An “I AM” Decree lives Eternally

An “I AM” decree lives eternally!

Excerpt from Bulletin Book 2 – page 49


Beloved Maha Chohan   

August 11, 1957

Beloved Ones: How we love you! I present now the address of Lord Himalaya (Manu of the fourth root race) which was a part of a Threefold benediction given on Transmission Flame Class of July 20, 1957. Lord Himalaya is known to many students as the Chakshusha Manu. Many of the Divine Beings have different names given unto them by those who worship them.

Beloved Lord Himalaya Speaks:

Beloved children, I have visited with you many times and often have you come to me in the heart of Asia, many of you volunteering to serve in that continent where there is such great light and yet where there has been such great darkness. Many of you have contributed to the light of Asia and I thank you and bless you on behalf of the peoples of Asia and on behalf of all those who live yet under the fear of communism, starvation and privation the like of which you know not of in the West.

Those of you who have come to us, into the hearts of the retreats, to the Wesak Valley, to the great Gobi desert, to visit Shamballa, to sit at the feet of our great Regent Sanat Kumara; those of you who have come time and again to Ceylon for the comfort of our Lord, beloved Maha Chohan, to you all I give the blessings of Asia, the blessings of the fourth root race and all of its subraces and all the imprisoned life that is a part of my body and my being, which is stirring now and is being restored and transmuted through your interest and through your calls.

Know you, that those calls made at Hershey 1956* are still vibrating through the ethers over those continents and that hourly from the tip of each continent to its very top the repeated activity of that purification goes on! Know you, that when you make a fiat and decree in the name of the God which made both you and me, “I AM,” that decree lives eternally because it is ensouled by some God-free intelligence, angel, deva, cherubim, seraphim or elemental, and that being uses that and keeps it in living pulsating form for the benefaction of the race. Therefore, one time when you say “I AM free,” some intelligence belonging to the Seventh Ray utilizes that consciousness and statement and keeps it pulsating through the emotional, etheric and the physical world of all mankind!

When a group of individuals with sincere intent and with the God desire to help mankind gather together and give forth any type of constructive call, visualization or decree, to such a group there is always sent specific angels and devas who are so happy in that release of energy that they keep it sustained and constantly active, long after the individuals have forgotten they made it.

And so in Asia, particularly in Siberia and in those places where mankind suffered great degradation the Law saw fit to freeze that land and temporarily stop the radiation of certain activities until mankind could gather its spiritual forces again to meet and control them, now with the dissolving of the ice caps, which you remember was our beloved El Morya’s petition to the Karmic Board some time ago and with the absorption of the water by Helios and Vesta causing the excessive heat, there is stirred into animation again some of that creation which has not been fully consumed. We are very grateful indeed for any and all of you who care to remember us and to individually call for the purification of the miscreations of mankind through thought, feeling, spoken word and action, particularly all connected with the fourth root race and its seven subraces.

Thank you so much for the opportunity of speaking with you! Peace be unto you! Love and blessings,

Lord Himalaya

*Note: The activities of purifying the continents and oceans of the Earth was begun by a group of trained and dedicated chelas who traveled in consciousness the lands and seas, using the transmuting fire of the Violet Flame as they went, during the summer of 1956 at Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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