Beloved vessels of Sacred Fire, embodied man desiring the Will of God.

I present Myself to you representing Shamballa, WHERE THE WILL OF GOD IS KNOWN.

I asked for this opportunity to speak, and it was so granted. I bring you the boundless compassionate Love of the Lord of the World, Gautama. He is with you even now as you read these words, as your mind thinks, as you breathe the Earth’s atmosphere, for His love holds the entire planet in Its sweet embrace and fills all the Kingdoms and all the Spheres with His Presence. Such is the High Office of the Lord of the World; such is the greatness of Lord Gautama. I AM come to make some very positive statements concerning Shamballa. Through history the home of the Lord of the World was known as “the Centre where the Will of God is known” for there and there alone was the anchorage of the God Authority for the planet, from the Sun, the God Parents of this system of worlds.

That anchorage of the Ray of Authority from the Sun IS the Planetary Three-fold Flame. Within Its very Heart is the PERMANENT ATOM, representing the very existence of this planet. Since the coming of humanity and the coming of Sanat Kumara, Shamballa has been located in the Eastern hemisphere (the Gobi Sea) established in the predominantly masculine consciousness; which had been necessary for those long ages in reestablishing God Authority on a very rebellious and chaotic planet. And so Sanat Kumara ruled with the God-Parent Authority from the Shining Isle of Light in the Gobi Sea. Over time it was necessary to etherealize this Focus leaving the beautiful sea a barren, lifeless desert.

Then, finally through the long span of evolution, when enough progress had been accomplished through the Love of the Great White (Light) Brotherhood and Their chelas, the God-Parents decreed the Earth shall be permanently free, that Sanat Kumara shall return to Venus, and the new Lord of the World shall rule with God Authority from a new Focus. The masculine age had served its purpose and the shift in consciousness was now on toward the divine feminine nature of God. Now let Me state how the revealing of the realized site for Shamballa was made. The permanent site for Shamballa in the Golden Age of Holy Spirit, this unfolding feminine nature of God, was known aeons ago. For it would have to be in the Western hemisphere (with the spiritual shift along the planetary axis from the Himalayas to the Andes mountains) and would have to be in the Heart, ONE with the feminine nature of God. The ancient Focus of The Holy Spirit was and always had been the Sacred place fulfilling both of these requirements and as you know this Focus of Light had always been physically located where what is now the North Shore of Long Island.

The importance here is that the chelas understand how long ago “in time” these important events were prepared for by the God, they are not made on the spur of the moment nor changed on the spur of the moment. Human beings learn to serve the Will of God. The Will of God does not change for human beings, their opinions or their will. Can you imagine how much preparation went into the elevation of Holy AEolus to the Office of Cosmic Holy Spirit and the reanimation of the ancient Focus of Holy Spirit to be made ready for our new Lord of the World and the anchorage of planetary Authority. It is no coincidence that both of these events, the elevation of AEolus and the transfer of Shamballa, occurred on the same day, Thanksgiving 1964. This was done in the presence of the Solar Logoi, Helios and Vesta and Representatives from the Central Sun. These are Cosmic Events!

The “I AM” Presence of each of you was also present for it was known that you, a projection of the “I AM” Presence in embodiment, would be the forerunners who would build Shamballa for the New Age, just as the forerunners from Venus had built the original Shamballa aeons ago for Sanat Kumara, establishing certain Light before the fullness of His presence could there abide. And the Holy Christ Selves of the entire race were present, for the Planetary Threefold Flame is attached to the Heart Flames of every lifestream. As happened when Sanat Kumara first stepped into the Flame of the original Shamballa from Venus, when Lord Gautama stepped into the Flame of the new Shamballa His Flame instantly connected with the Flame in all life and the planet became Him . . . His responsibility.

All life on Earth became part of this new Planetary Logoi. All of Heaven gave Their heart and service to this new Lord of the World. Sanat Kumara remained as Regent; Lord Maitreya took charge of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, and Holy Æolus and the Lord Maha Chohan stepped up the activity of Holy Spirit, energizing the Focus of Shamballa with an ever increasing power of the feeling nature of God. This then is to be connected with the feeling nature in all humankind so that all feel the God Authority intended for this planet.

And now it has been many years since the transfer of power to Long Island. During these years Lord Gautama has evolved in spiritual strength so He alone can fulfill all the duties of the Planetary Logoi. He alone now represents the Father Aspect of God to life on Earth. Lord Maitreya represents the fullness of the Son Aspect overseeing the Great White Brotherhood and all Their activities. And now Holy Spirit, the feeling nature of God containing all the gifts of Spiritual Freedom comes into greater prominence. And My purpose today is to accentuate the close tie between the Focus of the Lord of the World, the Cosmic Christ and the activity of the Cosmic Holy Spirit. The radiance of the Planetary Three-fold Flame is Cosmic Holy Spirit! Think on this. The natural radiation of the anchorage of the Sun and Its full Authority, is all the gifts of our God-Parents, Holy Spirit. There is no other physical locality where such an important blending could be anchored, and this is understood only in the science of energy and forcefields. I want you to understand the Will of God at this point of the Earth’s evolution is for this blending of the Triune aspects of God into the Oneness of “I AM” consciousness.

Here at Shamballa We have The Father aspect of God authority from the Sun (Lord Gautama); the Love and Wisdom of The Child (The Cosmic Christ and Buddha Lord Maitreya); and the Holy Spirit, The Mother (the Temple of the Cosmic Dove and Home of Holy AEolus and His wonderful Son, Our Maha Chohan Paul).

So again I speak directly to any wavering in the human mind as to the position of Shamballa for the New Age. Know that it was always meant to be One with the Temple of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, the feeling or feminine nature of life and had to await the dawn of this New Age when the feminine nature of God is being accentuated. The Planetary Threefold Flame of full God Authority and the major Focus of Holy Spirit are One and the same now on the shining Etheric Isle of Eynhallow…. an Island of Light moving ever closer to its actual manifestation as the “Shining White Isle”, in the physical, where Long Island now stands.

I now have the privilege of focusing My Ray of Power through Shamballa, blending My Cosmic Light with the “Centre where the Will of God is known” for this planet. This Cosmic Ray of God’s Will anchored through Shamballa from the Sun (and now from Sirius) is then directed by Mighty Legions of Light to the true children of God created in His image and likeness evolving on this planet (the Mighty “I AM” Presence and Holy Christ Self of each one).

Thus each of humankind, the ten billion souls associated with this Earth, has a direct connection with “the Centre where the Will of God is known”, and this shall be energized and energized until the Triune nature of God becomes one blended experience of “I AM” consciousness for each of these evolving souls.

Dear chelas of Light, the Law of the Sacred Fire supersedes all else. The requirement of the hour is to anchor Sacred Fire in the Earth’s atmosphere and IT will be Victorious. Like Moses, who at first was afraid to be the channel to stand up to the Pharaoh (the Pharaoh representing human consciousness), stand strong and tall now and know that God is with you, in you and working through you, if you but concentrate on Sacred Fire, giving power to nothing else, letting IT work ITS wonders. This is how every other rescue of a planet, that had fallen in consciousness, was accomplished and so it shall be on Earth! Sacred Fire fulfilling the Will of God!

Before departing let Me welcome you to the harvest month at Shamballa, when the Spiritual Hierarchy gathers the harvest for the year’s efforts toward the fulfillment of the Plan . Seated with Lord Gautama, I shall await a glorious outpouring. I shall also be very active in assisting the chelas of the Spiritual Hierarchy in accepting the true nature of Shamballa, the blending of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I shall melt away all human opinion contrary to the real Truth about Shamballa, so that all may experience the Bliss of Eynhallow, HOME in its truest sense.

Visualize and feel the Electronic Pattern for this harvest month, for I shall be energizing it with all My Power. Know that the full nature of God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit is yours to absorb and assimilate as a permanent part of your consciousness and experience. And if enough accept this as the reality for themselves, it can be manifest as the ONLY REALITY for this planet. To that end we all serve, for that is the Will of God.

Representative of Shamballa

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