Accelerating the Vibratory Action of Your Vehicles


(No date was given with the Dictation)


Beloved ones, I have come to assist you in accelerating the vibratory action of your vehicles.

Upon awakening and, when standing on your feet, as you ask the Golden Man (Holy Christ Self) to fill your world, I counsel you to amplify the Three-fold Flame through the four lower vehicles before you amplify the Golden Man(Holy Christ Self) . Why? You see, there is an Unfed Flame within each body, and when amplified it gives the Golden Man (Holy Christ Self) a greater opportunity to expand within that body and give it added assistance, for the Golden Man will work through that Three-fold Flame.

If the Golden Man (Holy Christ Self) has to enter the etheric body and amplify the Threefold Flame in that body, the Golden Man (Holy Christ Self) is doing all the work. You will note that I have mentioned the ‘Unfed Flame, and the reason is, the Three-fold Flame in the three inner bodies, has not been nourished by the attention of the chelas.

Now, by assisting the Golden Man (Holy Christ Self) through your attention in amplifying these Three-fold Flames, you could ask some particular Ascended Master Quality to pour through the Threefold

Flame to your fellowman – such as Harmony, Peace, Love, Kindness, whatever Quality you are prompted to release. If you need Purity within your own world, or Healing, ask that it be drawn through the electrons of your four lower vehicles, amplified by the Angels of Healing, Mother Mary, or the Master Jesus, Beloved Hilarion, or whoever you desire to give the assistance. In this manner you start the electrons obeying the command.

Now what happens? They begin to move at a greater speed, with greater release of the Ascended Master Quality, and they force the accumulation of discord, that which is causing you pain, out of that organ, out of those electrons. The pain is there because the electrons are not vibrating at sufficient speed to force it out of the vehicle.

In using the Violet Flame, what does it do? When you call for the Violet Flame through some particular organ, it automatically speeds the vibratory action of the electrons, and the Violet Flame dissolves that accumulation, that discord, which is in the wedges.

So you see to raise the vibratory action of your world is so simple IF you would but set the thermostat for your world when you awaken in the morning. Think about it for a few moments and amplify the Three-fold Flame through each of your vehicles, and then select the Virtue or Quality you desire to outpicture during the ensuing twenty-four hours, and ask the Golden Man to regulate the electrons within your four lower garments, amplified by the Ascended Master who embodies that Quality or Virtue.

If you will do this, you will be amazed at the progress you could make in a week’s time and greater progress in a month’s time. You would very shortly become a chela with a controlled rate of vibration through the four lower vehicles. Now what is this activity going to do to those four lower garments?

If you have the electrons vibrating at the same speed, aren’t you going to draw those four lower vehicles into alignment under the control of the Golden Man (Holy Christ Self)?

The more you use this activity and set the pattern for the day, the more poised, the more balanced, and the greater the radiation that will pour through you, and that which usually irritates or disturbs you, will not do it anymore.

This will stabilize the nervous system, and I invite you to call to me to give added assistance through the Golden Man, to stimulate the vibratory action of those electrons. It sometimes takes a little time to get the sluggish electrons moving at an increased rate of vibration, and I will lovingly give the Golden Man assistance if you will call to me. –END-

Excerpts from Dictations from Beloved Lamorae

Seeing the various emotions that pass through the lifestream in the course of an hour, and realizing that every electron has had to change both its speed and quality of radiation thousands of times during the day, you will see how any permanent progress is almost impossible until the personal self-consciously sets the pattern for the electrons of his own being and then maintains it through the day’s experience.

Just exactly what do I mean by setting the pattern? The primal essence of life as it is released from the Presence into the human heart is the Directing Intelligence of the lifestream.

Every electron in the lower bodies making up the organism as well as the tissues and bones is by its very nature bound to obey the directing intelligence released through the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame within the heart.

Unless there is a definite constructive thought and feeling creating the consciousness of Perfection and directing currents of energy through the lower bodies qualified with harmonious

sounds, color and tone, the electrons of the lower bodies have no conscious director and must obey the pulsations of energy released in anger, rebellion, hate and the various misqualifications.

Individuals who would advance on the spiritual path of self control must realize that a thought pattern and a feeling pattern of constructive energy is a beam of light which is really a light wave in constant motion vibrating at a certain rate according to the quality of the thought and feeling that created it. These undulations of light energy passing through the lower bodies act like the conductor of an orchestra, and the electrons of the lower bodies begin to swing in their orbits according to the pattern set up by the individual.

Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Kindness and Peace are among the limitless legions of vibratory actions that can be set forth as the pattern of the day, just as easily as you set your own thermostat for comfortable heat. If you must re-polarize your thought and feeling policy to these harmonious vibrations – do so – but when you once take control of the regulation and government of these patterns, you will experience no exhaustion of the body, no depletion of the nervous system and a great deal more poise and balance in mind, heart and spirit.~~ End~~




Rays of Light Divine —

Seek and ye shall find,

In the heart of Thine,

All things are Divine,

Claim your heritage for Earth’s New Golden Age

And take your rightful place in Earth’s New Race,

Part of one great sea of God’s great Harmony.


LaMorae Thine’s the Way

Great God Harmony.

Wills all bend, Tones all blend

In God Harmony,

One great song sings all day long —

Mine now to be all Harmony

LaMorae – Thine’s too my way

In God’s Own Great Harmony





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