Is the long-awaited EVENT of straightening of the Axis of the earth about to happen?

The ‘Axis of the Earth’ is being lovingly straightened degree by degree – perhaps the long-awaited EVENT is soon to happen?

(Excerpt from Law of Life and Teachings By Divine Beings – ADK Luk)

The two Natural or Permanent Rays are projected from the Godhead or Central Sun. They are the Cosmic Fire and penetrate through the atmosphere and the etheric belt or realm within it, also through the three elements, – earth, water and air – of which the Earth is composed.

The masculine Ray enters the Earth south of the Gobi Desert through the Himalayas; the feminine Ray enters Mount Meru just east of Lake Titicaca in the Andes Mountains in South America. In the center of the Earth they interlock and there is formed the Three – fold Flame around which the earth was formed.

These Rays have a certain natural potency. But the created Rays which are projected by Divine Beings are more potent because they are consciously manipulated. (Master Saint Germain.)

When beloved Sanat Kumara first came to this Earth, the axis had already bent to about 45 degrees and any further bending would have been totally disastrous to the planet and the evolutions. (Archangel Michael, September 29, 1957)

It was said that during cataclysmic action the axis would change about 45 degrees and the North Pole would be parallel with the equator. The outer world has it that the axis is off 23 1/2 degrees. Ed.

The two permanent rays are a balancing power to the Earth, and the more intensely the attention of mankind is focused upon them the greater the possibility of avoiding or at least minimizing cataclysmic activity at this time.

The Andes Mountains have been shaking for the past two months. The reason for this is that certain balanced powers from the Sun are being fed through this Ray into the very center of the Earth for this coming period. (Maha Chohan, July 1952.)

The Will of God is that the axis of the earth shall be straightened, that the extremes of climate shall be mercifully blended together into a habitable and happy balance. (El Morya, February 20, 1954.)

We are now engaged in a great Cosmic Push. Since January 1, 1957, the Earth’s axis has been straightened 10 percent of 45 degrees, with a minimum of cataclysmic activity. This was done through the cooperation of the great Beings, Polaris and Magnus, Who guard the axis of the Earth, and through the specific direction and control of Virgo, Neptune, Aries, Vesta and Helios Who guard the fire element. This process was hardly noticed except in the unrest in world conditions and some interruptions upon the Earth’s surface.  (Archangel Michael, September 21, 1957.)

He said within the eight day period (September 21 – 29) that They would endeavor to move it another 10 percent; that there may be some slight changes in the astronomical bodies. Ed.

We are endeavoring to give a particular purification right down through the sea itself to the Atlantean continent. It is interesting to note that two or three of those cities that belonged to Atlantis in her prime are being raised from the ocean’s floor. We are hoping that this will come about in as equally unostentatious manner as the axis change continues. (Archaii Amethyst, October 19, 1957.)

From December 15 to February 15, 1958, the Great Beings Who were moving the axis stopped that motion. There was a Cosmic significance for this – in order to avoid unnecessary cataclysmic activities, and for the protection for people and elemental life. (Lanto, December 21, 1957.)

This evening (February 15, 1958), the axis of the Earth again begins the movement which will cause tremendous changes.

As the axis of the Earth is in the process of being restored to its original position, it is being accomplished as carefully as possible, because the least jar would upset the ocean currents, the gas belts, the surface of the Earth and the air currents in the atmosphere. Although these Cosmic changes are taking place rhythmically and according to Cosmic cycles, your decrees are essential, for the peace of elemental life and all upon the planet Earth. (Beloved Aries.)

The Earth itself is being accelerated. That means that the very center pole of the Earth has to, according to Divine Fiat, move more rapidly; as it moves more rapidly in its orbit, every electron that makes up the substance of the Earth, the water and the air, has to move more rapidly. The bodies of the people on the Earth feel that acceleration because as it passes through the Earth, it naturally passes through their vehicles as well. This happened before, on other planets and other stars, and individuals then did not want to accelerate the vibratory action of their own vehicles. Through free will, they abandoned their stars and planets and the Earth became their “foster parent”, so to speak. At this time, there is no question of destructive use of free will; everyone belonging to this Evolution has to accelerate the vibratory action of his own vehicles and keep pace with the planet Earth’s forward progress. (Archangel Michael, March 1958.)

The Cosmic activity of straightening the axis of the Earth continues. (Lord Maha Chohan, April 8, 1958.)

As a Member of the Karmic Board, I say to you, the straightening of the axis of the Earth is due to your tremendous application. The axis is straightening and when the Cosmic Beings, Polaris and Magnus have performed this task, so much of depression that is upon your weary physical vehicles will be released. So much easier it will be for you to stand erect as sons and daughters of Freedom. So much easier will it be for you to receive from your own “I AM” Presence the directions which will expand through your Christ Selves and fill your worlds with every God Virtue, that you may complete your Divine Plan. (Kwan Yin, April 19, 1958.)

The axis was stopped from moving for 30 days, because the strain on the elemental kingdom, the chelas and mankind was too great. This gives opportunity for the people’s of Earth to become accustomed to the difference in the gravity pull, and it gives the Elementals opportunity to become accustomed to a little difference in atmosphere.

The axis is moving again. When it is completely straightened, you will feel great relief and release, particularly through the spinal column and the nervous system.

We are in the days of acceleration, the Earth moves in its orbit, straightening on its axis, the entire system belonging to Helios and Vesta is moving rapidly, following in the great orbit of the Central Sun of the system. (Saint Germain, May 1, 1958.)

By the 15th of September, barring any more blocks in the consciousness of the chelas or obstruction in elemental nature, we hope the axis of the Earth will be straightened. However, We are dealing with a very unpredictable man- kind and nature kingdom. (Master Morya, July 3, 1958. (It evidently was not. Ed.)

Think what it has been for the Cosmic Beings, Polaris and Magnus to hold this Earth on that bent axis, and to keep it from slipping. Through Their great Love and mercy They slowly move it, and then cease when there is too much strain, when the oceans begin to churn, when the Earth’s surface cracks, when the chelas and elemental life feel it. In loving hands as you would hold an infant, Those two great Beings cradle this Earth, move it, stop it, move it and stop it. They are not going to move it so rapidly that it jolts the Earth or any of the peoples on it. They are endeavoring to do it gradually according to the capacities of the chelas to be fearless.

You have initiations almost every 24 hours in the outer world and how fearless you are in the face of what you think are very ordinary and mundane circumstances; that is recorded by Those Divine Beings Who are watching the movement of the axis. When there is fear, whether it is fear of lack of health, supply or distress of somebody else, or whatever it may be, when that is recorded in the Book of Life of the chela on whom We particularly are depending to hold the balance, then the Cosmic record is read and the movement of the Earth slows down and if the entire student body is affected it stops. (Saint Germain, July 4, 1958)

The activity of the movement of the axis of the Earth has caused great concern among some of the students. There is no need to fear any changes that are coming because through the honest and sincere efforts and endeavors to serve the Light and through the watchful love and care of each one’s “I AM” Presence you are surrounded constantly by love, that love which has sustained you for centuries; that very love which the Cosmic Beings, Polaris and Magnus, use as They move so slowly the Earth’s axis in order that the waters will not be displaced too quickly. Also that the Elemental kingdom can adjust to a differentiation in climate; in order that the students shall adjust to a different beam of vibratory action of the lower bodies which naturally comes as the axis moves. (Paul the Venetian, July 19, 1958. Now the Beloved Maha Chohan)

Saint Germain’s Golden Age has begun. It sweeps into Earth and no human beings can stop it. All Divine Beings are assisting and all unascended beings who are wise and constant of purpose are cooperating toward this end.

Every being in the nature kingdom, all the Directors of the powers of nature and the Angels are combining together in this Cosmic push. For this I am so grateful, and also for those of you who are interested in removing the causes and cores behind the temporary distresses. For as they are removed and balances sustained among the students, as the contact is sustained from the Ascended Masters’ Realm into the human, then can the Cosmic Beings Polaris and Magnus straightening the axis of the Earth, relying upon the balance, constancy and alertness of the student body in whom We God – free Beings have invested so much of our Life. I Am apprised by Lord Gautama that the Earth’s movement in straightening the axis is again temporarily stopped, until new students can be raised up and made strong to fold the foci of Light in their own localities in this crucial hour.

The Divine Beings pouring through such students shall give assistance to hold protection and balance, not only for a city and nation, but planetary, which covers all the continents, seas, rivers, all the people, and all those Elementals that are being restrained by the Directors of the powers of nature until the New Day is manifest. Cataclysmic action need not precede it if there is constancy and sincerity manifest upon the part of those who are the guards of Freedom. (Mother Mary, August 15, 1958.)

The axis of the Earth is again delayed in straightening motion through the mercy of the Cosmic Law until chelas anchored in the Truth and fully cognizant of their power to hold the Light, wheresoever they may be, have the added assistance of Our Flame of God Illumination. This is a mercy of the Cosmic Law. It is a protection for mankind en masse and for the Elemental kingdom. It is also to give time to raise up around the Banner of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, those worthy chelas who will, in the course of time – time which is long since run out – but yet must be extended, stand by Him and by the mighty Angelic Host and with the Elemental kingdom loving them God – free. (Lord Meru, August 16, 1958.)

So much unnecessary controversy and fear has resulted from the references to the straightening of the Earth’s axis, that I Am called upon to relieve all your minds concerning this forthcoming event. As I serve with the Powers of nature, I Am well acquainted with these beings and the mighty Directors. I know that, as yet, it would be an impossibility to absolutely straighten the axis of the Earth without causing undue suffering to the masses and the unleashing of all the elemental kingdom, many of which who do not yet love mankind.

The axis is to the Earth as the spine is to the physical body. The Earth’s axis has actually been kept, even at its present angle, through the help of the Cosmic Beings, Polaris and Magnus, Who are gently and slowly straightening this axis according to the cooperation of mankind and nature kingdoms as well, so as to cause as little cataclysmic action as possible. The storms and other destructive expressions through the nature Kingdom at present show the thinking man that nature is not yet cooperative enough for this Divine Event.

Other manifestations which will be visible when the Earth’s axis is finally straightened will be an expansion of Light from the spinal cord of the Earth, self luminosity through the physical vehicles of mankind, the dissolving of the veil of maya, and the visible tangible Presence of the Divine Beings right here on Earth. When the Earth’s axis is straightened, you will know it, not only by word but by the lightness of your bodies and the general improvement of the world conditions.

The Earth’s axis is moving. The dissolving of the ice caps, the changing of the Earth’s surface in many localities are recorded by science. However, there are those who, looking for some new phenomena make wild statements in Our Names. Lord Maha Chohan, January 20, 1959.

The axis did not get straightened at the time that They had expected or hoped. This particular group the Masters were working with and through which so much had been accomplished broke up in 1958. Ed.


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