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An excerpt from Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 3 – Beloved Saint Germain – page 195

Now, as the beloved Mary said to you recently (and it cannot be repeated to you too often) DO NOT LIMIT THE POWERS OF YOUR “I AM” PRESENCE! Please, beloved ones, become re-ac­quainted with that glorious Presence of you which I choose to call “The Magic Presence,” because of its wonderful omnipotent power and its willingness to act to and through you at all times.

Personally, you could not possibly even attempt to rehabilitate the entire human race, the three and one half billions who are al­ready in embodiment, besides those billions who are awaiting physical embodiment here, all those who have been released from the “Compound” who are now working out their salvation in the various temples and spheres at inner levels.

No! Of course not! But your Presence can!! Your infinite, individualized “I AM” Presence has sustained you for aeons of time. Then, as was de­scribed to you some time ago by the beloved Lord Maitreya (see February 1956 “Bridge”), when the outer consciousness voluntar­ily disconnected itself from the conscious contact with that Presence, the I AM Presence continued in graciousness and kind­ness to keep pouring its stream of light and life energy (the “sil­ver cord”) into your physical heart to sustain your outer con­sciousness and give you the use of intelligence, emotional feeling, power of thought, memory and power of physical action.

Your Presence and mine are not limited in any way! Your Pres­ence and mine are ONE in action, in glorious PERFECTION, and that Presence, which is ALL-KNOWING, is capable of instantly di­recting from itself a million or a billion rays of transcendent blazing light into whatever condition, place or person requires assistance.

Therefore, can you not, with all humility, realize that the outer self, as Jesus said, is nothing? Will you not raise your deep and sincere attention to that Presence and make it feel that, for once, you desire to work consciously with it again?

Then, that Presence will turn its attention to you, the stream of light (your “Silver Cord”) will permanently widen and your capacity to serve will increase by that renewed partnership.

From the heart of that Presence then, you can direct those mighty rays of intelligent light (within which is the Violet Fire of Transmu­tation) to all of the life everywhere which you ever may have in­jured or which may have injured you, from the time that the shadows of human creation first began to fall upon this dear Earth.

Do you know that your Presence can locate in the Ascen­sion Temples or in any realm (wherever they are now abiding) any lifestream which you may have harmed at some time, whether they are in embodiment here now or not? That Presence can and will (at your call) gladly balance that debt for you in one hour, perhaps in just one moment!

Beloved ones, in the Sacred Heart Temple, among those who are going to take embodiment here during the coming year, who are going to stand before the beloved Mother Mary for the forma­tion of their hearts, do you know how many of these have karma of an extra weight because, in some embodiment, you caused them to have the feelings of despair, discouragement, rebellion or resentment, and that soul who is waiting to embody, carries certain etheric scars of distress, put there by past association with your lifestream?

Think about it!! Then think what your Presencein its unlimited capacities (by releasing its infinite powers of light and love) can do to make a balance to life for you at your call!

Incidentally, those of you who have four-footed creatures as pets or are associated with them in other ways, have you ever thought that perhaps you are paying back through them a service to life to balance previous actions, when, in the past, in self-righteous and zealous enthusiasm, you offered animals upon sacri­ficial altars, as well as bird and human life?

Oh, there is much that you do not know! Fortunately, there is a veil of mercy between the conscious mind and certain etheric memories and that veil is drawn apart very slowly from time to time because a quite sane man has been known to go completely mad just by looking upon the “Dweller on the Threshold” as the human creation of his own lifestream is sometimes called.

There is again the balance, it is really a razor’s edge! On the one hand, we have the complacent type of individual who feels that everything will come out all right and there is no need to do anything about it. Then, we have the over-tense one, so eager and desirous of rendering the service (whether it be individual, planetary or cosmic) that he be­comes so tense that the vibratory action of the Presence cannot flow through him.

There is great balance and relaxation in a complete alertness to the reality of that Presence, to the reality of our­selves and to the capacity of the presence or ourselves to act through the Causal Body, directing our radiation and blessing at your call.

In my life as Francis Bacon, I had come upon certain under­standing of the Law of Re-embodiment which interested me deeply. I was a great reader and, during the various temporary in­carcerations in that embodiment, I had much time at my disposal, I became interested in the idea of my own past embodiments and as I read about certain historical characters, they deeply touched me, etherically.
Feeling that perhaps I had some connection with these lifestreams in the past, 1 began to practice releasing the power of the presence to pay whatever personal debts I might owe to those lifestreams, even though I could not tell where they were abiding at that moment, whether they were disembodied, in embodiment, or in the “Compound,” whether they were awaiting embodiment in the Sacred Heart Temple or whether they were my next-door neighbors. That was not important!

One day, however, before my ascension, while in deep con­templation of the Presence and its Violet Fire of Mercy, Forgive­ness and Transmutation, my inner sight was opened and I had a glimpse of a farmer walking through a field, sowing seed.

This man was heavy-hearted and his head was bowed. Suddenly, I saw a light ray from my Presence go forth, within which was the Vio­let Fire.

It blazed around that individual, instantly transmuting the cause of his distress, for which cause 1 had been responsible, at one time or another. Thus was paid the particular debt which I owed that lifestream.

Then, that individual raised his head, free of that burden and actually ran laughing toward the farmhouse! Now, that person never knew from whence his release came. I did

not even know the name of that man, but I knew that his burden was lightened and that at least some part of my karmic debt had been paid. Interestingif you care to develop it!

Balance Required Between All Extremes

There are many aspects and uses of the Great Law which are interesting if one cares to think about and develop them. One must always remember to stay within the balance between indif­ference and over-conscientiousness, between pliability and sta­bility, between every extreme which I could continue to elabo­rate upon this morning, between over-confidence and self-depre­ciation, between personal dignity and pride, between humility and self-abasement.

That balance is really a razor’s edge! The nat­ural dignity of the embodied men and women who truly represent freedom is expressed by their words, their works and their lives and by their walking humbly with their God.

It is always joyous for me when I am given opportunity to speak to you, even briefly and it is a happy and rewarding time for you, too, because, when I come closer than ordinary to you like this, I bring within the radiance of my Being and into your atmosphere and world, a much greater concentrate of that Sacred Fire of Mercy which I have loved and served so long.

I have al­ways said, you know, and I wrote it into the plays which seem to please the people (as “Shakespeare”) that “the quality of mercy is not strained.” Mercy is so magnificent! Oh, my God! If every man, woman and child, animal and elemental had to balance every “jot and tittle” of human mistakes, this world-task of purification and freedom would take an eternity!


But, the Mercy of the Eternal is always waiting for you to call it into action, thus utilizing its powers. It is also waiting for you to make your calls through the use of the decrees which have been given to you.

It you will stay with them, they will give you, within yourself, all the proof you will ever need of the efficacy of the Violet Fire’s power called forth.

This will mean more to you than all the riches of all the world! You see, when you have gained the power to consciously and in­stantly sublimate and transmute imperfection into perfection, life will not be long enough, for you, you will scarcely want to go “home” when your call comes.

It takes alertness of the mental body as well as common sense and reason and it takes your personal interest in the application of the Law to bring it into outer manifestation for you.

Look at the interest that Edison took in the study of electricity and the hours, months and years which he spent in just learning to har­ness its power. Is that of much permanent importance to this planet as the Violet Fire of Mercy and Compassionwhich, at will, can be called forth to transmute human shadows into light (i.e., sickness into health, financial lack into abundance, etc.)?

Oh that you would let me stir into action that “well-spring” of enthusiasmwhich is buried deep within youfor the reality and efficacy of the use of the Violet Fire! When our beloved Jesus said to those who came for him for help:
“Thy sins are forgiven thee…,” he used his “miracle-producing Violet Flame and as the people saw its instantaneous action through his works, there was stirred up some enthusiasm for the use of the Violet Fire, but that was only a temporary accomplishment.
There were only twenty or thirty people from the entire known world at that time who had only a half-interest in his mission. Later, beloved Mary had only forty so you see we are not doing too badly with the numbers we now have, even though it seems at times as though we do not expand as rapidly as I certainly want us to and as you, in your hearts, do too!

Prepare now for service to come!

Now, there is this question of “readiness” again and the beloved Maha Chohan has asked me to speak to you briefly con­cerning it this morning. It is a most important subject and one which I think, perhaps you should seriously consider in some of your free moments. You never know ahead of time just when you will be called or to what post.

I will tell you this much that, as a matter of Law, you will always be put into the position of the indi­vidual whose endeavors you have criticized! Therefore, it is wise to desist from criticizing another lifestream for, should you find yourself in his place, you might not be quite as comfortable as you are in your own, nor be as productive there as vou were when, from your own place, you watched with folded arms the errors of your predecessor which errors then seemed so obvious to you.

But, in a lighter vein, TO BE READY AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE FOR ANY SUMMONS TO SERVICE WHICH MIGHT COME IS MOST IMPORTANT. It is something which has been brought to our at­tention recently.
None of us knew that at the very moment when beloved Morya’s petition was granted by Helios and Vesta for the op­portunity to start our new activity, Lord Buddha then began to prepare himself by expanding his Causal Body until it was the same size and perfection as that Sanat Kumara, with the same outpour­ing of love and power.
As we told you, at the time of the trans­ferring of the title and powers of the Lord of the World from Sanat Kumara to Buddha, their two Causal Bodies coming to­gether were like two exact halves of an orange. The radiation was the same. Now, Lord Buddha did that without being told. He did it without being asked “all on his own” (as we say).
So did the beloved Lord Maitreya prepare himself to take up the office of the new Buddha. Beloved ones, when we speak so to you, it is not to engender any fear; it is not to make you feel tense in any way so that the Presence cannot even get five per cent of its energy through to you! No, we speak thus to you in order that you may be better pre­pared for your service which lies ahead, for you do not know when or where you will be called! Beloved El Morya has mentioned this to you several times.

Of course, I do not know that you will be called upon to be­come a Chohan immediately, but, one never can tell!! You may be called upon to lead a group, ah, yes, and perhaps without a book or song lyrics. Perhaps you will be suddenly called upon to lead a group of people who have never heard a decree before.

What do you have in your head that you can draw forth on a moment’s notice like this for the help of the people? If, in the middle of the night or in the course of a busy day, suddenly some emergency arose and a frightened mass of people gathered around you, you would most surely need stability and absolute fearlessness and you would need something to work with which you could draw forth from your own memory.

Now, today, I bring you not only the benediction of myself but also that of the beloved Goddess of Liberty whose focus is estab­lished in the harbor of New York and who has chosen to welcome here from every land all those who have need of her assistance.

You will remember that, at the time of My own Ascension, the very first Being I met in that octave was this same Goddess of Liberty. Speaking to her then, I asked her if she knew from whom I might get more help for those of you whom I had left behind.

She assured me that there was such a one, and, later, I found that she was speaking of her Dear Self. Since that time, She has most lovingly and graciously given all of us that help!
Thank you and good morning!
“Give Me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shores, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to MeI lift My lamp beside the Golden Door!”
(The above is the essence of that which appear on the base of thepedestal of her focus in New York harbor.)
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