If this OCEAN of TENS OF THOUSANDS, of fierce Italians does not inspire you to #RiseUP and demand your RIGHT to medical and PARENTAL FREEDOM, then nothing will! This is a global revolution, an unstoppable, unrelenting force that will not quit until all children are SAFE from the medical tyranny we are now facing!Join our movement! Get informed right here >>> courtesy and Nadia and Alex Pucci: "They have dissected the brains of deceased autistic children and have found biological markers of oxidative stress. When they vaccinate repeatedly at an early age with toxic molecules, they are causing a crisis of the redox system resulting in serious lesions and death.Therefore I say, starting from here, an organized force will lodge legal complaints against our parliament members because our parliament cannot, cannot, create a homicidal law, I declare, i declare that we have scientific proof..I declare this to the minister and to the president, Mattarella and all of parliament. We have scientific documentation, they say it doesn't exist but it does, of how the human system is compromised after excessive, unnecessary vaccination at an early age in children that may be genetically predisposed or have alimentary issues occurring during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with the introduction of solids. This is common knowledge, there are markers, they can't do this. You must prepare yourselves for a legal battle, lawyers must help us, we must create an official, penal letter of warning to parliament, and Thursday we'll bring it to them, all together, everyone in Rome, everyone in Rome."#RevolutionForChoice #InformedConsent #EducateBeforeYouVaccinate #VAXXED #PESARO #ITALY #WeAreTheMEDIA #RealNEWS

Posted by Vaxxed – A Revolution For Choice on Saturday, 8 July 2017