Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “I AM the Open Door.” iBooks.

“Remember, although all causes have their effects, and although you must experience the effects of all causes which you have set in motion, still, there is Forgiveness, a Law unto itself, which makes it possible for you to rise out of the world of what would be otherwise a limitless chain of cause and effect without respite.

By the Grace of God, man was created in God’s image and likeness and, like the God that he is, man has the ability to forgive; and in that Forgiveness, which is a Great Blazing Flame that dissolves and consumes all discordantly qualified energy and binding limitation in which the individual has bound himself through many ages, is that flame of Divine Love which dissolves and consumes all human creation, and sets the individual, wholly Pure and Perfect before the doorway to his Eternal Freedom.

Visualize the Fire of Forgiveness as a great Violet Fire, blazing up, through and around you and throughout your world, starting far down in the earth and leaping in great waves of Light about you everywhere, soaring overhead.

And if at the same time you will couple that visualization and qualification with the expression, “I AM,” you will release the Flame’s Full Power: “I AM the Violet Consuming Flame, blazing up, in, around and through me and through my world.”

You will do yourself and your world, or anyone, or any condition in or upon which you feel called to act, no matter where on the Earth that person or condition may be, inestimable good.

Soon you will be using this Flame daily in ways that you have never dreamed, and the results you will obtain are, at this time, beyond your present power of comprehension, so great and wonderful is the effect of this Mighty Flame.

And though the Violet Fire may be invisible to your outer sight until you have raised your sight sufficiently, which Raising Activity the Violet Fire performs, you are the Fire’s keeper. Yes, each of you is a Keeper of the Flame. But of what good is that if you only “keep” it and do not use it; so use it, I beg you. Use the Violet Consuming Flame and you will make, not only me, but Saint Germain, very happy; for Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Violet Ray.”


Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “I AM the Open Door.” iBooks.