By the Beloved Maha Chohan

“There are causes born in heaven’s realm which are divine ideas projected from the heart of the Sun of the system, or generated through the heart consciousness of any being who has achieved the Christ Estate. Individual lifestreams who become interested in such a cause are not of necessity its creator. For instance, the cause of freedom was a God-intent from the heart of the Great Central Sun itself, and the Master Saint Germain—in contemplating the Godhead in selfless devotion and adoration—perceived that idea of the Father for planet Earth and her people. He then made that cause his own, offering before the Throne of Heaven to invest his energies, intelligence and life-purpose to manifesting its effect for all men, the nature kingdom and the planet upon which humanity is presently evolving.

The development OF THE WAYS AND MEANS OF UNFOLDING THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM was left to his own God inspiration, and the interesting of lifestreams in that cause, to a point where they might VOLUNTEER to become a part of the motivating power behind its manifestation, also became his personal responsibility.

Such cosmic causes are always ensouled by a cherubic or seraphic being at inner levels, whose voluntary service is to keep alive the momentum gathered by the sponsor during the time while he is incarnate, effecting the details of the plan, and during the time at inner levels while he is using his energies to interest consciousnesses to assist him. These cosmic angels, on occasion, send one of their legions to render the same service through a group of incarnate spirits when the service is more than ordinary.

The designing of a universal scheme by a pair of God-intelligences fills the universal oval, which forms the periphery of that particular creation, with more potential God-ideas than there are grains of sand on the seashore, or drops of water in the ocean, or stars in the heavens. These are the germs of future greatness, and from observation, it has been found that the intelligences belonging to other systems of greatly advanced evolutions, have not come anywhere near utilizing or unfolding the potential perfection that is theirs for the asking. When the great Master Saint Germain grasped the desire of the Godhead, to give fullest FREEDOM to his creation, so far as planet Earth is concerned, in the inner realms was begun a Fire Temple in which he placed the initial impulse of this flame, and here came the cherubic and seraphic hosts, who have remained in constant attendance to that flame through all the succeeding centuries.

In the inner spheres, the discarnate realm, as well as the incarnate realm, it became the individual responsibility and obligation of the Master—while yet transmuting his own karma—to foster the cause of freedom, and in any manner that he could effect an interest in such a cause, forward his design. Imagine the magnitude of such a task! Of course, in the realm of the Higher Mental Bodies, where such great freedom and clarity of consciousness are present, it is not difficult to secure the interest and cooperation of life; but in the realm of the discarnates, where so many of his pupils dwelt between embodiments, and in the realm of incarnation where he, too, was bound by karmic limitation, it was a most difficult task.

Now, in his fuller freedom, he works in the realm of incarnation through those he can reach by word, impression and love. Also, he has free access to the discarnate realm, as well as the inner spheres, which has given him great assistance in his task. BUT, because he has not the power of HIS PERSONAL MAGNETISM in a HUMAN FORM, he has lost, to a degree, a certain influence on flesh bodies; although gaining in the inner realms much freedom. And it is, therefore, up to the people who yet WEAR BODIES OF FORM, and who are HIS FRIENDS, to represent that freedom cause, and spread it with power and positive assurance. There are tentative plans for the education of the young people, who are the hope of the future. This activity comes under the direction of the Master Kuthumi, who has been interested in this important question for many centuries and who, as Pythagoras, established his famous school for young people at Crotona in early Greece.

There are also plans, yet to be worked out, for establishing transmitting centers at strategic points on the Earth’s surface, whereby instructions, as well as positive radiations, can be sent to all points on Earth’s surface through trained students by the Masters in charge of that part of the work.”

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