Blessed “I AM” Students everywhere learn, to call your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Host of Ascended Masters, to clothe you in the  Ascended Masters’ Armor of LIGHT ­SUBSTANCE from Their Octave of Life. This ARMOR OF LIGHT is just as REAL and tangible as your physical garments which you wear every day. It is a condensation around you of the Pure Electronic Substance of Light from the Heart of your own “Mighty I AM Presence,” charged with the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness of ETERNAL INVINCIBLE PROTECTION.

It is made out of the same Substance of Light which you can see floating in the atmosphere around you on a sunshiny day. Anyone can see these tiny points of Light flashing and darting everywhere in the atmosphere. That is what the Ascended Masters speak of as the Substance of Light, for It can be focused and condensed into Liquid Light, then condensed farther into a tangible substance which is crystal clear, harder and far more brilliant than the purest diamond.

This Armor of Crystal Light, which the Ascended Masters have asked the students to visualize clothing themselves, is a very REAL, ALMIGHTY GARMENT. It is the Garment which the Ascended Masters Themselves wear, when They go into the psychic plane to release those who have been caught in that unhappy realm. All forces of darkness are terrifically afraid of the Dazzling White Light, which this Garment radiates forth into the surrounding atmosphere; and they know instantly that their end has come. 

It is this INNER GARMENT of the ASCENDED MASTERS which was represented in the Armor used by the Knights,when going on the Crusades. The appearance of the Armor of Light is very, very similar to that of steel or silver armor which the Knights of old wore in their quest for the Holy Sepulcher. Even the Helmet worn by the Knights, when drawn down over the face, hid the identity of the one wearing it. In the same way,does the Ascended Master wear a Helmet of Light ­Substance over His Face with only the Eyes visible, when blazing His Way into the psychic realm to answer the call of someone who is caught and bound by the vicious individuals there.When the Ascended Master approaches the one to be set free, He carries a Sword of BLUE FLAME and cuts the imprisoned individual free, from the octopus ­like claws of the vicious forms which bind those unfortunate beings.

This is the ALMIGHTY TRUTH of those conditions of which humanity is almost wholly ignorant; but yet to which it is compelled to submit because of that ignorance. If human beings knew the LAW of the Ascended Masters concerning Light and understood the conditions in the psychic realm which bind humanity and create all vicious activities human beings experience, people would realize how imperative it is to call to the Ascended Masters for Help and to give obedience to Their slightest request. Then, all vicious conditions in the earth and its atmosphere could be removed. Mankind could help release itself from its own mis-creation and come through into the Victory of the Great Cosmic Light, which is the Eternal Freedom of the Ascended Masters. 

Blessed ones, who are moving in the outer activity of the world hours each day, this Mighty Armor of Light is one of the most Powerful Perfect Activities you can ever use; not only to protect and harmonize yourself, but to give assistance everywhere you move, for the Purifying,Illumining and Perfecting of all conditions you contact. Let no one be unfortunate enough to doubt or question the REALITY of this Mighty Ascended Master Activity, which we have just described above! Better had you never been born in this embodiment, than to doubt or ridicule an activity of the Great Law of Light, which means the Great Law of Life—YOUR OWN LIFE! Just because individuals do not know of these Mighty Activities of the Law of Light does not take them out of the Universe nor exempt you from their action. When you stop to think, how very few hours you ever spent out of a whole lifetime even wondering about Light, much less actually trying to find out anything about the action of Its Law, you will realize how great is your own ignorance and that of all mankind, in regard to Light’s Activity anywhere in the Universe.

 Every morning when you arise, as you put on the garments of the physical world, never fail to Call your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters, to clothe you in your Ascended Master Armor of Light­ Substance; charged with Their Protecting,Harmonizing, Governing Power! and to keep you, your atmosphere and environment free forever from disturbance of every kind.

Since the Ascended Masters are the living Fulfilment of the Great Perfection of Life and are the Directors of the Limitless Power of Light, through the projection of the Light Rays, then it is about time every individual listened to and applied this MIGHTY LAW to prove It for himself and have the Eternal Freedom which It always brings. Light is Substance and whoever can accept the TRUTH of that statement and apply this Ascended Master Instruction concerning It, can become first, MASTER OF HIMSELF then, Master of circumstance wherever he moves, for the blessing and Freedom of all he contacts. The Armor of Light is REAL! The Helmet of Light is REAL! The Sword of Blue Flame is REAL! Not one destructive result can ever come from the use of any of these; because your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters are the only ones who can create, use and sustain them!Therefore, call your Presence to use them daily to set you free and to help your fellow man, who knows not where to look for Light.

Visualize the Ascended Masters’ Armor of Light­ Substance around all who sincerely seek the Light and serve It!Visualize a Wall of the Ascended Masters’ Light­ Substance around and above our beloved land of America, charged with the activity of Light that repels everything which seeks to enter the Americas, that does not have constructive intent to their people! Then, the Ascended Masters will take up your focus of that Light­ Substance and amplifying It by the Power of the Cosmic Light,condense It into an Activity which shall forever guard the Americas from the discord in the rest of the world. 

Remember! you are Sons and Daughters of Light!

You are the Guardians of the Light in America! America is the “Cup of Light” for the whole world! So wear your armor of the Ascended Masters’ Light­ Substance, Blaze the Victory of the Light everywhere you move!and become the Fulfilment of the Law of the “Mighty I AM Presence” here and NOW—a MASTER OF LIGHT! Illumining the Way for your fellow man, to win his Freedom in the Light also. Then, you are truly an AMBASSADOR OF LIGHT FROM THE MOST HIGH, the Great Host of Ascended Masters, from the Octaves of Light, your Eternal Home! •

DECREE  “Mighty I AM Presence,” Great Host of Ascended Masters, Mighty Legions of Light, Great Cosmic Beings and Great Cosmic Light! In the Name of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” in the Name of the People of earth, in the Name of Life! blast all war, its cause, effect and record from mankind, the earth and its atmosphere forever! and replace it by the Ascended Masters’ Directing Intelligence,Obedience and Perfection eternally sustained and ever­ expanding.  The hour has come to see the shining face of your “Mighty I AM Presence”! Its slender Hands point you every minute to Victory and every second is now filled with Mighty Ascended Master Miracles of Perfection forever.

Voice of the I AM 1938

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