Excerpt from “I AM”  DISCOURSES  – Book 3 – Beloved Saint Germain DISCOURSE II


“The unfortunate thing in humanity—which has caused such rampant selfishness and unprecedented condemnation of each other—is the idea of claiming ownership to these wonderful Blessings of God; for there is but One Love acting, One Intelligence, Power and Substance, and that is God in every individual.

The Warning that should be placed before every student and individual is to guard against the desire of the outer self to claim power of its own. If in every act of the personality, God – The “I AM” Presence,  were given full credit, transformations unbelievable could not help taking place in the one thus giving full credit and power where it belongs.

There has rarely been a correct understanding of supply and demand.

There is positively abundant supply omnipresent, but the demand for it must be made before the Law of the Universe permits it to come into the expression and use of the individual. The individual, having free will, must consciously, with full determination, make the demand, and it cannot fail to come forth into expression—no matter what it is—so long as the individual holds an unwavering, determined consciousness.

This simple Statement used with sincere determination:

‘I AM’ the great Opulence of God made visible in my use right now and continuously,”

..will bring to the individual all he can possibly use. The limiting element so many students seem to be unaware of is that they start out declaring the Truth, for instance, as in the above Statement, but before many hours have passed over their heads, if they were to analyze themselves conscientiously, they would find in their feelings lurking doubt or fear, for both these are feelings. Naturally, this neutralizes to a large extent the constructive force that would quickly bring about the fulfillment of the desire or demand.

Once a student can become fully aware that every right desire or wish is God in Action, propelling his energy forth to full accomplishment, and is always Self-sustained, he would become aware of the Limitless Love, Power and Intelligence he has with which to accomplish any given purpose. With this simple understanding, the word failure would be completely wiped out from his world, and in a very short time from his consciousness, because he would see that he was wielding Intelligence and Power that could not fail. Thus, students and individuals come into their Full Dominion as God intends.

It was never intended by the Great, All-wise, All-loving Father that any of His children should want for a single thing; but because they allow their attention to become fixed on the outer appearance, which is like the changing sands of the desert, they have, knowingly or unknowingly, cut themselves off, to a large degree, from that Great Opulence and Intelligence.

This Great Opulence is their birthright which everyone can have who will again turn to the “I AM” —the Active Principle of God forever within himself— as the Only Source of Active Life, Intelligence and Opulence.”

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