By Archangel Michael September 25, 1960

Bridge to Freedom


Hail thou beloved and blessed spirits of life eternal walking the way of Earth, temporarily encased in garments of flesh. I bring to you the greetings and blessings of our entire Brotherhood of Illumined Faith at Banff and the reminder that you have particularly during this entire thirty-day period access to our foci where you may bathe your blessed souls within that energizing quality which is illumined faith.

This faith does become manifest as express works here in this physical appearance world when you bring back that buoyancy which is achieved through the direction of your consciousness to our temple or the invocation of myself or any of the Great Beings who serve on the First Ray, complete with cap and visor and shield and sword of light, yours to command, to call for your fellowman, yourselves or any part of life that you see in distress. These Beings will set you free. Accept it now!

When there is a specific retreat open and an Ascended Master sponsor is delegated for thirty days to you, that blessed one waits on your call and is removed, so to speak, from active service from the other members of his retreat hoping that such a call will come. Each such sponsor is chosen with great care by the Hierarch of the Ascended Master foci because of a requirement in your own lifestream in the forthcoming thirty-day period, because of an affinity with you and because of the voluntary desire of those great sponsors expressed to the Hierarch that they of their own free will desire serve you.

There is a service on the fourteenth of every month when those who volunteer to become the Ascended Master sponsors of the month takes place. Beloved ones, not all of those in any Ascended Master retreat desire, require or qualify to act as your sponsors. When an Ascended Master Being, God free and God beautiful, chooses voluntarily to kneel before his own Hierarch and take upon himself or herself the responsibility of assisting a lifestream for thirty days, it is inexcusable that sometimes those sponsors are twenty-eight days awaiting one call from the outer self.

There is a balance that your lifestream, in turn, owes to your sponsor. Every gift which we give to you, you are required to give to us a balance in the release of your light in some constructive and God-harmonious manner. Because this has taken place year after year, many chelas refer too lightly to the change of retreats; I mean by that without deep emotional feeling of the acceptance of the Hierarch, of the capacity through projected consciousness to enter into the temple of the Ascended Host and see their blazing flame and to be returned by your sponsors and have sustained whatever God quality that thirty-day period represents. I am called the “Defender of the Faith,” defender of the faith of God in each and every one of you, CHARGED through your feelings, CHARGED through your minds, CHARGED through your souls and CHARGED through your physical vehicles until such time as you, yourself, shall rise and become a defender of the flickering faith in others. In that way you balance that energy which I invest in you. We come again, again and again, in patience.

We have endeavored to bring to you understanding of our service to life. What did I use to create my own magnificent Sword of Blue Flame, the substance of life itself which was mine to utilize out of thought; then charged with that wonderful feeling of love which sustains it, and power to act not only in the physical world but in the astral realm as well; that sword which has again, again and again cut lifestreams free from unpleasant creations of the past and of the present. That sword held in my own hand and wielded in love for God’s sweet sake, for mankind’s sake, for imprisoned angels’ sake and for the Earth’s sake, into your hands this day I place a smaller replica of that sword of flame, which you in love can use to cut yourself and others free from temporary appearances that are less than Christ perfection! Beloved ones, that is substance. That is a gift of life, my life, given unto you for one purpose, that you in turn shall be joyous and happy in setting imprisoned life free from the chains and limitations of imperfection changing them into that perfection which God intended all to manifest.

Having seen that which God intended to be and which shall manifest gives me a renewed and powerful enthusiasm in my endeavor. When the Temple of Illumined Faith is open we utilize to the deepest possible extent that power of faith to set those who visit us free from impurities and give to them a positive and yet kindly vibratory action through their own inner and physical vehicles. This action enables them TO HOLD THE FAITH IN THE GOODNESS OF GOD AND TO HOLD THE FAITH IN THE POSSIBILITY OF GOD’S MANIFESTATION THROUGH YOU! UNDERSTAND THAT NO MATTER HOW BIG THE HUMAN APPEARANCE IS, GOD ALMIGHTY AND WE, HIS DIVINE MESSENGERS, ARE IN TRUTH OF GREATER POWER. As you speak our names or think upon us, there flows through you our love. It is the love and strength I have felt for you as you stood before the Karmic Board with the results of all the experiences you had in that embodiment.

The service of the angels is different than the service of any other group of Divine Beings. We dwell constantly upon the creation of a feeling of God happiness, of illumined faith, of God wisdom, God love, God purity, God consecration, healing, precipitation, God mercy, forgiveness and Godpeace My activity is that of God-protection in, through and around you NOW, not only as you are within your sanctuaries but wheresoever you move upon this Earth. Call me into action or call your beloved Ascended Master sponsor who so kindly and graciously gave this thirty-day period to you and allow us to prove to you our reality and the capacity to remove distress from you and to replace it by those feelings that you all had before the world was which cannot ever be changed or misqualified by human feelings. This is a possibility. It has been done throughout the aeons of time by unascended beings and the sustaining of illumined faith and God Protection of all that is good and holy and perfect upon this Earth is part of your assignment for this thirty-day period, September 15 through October 14, 1960.

As I have written your names and the names of each of your sponsors upon the door of the mighty Temple of Illumined Faith at Banff, I have left a large scroll for both you and your sponsor, wherein shall be writ within each twentyfour hours that which you have done and which he has been enabled to do through you and with you. Every twenty-four hours I, myself, shall read it and I do not expect one sponsor from my great Temple of Illumined Faith to be left sitting on the marble benches at Banff while there is requirement, more than you know, for that activity in this world of form. Rise out of this soul sleep, almighty God, soul sleep is past.

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