Guardian of the Three- fold Flame in the Centre of the Earth and Its Civilization, and is the Divine Complement is Beloved Virgo  “Mother Earth”

“Beloved Virgo, beloved ladies and gentlemen here assembled. “I AM” Pelleur, the actual POWER which holds the Earth in Her place in the Solar System!

COME NOW from lethargy into Light and understand that the very Earth Herself even as Her axis is bended, would not remain nor would the souls belonging to this Planet remain on this small globe if it were not the cohesive power of My Love which science chooses to call ‘the gravity pull’ of the Earth!

Think on it! When you place your feet one before the other on an appointed task, human or Divine, if there was no cohesive power which is the power of Love Divine beneath your feet you would sail into outer space. Even in the process of walking you can be grateful for that cohesive power which we maintain in the very centre of the Earth, where the Masculine and the Femi- nine Rays of Beloved Himalaya and Beloved Meru join and where the great Spirit of Cosmic Christ Peace serves with Me constantly holding the sub- stance of the Earth and radiating from Its centre to Its periphery the Love and the Light of Our Beings. That Love is the actual substance on which you stand. It is the substance which makes up your chairs upon which you are seated. It is that Love which holds all Beings Who belong to this evolution and have been accepted by this evolution in the orbit of the Earth. It is that Love which has accepted again, again and again the excrement of human life and through kindness transmuted it into purity and perfection.

Beloved Virgo speaks of the mischievous nature of the gnomes, which I can confirm, but where else is his joy, living as he does for the most part under the surface of the Earth and performing those tasks of preparation for every season of the year to bring the Harvest; performing those tasks of transmutation! Think on it! Their service is not one of complete and absolute joy but it shall so become. They have Causal Bodies too-miniature ones -every gnome, sylph, and salamander has a little band of Light which is its own record for the good which it has done throughout the centuries of being. That record will, as in the case of humankind, be read when greater positions of trust and authority in the Elemental Kingdom are open, there will be those always who are ready to fill them.

Thus We represent, as do all Those Who have preceded Us the Power of contraction and expansion. The Earth breathes you know and through

Its many pores comes the Pink Light from Its center. When the Earth does not breathe, you witnesses a certain portion, if not in person at least in picturization where great destruction was done, the Earth for the time did not breathe there…what have you…..Desert sands upon which nothing can grow or barren swamps.   All that is in the process of redemption.

Now take your own bodies….would you care to have ten billion people utilize your own physical body as they desire for twenty-four hours? I think not?

Then think how We, the Directors of the Elements, together with Our great Kingdoms feel when We have given Our very Body’s Life, in patience, to have Them so imperfectly used. It is not the part of kindness nor of wisdom. “I AM” strong in My endeavor to convey to you THE POWER which lies within cooperation with the Directors of the Elements NOW, and then should there arise an occasion where individuals or any 1iving thing required assistance, your being Our God-friends could give and will give that calming balance, peace and understanding even though you may not have to speak a word.

It is in the NOW, TODAY , that We ask that that Peace be created between you and the beings of nature.”

Excerpt from  “Friendship with The Gods”  Bridge to Freedom

Ascended Masters, Cosmic & Divine Beings



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