An address by Our Creator, Beloved Alpha



An Address by the Creator of Our Galaxy

(Reference from footnote 3)

In the following, we present an address given by Alpha, the Solar Logos of the Great Central Sun, Alpha and Omega, the Creator of our Galaxy, the Great Eternal Progenitor, under Whom the Seven Solar Systems, one of which is our own, Helios and Vesta, have Their Being and evolve.

As far as it is known, this is the first time in the history of this Planet that this Great, Exalted Being, literally our God and our Creator, has come to Earth and spoken to His people. The address was given to the students of The Summit Lighthouse, at Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, (September 2, 1961. It is presented here through the courtesy of “The Summit Lighthouse”)


“Celestial Choirs, Hail!

“I AM Alpha! Omega standeth beside Me, and with a Voice, as a Voice of many waters, I speak to those beloved Heart Flames – not only upon the Planet Earth – upon Terra, My Beloved, but upon all Systems of Worlds, bringing the pulsation of Our Eternal Flame and the Victory of that Flame, which is your very life!

“It is Our Will that you recognize that We have eternally desired and sired within you from the beginning, the Great Tablets of the Divine Commandment – the Eternal Law of Our Being, by which is sustained Our Own Existence; therefore, within you there is a manifestation and a tracing of the Sacred Fire Element upon those Tablets within your Heart where We have written Our Commandments. As We have declared, within your hearts and your minds, will We write Our Law! The Law of God – the Law of Adoration is reflected in the words: ‘I AM’ – for ‘I’, ALPHA, the One Who signifies the Source – the numeral 1, and the word I.

“OMEGA, My Beloved, represents the ‘AM’, and is therefore called Ah-may-ga. I – AMega – the Beginning and the Ending – declare that the pulsating Life Waves by which the entire Cosmos is created is a boon to sharing Our Love with all Systems of Worlds and binding them together in a great Divine Unity of Eternal Happiness and Solicitude.

“Peace, then, floweth like a River from Our Throne, and the sense of Adoration which pours out into the Cosmos, blesses all those Beings who are sustained by the Light Wave that floweth from Us.

“You upon the Earth are fortunate ones, for, although you have been enclosed by the shadows of mortal will – as mortal will has misused the Free Energy which We so freely gave – I AM apprised by the The Great Divine Director and Those Who have to do with the magnification of the Sacred Fire upon this Earth, that you are being exalted and lifted up from day to day, regardless of appearances to the contrary, which (as Beloved Saint Germain – Sanctus Germanus – has told you) are only temporal manifestations – all transmutable by Our Light and the Radiance of the Sacred Fire.

“Expand, then, Our Light, without limit! Accept Our Blessing today, and know that the Powers in the Great Central Sun are no different than the Powers in the Sun of your System of Worlds. For there is a duplication of the Light from Our Light there present, and that which Helios and Vesta manifest is a duplication of Our Radiance.

“It has been Our wish, from the Beginning, to share with all the Creation, all the Goodness that We have, and to hold back nothing of our Radiance from the smallest atom on the smallest System of Worlds. Therefore, the Permanent Atom within each of your Hearts is a replica of the Crystal Atom of My Own Being.

“Think! Think! Think! of the meaning of My words. For therein lies the “key” to your Eternal Freedom. And the asserting of your Dominion shall lift the Earth and its evolutions into a state of Exaltation Eternal.

“The blessings of OMEGA be upon you – and may We bestow here a Focus of Our Radiance, sustained by the Great Divine Director and all the Hosts of Heaven.

“May Our Cosmic Cross of White Fire watch between Thee and all of the Hosts of Heaven for you are never absent from Us. There is in this Replica of My Being a Ribbon of Light connecting you all with My I AM Presence and so of a Truth – though it may not seem so to your outer selves – WE ARE ONE.

“Receive, O prodigal Children, Our Kiss of Peace, and know – though you may feel far away from Me, that I AM nigh, even at the very door of your Heart, knocking with the Eternal Gift of Life with each Heartbeat, and I determine that you who desire to do Our Eternal Will shall not fail.

“I thank you and I ask the Cosmic Choirs that came and sang as I began to speak, to sustain their great magnificent Tones for twenty-four hours, according to your Earth time. Let those Vibrations be anchored here, and Bless all for ten thousand miles from this center!

“In the Name of the Mighty I AM Presence, I, ALPHA, the Beginning, and OMEGA, the Ending, have spoken.”



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