved Sanat Kumara, whom we love and adore even as you, yourselves.

Twofold is the reason for our return to Shamballa. We bring with us the report of all that we have done in the world of form, of all that our chelas have done, and all that our retreats and the activities of our ray have accomplished. We also receive there renewed strength, renewed energy, renewed vitality of a spiritual nature, from the beloved Lord of the World, himself, which we take with us and which forms a great momentum of energy for the next twelve-month cycle.

As the great City of the Bridge opens its doors to the Masters and angels of light, it is a magnificent sight, indeed. You have had it described to you many times, before, and yet if you will come with me now, we will enter into the heart of Shamballa, so that you may enjoy the vibration that is there. You remember, it was builded through the self-conscious effort of a few individuals from the heart of Venus, who lived upon that bright star and loved Sanat Kumara and beloved Venus so much, that they did not wish him to descend into the darkness of Earth’s shadows without a fit dwelling place where he might abide in the grace and purity that he knew at home. These blessed people, unascended lifestreams, mind, belonging to the evolution of Venus, offered to Sanat Kumara and the Cosmic Law, their lives that they might come and through the ordinary means of birth, through human bodies, attain their maturity and create out of the substance, the energy and activities of the physical world, a duplicate and replica of the spiritual city in which Sanat Kumara dwelt and from which he ruled his star, Venus. Beloved ones, think for a moment about that—think of these individuals who are not too unlike yourselves. They were individuals who had only consciousness, and into that consciousness they had to imprint the memory of the City of Shamballa on Venus. They had to submit to the bonds of forgetfulness and pass through the bodies of earth people unto a star that was so filled with psychic and astral creations, that the Sun of the system had decided to dissolve it. They had to grow in the homes and families of individuals whose light certainly was not great—if it had been, Sanat Kumara need not have come! These individuals were not precipitated miraculously on the shores of the Gobi Sea. They were born, as many of you, in different countries parted by large bodies of water from the Gobi Sea and the sight of Shamballa. As they grew up, there again stirred within their minds the memories of a shining city, and some, like yourselves, found very little sympathy within the confines of their immediate family. They set out following their hearts’ promptings across seas and land until finally a band gathered together around the mainland close to the Gobi Sea. There the strongest among them brought forth a vision of this great city and it was confirmed in the hearts of the others, even as my vision was confirmed in your hearts when you heard of the Freedom Flame and the New Day. Something within your heart stirred.

You came from across the seas, many of you, and you came from all different portions of this great country, and when you came together, you had only one thing in common—an inner memory of a vision, of a friend who had sent you here with the hope to establish a freedom star. And so, these men and women around the Gobi Sea gathered and they thought they would build this magnificent city—White Island—and they began! They endeavored to draw, out of their own consciousness, the memory of it, the beautiful street laid out in the form of the oval. They planted their trees, they began to build the great bridge connecting the mainland with the White Island, and what happened to them? More than once, in a long period of nine-hundred years, they were completely wiped out, to a man, by hordes of savages, by those men and women on the Earth who had no light. They came again, in new bodies, and brushed the very rubble aside, replanted their trees and began to lay their streets anew, to put the blocks back together on the foundation for the magnificent temples.

Toward the end, they knew the time had come, for the great Lemurian pole-star signified the cosmic moment, and, ready or not, temple or not, Sanat Kumara was due to stand in the atmosphere and then descend upon this planet, Earth. Happy they were, then, that they had endured, that they were constant for nine-hundred years! Does eighteen seem so long! Nine hundred years is a long time to be faithful to a vision. Oh, lovely ones, as you look back over the pages of history, all of the mysteries are clouded with visions of angels and great mystic manifestations—but THEY NEVER HAPPENED THUS—they happened always in a natural, normal manner, as they happen now today! When I walked into Bethlehem with the beloved Mary, knowing full well her time was come, no mighty angel with sword of flame opened the door of the inn. I walked, unknown, seeking shelter for another unknown lifestream. Two thousand years later, it is clothed in mystery and glory! But I assure you, in those days, we were just individuals like yourselves, with doubt, with fears, with uncertainty! And so it was with the building of Shamballa! One day then, that faithful few were rewarded. One day the flashing star of Sanat Kumara was visible to the inner sight of the priests of that group. One day, descending within the glory of the City of the Bridge, within the glorious golden-domed temple, there stood Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days—with him, the Great Kumaras and all those powers of light, that have sustained the planet until this present day!

So today, as we walk over that bridge, you can look down at the etheric sea beneath it, and as your feet walk upon that bridge, think of all the sandaled feet and all the bare feet, of all the holy intellects that have walked into and out of Shamballa time and again—going in to be re-polarized, coming forth with new hope to light the world. As you stand at the very top of the bridge, you can see the magnificent temple of Sanat Kumara on the elevation—as the island slopes upward. It is like unto the lovely Taj Mahal, and before it are the living fountains. As we walk over that bridge and take off our shoes, we walk along the right side of the waters, and we can see, on either side of those pools, the magnificent temples, in the various colors, representing the mighty devas and activities of the Seven Rays.

Stand for a moment at the foot of the great temple of Sanat Kumara and look at the Cyclopean architecture, the magnificent sight and beautiful, yet delicate, perfection of the temple. You can see that the steps, divided into twelve, are then interspersed with a long, grassy sward, and again you have the living flame fountain of various colors of water. As you walk up these steps, you come to the doors of the great temple of the Lord of the World!

During this thirty-day period, after you have placed your harvest within that temple, within the flame within the temple, the Lord of the World addresses, constantly, groups of initiates and chelas. In the atmosphere above Shamballa are the individual members of the human race who are advanced enough in consciousness to gather while their bodies sleep, and they absorb mostly the radiation of his flame, which is Cosmic Patience. The Lord of the World speaks to the assembly, which is made up of a great many of the discarnates, all those who are the relatives of the student body in the Ascension Temples, all those who are sleeping in their outer forms, as well as to many of the initiates who are gathered within the retreat. As you look up toward the altar, you can see the beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of life burning within the golden brazier and the presence of Sanat Kumara standing right within the flame.

During this thirty-day period, during the actual Transmission Flame Ceremony, we wore garments representing the rank and activity of our service. For the balance of the period it is a time of festivity, of informal counsels, of the unbound hair, as the beloved Maha Chohan refers to it, and of the laughter of the Gods! It is a time when we meet as brothers and sisters, those we have not seen throughout the year, and exchange pleasantries as well as our plans for the Teton Conference and our petitions and hopes for the New Year.

Beloved Sanat Kumara, standing in beautiful white garments, his lovely golden hair falling to his shoulders, his great violet eyes looking forth in love, is talking to the assembly. Perhaps, for a moment, we may tune into his radiation and accept his blessing:

Beloved Sanat Kumara Speaks:

In the name of the Most High Living God within whose presence all stand, I greet you today, beloved Elohim of Creation—you who have designed from your own free will and developed precipitating faculties and this planet Earth, which we desire, through love, to sustain in the solar system.

In the name of the God that made us all, I greet you, beloved Archangels, you who have been the protecting power and the radiation of the feeling nature of God in, through and around the souls of men who live upon the freedom star.

In the name of the Most High Living God whom we serve and by whom we live, we greet you, beloved Chohans of the Rays, you who have foresworn Nirvana and who form the bridge between the human octave and the outer consciousness and thinking selves of mankind and our realm—to you we give a special blessing because yours, methinks, is the most difficult of all tasks, as the spearhead endeavoring to reach into the reluctant faithless consciousness of mankind and bring them to light. We have gathered you together in the presence of our Lord Gautama, our Lord Maitreya, our Lord Maha Chohan, in order to have, informally, a discussion as to the activities on each of your seven rays. We shall listen with interest to that which has been accomplished. We shall summon first the Elohim, whose cosmic service at cosmic levels deals, not only with the sustenance of this planet, but with the sustenance of many galaxies, and then we shall summon the Archangels, in graded order, Prince Michael at their lead. We shall then summon the Chohans and they, in turn, we ask to summon, within their etheric bodies, every unascended chela who has served them. We would like to see what each one has done, according to his own light, in order that we may determine what best we may do for this Earth in the coming twelve months. To you all here assembled, as this is an informal gathering, I want to give my personal gratitude in your service to me. It is a long time since I decided to come to Earth. I have become almost, as the people would say, “institutionalized.” I am so used to the atmosphere of the Earth and its peoples, that I am having to take the very exercise that our son, Saint Germain, mentioned this morning, in repolarizing myself to the realization of living upon a different star. It is not the same vibratory action, beloved Elohim, beloved Archangels and Chohans—the Earth and our star, Venus—and yet, as Lord Gautama and I this morning discussed it, it has been a wonderful opportunity to expand our individual and collective light. If we had to do it over again, we would each have done so, even the experience, the length of our exile, the disappointments, the disillusionments which the outer consciousness brings.

We are grateful to you, beloved ones, who have represented the Seven Rays on Earth. We are grateful to the Elohim, of course God-free; the Archangels, God-free; the Archaii, some who have not always been God-free, and the Chohans who have not always been God-free. We are grateful to you in bringing to us the interest in the service of mankind, and we would like to point you, with the same interest, to the small body of individuals in the United States of America, and throughout the world, who have offered themselves to be conductors of the feelings that we wish to give mankind in this season.

I would commend to you, beloved friends, each of these people. Will you please, in your own way, give them the faith, the understanding, the love, the purity, the capacity to wield the law, the love of their fellowman, and the efficacy of the acceptance of the Violet Fire, that will make them and keep them happy people. Thank you so much.

Beloved Saint Germain Speaks:

We now turn our attention to the report of mighty beloved Hercules. Beloved Hercules ascends the pulpit, the magnificence of his mighty glory, the beautiful golden head, the mighty power of it, is a tremendous sight to witness. It will take probably the full part of the day for them to follow through and from time to time the Masters, the Lord of the World and others, will intercept with questions. So you can be a part of that, and YOU will have your time. Beloved Morya or myself will call and you can walk up there without the least bit of trepidation, because as Lord Maitreya says, you have done your best! Let not the Christmas Season be filled with any sense of self-depreciation. You have done your best, but you CAN do better! In the name of God, this holy season, I am your servant and your friend.


by the Beloved Maha Chohan

As we come to the close of the twelve-month cycle, all of those who represent the Spiritual Hierarchy are gathered at Shamballa, and here we celebrate a cosmic Thanksgiving, in which every one of the brothers is a participant. The great audience chamber is open for this festivity, and the evening before your national holiday, and for four days and nights thereafter, there is a constant outpouring of blessing upon every electron, elemental, animal, human, angel, deva, Ascended Master and Cosmic Being who has consciously or unconsciously contributed to the forward progress of the race.

This Flame of Thanksgiving has gone forth rhythmically since the day when the thirty beings knelt before the coming of their Lord, Sanat Kumara, and it has builded in power.

One of the most exquisite ways of preparing for the Christmas Season individually, is for each lifestream to consciously and earnestly prepare his own ceremony of Thanksgiving and, officiating upon the altar of his own Christ Temple, invite into the presence of his own God Flame, all of the life that has served him during the twelve months that have passed and, through a special blessing and benediction, confer upon that life the added substance of his own Christ nature. This ceremony will show each man how rich he is in the blessings that have filled his world through the channels in every kingdom—natural, human and divine. In such an activity, no bitterness or discontent can live. Also, every Master to whom the individual extends an invitation to his ceremony, will respond and enter into the sanctuary of the heart where such a Thanksgiving is being celebrated—and this visitation, alone, will bring a return of spiritual blessings far beyond the comprehension of the outer man, for the individual effort involved in preparing such a Thanksgiving service to life.



A letter from the Maha Chohan to the Transmission Flame Class

of November 19, 1960

Beloved Ones Who are Assisting Lord Gautama in Bringing Light To the World, I am so grateful for your marvelous cooperation in expanding the light through the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies of all mankind and all evolutions using the Earth for a planetary home. When we come to Shamballa to greet each other—Cosmic Beings, Ascended Beings, God-free angels, and you, our dear chelas—it is truly a season of holy festivity and friendly discussion. Lord Gautama has arranged for an Ascended Master sponsor who has been for at least 1,000 years trained by Sanat Kumara, to assist you during this thirty-day period, preceding the entrance into the Holy Christmastime. In November, before the altar at Shamballa, you shall bring in your sheaves of accomplishment and how delighted we all are that those sheaves have borne fruit of works well done.

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