By the Beloved Maha Chohan

(Bridge to Freedom Journal 4 page 329)



(The Sacred Fire is a flame which has been qualified by an Ascended Being with a certain God-virtue, such as “truth,” or “peace.”) In this presentation of the use of the flame, I would go further than merely unrolling the scroll and deeply urge your consideration and your concentrated interest, because it is the revolutionary activity which, when it enters Life, hastens the final awakening of the consciousness and greatly increases the powers and capacities of the soul to serve the race.

  1. The Bridge activity is designed primarily to acquaint the consciousness of mankind of Earth with the flame.
  2. The flame is the vibration of the Godhead and the cohesive power that holds the Sun and stars in space and which, through the Light rays from the Sun, fills the atmosphere of the Earth.
  3. The Flame is the animating principle of life. Wherever there is God-activity, flame becomes its expression. Flame is the first manifestation that is externalized.
  4. The flame is a power, a substance and intelligent force. The flame of cosmic love, of cosmic healing, of cosmic peace is all-powerful; it is master. The flame is a fourth dimensional activity. The cosmic flame is the power, intelligent life.
  5. The flame’s radiation is Light, because the electronic substance, which will become the created thing, is woven right out of the cause, which is the flame, complete within itself at the moment that God thinks and feels his idea.

Flame is the power of accomplishment, and the clothing of the flame, which is Light, is the substance from which the idea will finally secure its form.

Within the egg is the substance of the body of the child, within the seed, the body of the tree. Within the flame is the power of motivation and through its own light emanation, the full substance is provided for the manifestation of the idea.

The size, therefore, of the original flame will be determined by the amount of substance required to externalize its complete manifestation, because from its own Light will that Flame mould the form.

  1. The flame is available, like air and water, and the beauties of nature, to all who, consciously or unconsciously, are capable of accepting it.


  1. The only power in the universe that can accept a Master’s flame into the heart, is the feeling of loving gratitude.
  2. The immediate assignment of an aspirant is to learn how to avail himself of the electronic substance, so that he may become a natural and conscious conductor of it. In order for individuals to intelligently use the power of the flame, there must be a certain illumination of the consciousness regarding both its essence and its nature.
  3. The student should meditate upon the powers within this activity of the flame, seeing and feeling its independent, positive effects, proving beyond the question of doubt, the presence and the efficacy of the flame.
  4. By invocation and direction of the flame, man must become a channel for its disbursement in the lower octave in which he functions at present. Invoke the flame and then stand aside and let its rushing substance continue, unrecalled, until the effect is manifest. The emotional body must be trained in the power, the power which is the flame. Practice becoming the observer as well as the director of the flame.
  5. The intelligent attention, the emotional devotion is all that is required to make that contact by which this substance might flow to enrich the lower atmosphere, and it truly makes a localized sun in and around the very environment of the chela, which is more powerful, potent, and of more cosmic import than the worshipping one shall ever know.
  6. To become a conscious director of the cosmic flame of love, supply, healing or peace, one must be able to magnetize the electronic substance that surrounds him, through the generation of a vibration which is a complement of the vibration of this power and essence of flame. In other words, the lifestream must come into sympathy with the natural vibration of the electronic force held within whatever flame is to be invoked and directed for a certain definite purpose.

How To Invoke And Direct The Flame

“I cannot urge you too deeply or too earnestly to experiment with the invocation and direction of flame, visualizing and feeling it an intelligent, capable, independent element and allowing that element as much freedom as you allow the physical flame, when you apply it for cooking or disposing of unwanted substance.”


  1. Determine clearly your idea and your desire, if you want to manifest health, supply, freedom, etc., and be certain that your motive is to produce perfection in your need, and universally.
  2. Ask the beings in charge of the flames of humility and receptivity and gratitude to flood your feelings with their flames.
  3. To establish the right vibratory action, magnetize, with your thoughts and feelings, the electronic substance that surrounds you with the quality you wish to manifest. This will establish the bridge or conductor between its source and you. You can say, I AM THE HAND OF GOD,

CHARGING (3) the electrons around me with an infinite supply of money,

health or whatever you want.

  1. Meditate upon the powers within the flame and see and feel its independent and positive effect, and its freedom of action.
  2. Select the Master who is a specialist in the quality desired, direct your attention and love to him. Visualize him rendering his special service to individuals, personally near them, or from his temple of light. By this time you and the master are in spiritual rapport.


  1. Now, Invoke the Master you have selected and ask him to send you a flame of the quality you desire from his own heart or from his temple of light. See it! Feel it acting!
  2. Then ACCEPT the flame with a feeling of joy, and deep gratitude, love and blessing for the Master. Visualize yourself taking from the Master, as if with extended arms, a substance and a form.
  3. Then, stand aside emotionally and allow the flame invoked to act.

Become an observer as well as a director of the flame. KNOW that the flame has rendered the service demanded, and act accordingly.

  1. TO HELP ANOTHER. To help another, ask the Holy Christ Self of the individual to help you make the proper petition to the Master, then make your request to the Master and see the flame acting.
  2. It is a necessity and a requisite for the student to have some knowledge of the nature of the various Beings who are part of the Brotherhood.


HEALING: Helios, Jesus, Mary, Leto, Diana, Vista, Kwan Yin.  OPULENCE: The Maha Chohan, Surya, Saint Germain (Freedom from limitation).

ILLUMINATION: God Meru, Archangel Jophiel, Kuthumi and the Eider Brothers and Sisters of the Second Ray.

LOVE: Lord Buddha (the former Lord Maitreya), Nada, John the Beloved, Charity, Chamuel and Paul the Venetian.

POWER: Hercules, Archangel Michael and El Morya.



By Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

To the evolving soul and spirit who seeks to ascend to the Ascended Master consciousness and tries, by various means, to achieve this goal of unity with perfected thought and feeling, I offer the following instructions:

As the four lower bodies are contributing factors to the fluid consciousness, which, in unascended beings is in a state of constant change, we must see that to rise into the Ascended Master consciousness, we must have the control of and cooperation from these four sources, that are constantly qualifying the individual consciousness of the lifestream.

The Four Bodies Must Be Balanced

As Serapis indicated, for the plane to rise, the four engines must be in complete unison as to revolutions of the propellers, the power of the motors and the efficacy of the individual engines, in order to unite completely with the power of the other contributing engines, that their united impetus might transcend the law of gravity.

Due to the uneven development of the inner bodies, it is more of a task to raise and harmonize one than the other and the particular inner vehicle requiring the greatest treatment varies according to the aspirant’s development through the centuries. For instance, many devotional lifestreams find their emotional bodies easily tune into the spiritual currents, whereas the physical and mental bodies often lag behind. Here you have a spiritual phenomena, so to speak, wherein one of the four bodies, or two, can often experience a great ecstasy, which vibrates but little through the others, and this does not, as a rule, have a lasting and permanent effect, because the weight of the other bodies, not having been raised to a transcendent place, where they were not completely submerged in the higher consciousness, affect adversely the transcendent experience. This has happened time and again when individuals have experienced emotional ecstasy.

A Developed Mental Body alone Is Not Sufficient

Individuals with highly developed mental bodies have probed the inner possibilities of the occult law, which have greatly increased their mental capacity but which are ofttimes never experienced in the emotional body, to any extent. You may continue this trend of thought with regard to the other bodies, but of course the etheric body is always impressed by any experience of these three sister vehicles.  A little contemplation will assure you that these experiences when not entered into by the four vehicles of man’s expression do not lead to a balanced evolution of the spiritual nature and will one day require the training and preparation of the lagging vehicle, in order that the four may enter the chamber of devotion and aspiration at once and, kneeling simultaneously before the risen host, accept the spiritual communion.

Self-Analysis And Preparation Necessary

In preparation for your meditation and contemplation, it is therefore to your greatest advantage to secure the conscious cooperation of your physical, your mental, your emotional and your etheric bodies. Self analysis will truly reveal to you the various vessels that require more preparation and tuning up than the others which are naturally prepared for this contemplative period. Then, by devoting a little time to the raising of the recalcitrant members of the team, you will move the entire consciousness of the lifestream into the higher octaves. You will then find your contemplation more satisfactory and its resulting effect more lasting and you will also be of greater service as conductors, because the fine vibrations playing equally through the entire set of vehicles will be of great assistance in developing them toward a more Godly expression.  Now, having prepared your nature for the inrush of the divine consciousness from your own higher self or an Ascended Being, you come to 333 the truth that it is only vibration of thought and feeling which changes, and that you enter the higher octaves consciously and at will by raising the vibration of your four bodies to a point where you enter the vibratory action ALL AROUND YOU, that is ever-present and into which you can tune yourself by sounding the same keynote as that to which the Ascended Masters consciousness is vibrating.

How To Tune In To God Qualities

For instance, take kindliness—the spirit of kindliness is ever-present; it is not something that must be drawn from beyond the farthest star.  The lifestream desiring to have his consciousness filled with kindliness merely raises the vibratory action of his inner bodies and finds that in the room in which he is sitting the air is filled with the substance of kindliness and that as he tunes in toward it, the vibratory action of kindliness rushes toward him, and when they meet, the lifestream experiences the cosmic feeling which kindliness is. This is the same with purity, wisdom, love, and the various God-qualities, just as the music is within the room but requires a mechanical contrivance to draw the vibratory action downward to a point where the physical ear may hear it, so is “the kingdom of heaven at hand,” requiring but the conscious attunement of the inner bodies, that you may experience in a mechanical and scientific way, the fullness of the octaves of light, just as you hear a program over the radio.

Saint Germain


By Beloved Ascended Master Harmony

As individuals pass from a state of unawareness of the beauty and majesty of life, they gradually become cognizant of the tremendous privilege it is, to be the recipients of the countless millions of electrons that are directed through the channel of their own lifestreams, in the journey of the universal life substance from the fourth dimension, into the world of form.

You Have To Re-Orient Your Thoughts And Feelings The outer self has to still itself, repeatedly, during the process when the personality first becomes aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with the dispensation of light through the lifestream, because the outer self has, for so many centuries, used life so freely and accepted it as so much a part of the personal property of the soul, that it takes quite a time for the aspirant and chela to re-orient his mind and feeling world in order that he may receive each electron that is passing into his keeping for safe convoy into the universe around him with the same reverence, humility and respect accorded the sacred host on the altar in many churches.

The mankind of Earth are in a constant state of communion and should be in a constant state of grace, because every electron passing through them contains the body, the spirit and the consciousness of the father of all life, from whence it flowed, and as these countless millions of electrons flow through the lifestream during the course of one day, we see that a magic and mystical experience is constantly taking place, wherein the spiritual essence of the Father is actually visited upon his children, not only on great feast days or at long intervals, but constantly.

Humility And Inner Joy Essential

In studying the lives of the great and holy men and women that have passed through the Earth sphere in their journey toward perfection, you will find a gentle humility and an inner joy characterize them all, because each one, reaching a certain point of spiritual evolution, began to regard the gift of life as a very holy trust and an exquisite experience, and the light flowing through them was no longer forced into false patterns by the personality, but allowed its natural expression, both within their own character, and in the lives of those blessed by the presence of the sanctified one.

Saint Germain has said that the natural activity of life is beauty, opulence, happiness and perfection without limit and as soon as the personal self can disconnect itself, in consciousness, from the idea that life can be taken lightly or thoughtlessly, then such a one comes to the threshold of a new experience, wherein he is no longer the dominant figure but the silent witness to the constant outpouring of the qualities, manifestations, miracles and beauty that life will carry through him and into the universe beyond.

When individuals come to a place where they will no longer seize life at an unguarded moment and force it into an unhappy expression, they will then be entrusted with a greater out-pouring of the electronic force from their own Presence, the Cosmic Beings, the angelic host and the Ascended Masters.

The Personal Self Must Be Purified

To energize an undisciplined lifestream beyond a certain point, would merely be sending more of the spirit of God into the keeping of a human authority which would transform this pure essence, again, into imperfection. In order to release the greater powers that lie within your own causal bodies and in order to form a constant conscious connection with the members of the Ascended Host, it is necessary to make the constant call for the purification of the personal self, to a point where misqualification of energy can never again take place.  The lifestreams who have achieved that sense of humble, gentle submission to divine will are rare, but they do become the outposts of cosmic powers, as the Maha Chohan said, of which the outer world has no concept.

Your Four Lower Bodies Must Be Balanced

There are many Ascended Masters who have never come to the attention of the outer world and who have, as yet, no conscious link with unascended beings. Those who would choose to unite their lifestream with these perfected ones, will render us the greatest service possible, if they will make the calls to their own Holy Christ Selves to so equalize and temper their four lower bodies that, even under the greatest provocation or shock, they would remain balanced, calm, poised and peaceful, then the Cosmic Law would allow these Cosmic Beings to give as much energy as they choose to enrich the Earth-sphere.  You can see that, without this self-control and mastery, were a Cosmic Being to choose a lifestream as a radiating center of his energy and a sudden surprise or shock or an appearance of any kind would allow the unascended being to requalify tons of that energy, in an instant it would do untold damage, whereas, if he had not been released by the Master, the lifestream in question would not have so much to qualify of his own natural allotment. We are seeking selfless souls who love harmony and who are willing to sacrifice the defense of self for the maintenance of a harmonious set of vehicles, through which our outpouring may continue to expand.

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