“Nothing can be permanently sustained, anywhere in this universe, without the feeling of God’s gift of peace!” Francis Ekey -Philadelphia Group Leader


Those Who Love Elementals

Journal, Book 1: page 344

The Maha Chohan Speaks

I thank you, beloved children of God, for the unfolding Flame of your own Divinity, for the strength within you, that has brought you into our presence, for your Love of Mercy and Compassion for the rest of life. I thank you for your sensitivity to the Presence of the nature kingdom, and I assure you, that those who love elemental life will know Peace in their own bodies, harmony in their minds, and supply within their own governing use and control—as they continue to bless that kingdom, which has given them not only the physical form, but the subtle inner bodies, as well. Even your Electronic Body is made up of tiny electrons, little beings drawn from the Sun, who gather around the flame of love in the heart of your Presence, and forego the freedom of the realms of light to provide the shining vestment of your immortal I AM Presence. God bless you.

Journal, Book 2: page 482  The Maha Chohan Speaks

Remember that the substance, qualified energy and radiation which you consciously draw into your physical bodies with your breath, becomes an actual part of your own inner and physical garments. As you join with the Spiritual Hierarchy at the feet of the beloved Himalaya, you shall partake of his wisdom and his peace! Breathe deeply of this rarified and spiritual sanctity and make it a part of yourself. Then, as you project and expand these gifts into the world around you, you are actual conductors of the light and peace held within this temple, to all mankind!



Jesus Holding the Peace

Journal 4 Page 35

Archangel Uriel speaks

Jesus Christ was a most peaceful man and yet he was a power indeed, stronger than all the human appearances around him – even that of so-called “death.” Do you think for one moment that our beloved Jesus came by that peaceful control of energy just automatically? No, beloved ones, every instant from the time of his conception by the beloved Mary did his Mother and Father consciously hold around his form the vibrations of Cosmic Christ Peace. Then, when he later became cognizant of his own individualization in the body of Jesus, he was also trained to sustain that peace by beloved Mary, Joseph, the Ascended host and, particularly by the angels. Do you think he could have walked through the multitudes untouched by their doubts, fears and general distresses, do you think he could have raised Lazarus from the so-called “dead,” make the blind to see, heal the lepers and continue to keep his devoted and well-meaning (but not always understanding) disciples united enough in purpose to form the heart-center of the Christian Dispensation, had he not had a strength which was greater than any human appearance, even “death” itself?

Jesus could not have walked up the hill of crucifixion had he lost his feeling of peace, had he allowed the hysteria of the mob and even of his own followers to frighten or affect him in any way. He could not have manifested the mastery on Golgotha’s Hill, nor the resurrection of his outer form on Easter morning, nor the victor of his public ascension later, had he lost his peace, even for one moment! Both Mary and John gave him great assistance, of course, but he had to hold that peace within himself, peace in his emotions, mind, etheric body and even in his flesh! IF ONE HAS DONE IT, ALL CAN DO IT! What he has done, YOU CAN DO ALSO!

You, too, have a cosmic name, a cosmic mission, a cosmic purpose of accomplishment, and that is in the efficacy of learning the control of the vibratory action of God-energy or God-life. Think you that if we who were among those drawn forth in Galilee to render that service had not control of all of the energies of those around us, those who sought to destroy the plan of perfection, those who desired, through temptations which you will never meet, to stir the energies of my feeling world or my thoughts, my etheric consciousness or my flesh form.

You are required to do as much. If you are constantly bombarded by, and you will be if you so allow it, not only tramp thoughts and feelings, words and actions, but projected ones, and you have not A POSITIVE AURA which moves more rapidly than that which is directed toward you, IT SHALL BECOME A PART OF YOU, because like becomes like. Which do you wish to be—a God or a Goddess, or again after ages, a human being bent with the frailties which come through the acceptance of human nature?

I assume in your hearts that you desire to rise above the vibratory action of imperfection and live in a realm, even while yet unascended, where you are the master control of all energy in, through and around you. Then you have builded for the hour when you require it, that energy you can direct to any person, place, condition or thing which desires or requires assistance.



How I Stilled the Waters

Journal 5, page 291.

Jesus speaks:


When the fishermen in the boat were sore distressed because of the raging sea, where did I receive the power which stilled the waters? Because I had through the assistance of both my mother and father, and Lord Maitreya, been taught from childhood to magnetize peace, and that peace became a great reservoir, and so I said to the waters, “Peace be still.” And naturally they responded, because there was more energy already drawn around me qualified with God-peace than all of the turbulence of the Sea of Galilee.

Mechanical and scientific in the extreme is the Law! Whatever power has the most energy in your own world is the power which will act in emergency, particularly. Build, each one of you, those virtues and qualities so that if it is required of you, anyone, to bring peace or healing or resuscitation, you have already more energy than the imperfect appearance.



Journal Book 2, page 483.  Activity to Hold the Peace – 

Frances K. Ekey

Nothing can be permanently sustained, anywhere in this universe, without the feeling of God’s gift of peace! Since it is more comfortable to have it than to live without it, but so many seem not to know how to possess it. There is a very simple exercise which all can use, with efficacy, on themselves and others—an exercise which will bring great blessing if you will use it!

If you feel irritability coming on, go by yourself, as quickly as you can, for a few minutes and be sure you are undisturbed. Then visualize the Elohim of Peace standing above you, pouring down over you a stream of soft, golden, healing oil, the color of molten gold. See that pouring down over the head and then flowing right down over the entire body and see the body absorbing that substance like a blotter absorbs ink. See it running down over the nervous system, clear to the ends of your finger-tips and toes. Consciously accept this substance and radiation for a few minutes until you can FEEL its benefit and call your I AM Presence into action to keep it sustained and ever-expanding. This exercise is good to use at night just before entering sleep and, with a little practice, it will induce the relaxation that brings sound, refreshing sleep.

One must keep the attention riveted upon this activity for at least two or three minutes at a time. During the day, if more time is available and you seem tired, needing more energy, see the stream of golden oil more sparkling until it becomes quite dazzling. It costs you nothing to try this and, if you persist until you get the FEEL of it, it will give you great help.

It would be well to use this exercise on others, too, when you see they need assistance, for many folks have the appearance of “frayed” nerves these days. Instead of a feeling of annoyance at those who find it difficult to hold the sustained peace in their worlds, let us all try this year to be “Good Samaritans” and help those who may not know how to help themselves in this way. Remember—wisdom is the right use of knowledge. Knowledge unused, passes from the mind. “If ye KNOW these things, HAPPY are ye IF YE DO THEM!”

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