“Joyous Enthusiasm Essential for Success”


Joyous Enthusiasm Essential for Success

Beloved Cassiopea Elohim of the Second Ray

(Perception, Wisdom, Illumination)

Excerpt from “The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation”

Bridge to Freedom Publication


“When it is afforded opportunity so to do, the Christ Self will press into the mental body certain portions of the divine plan, through flashes of inspiration, during periods of exaltation. The outer self should accept that, not in a sense of strain, not in a sense of human will, but in a sense of great love for that being, who has guarded and guided you, giving you life through the ages.

When you get that feeling of complete consecration, that feeling of surrender, within yourself, that desire to be about the “Father’s business” first and foremost, and when you determine consciously, to let go of everything else, that instant, your outer self will know it! Then, when the divine pattern (divine idea) comes to you, you should let your feelings enjoy fulfilling it! How many men and women make that surrender, see the pattern which is to be their destiny, and yet, the feeling body shrinks from cooperation with that Christ Self. Such an outer self then withdraws from the surrender, the divine idea is stillborn and no manifestation occurs. There is no unascended being who has not passed through that experience at least once, during the span of his lifestream. Even in Gethsemane’s Garden, the greatest of men asked that the “cup” be taken from him! However, I warn you that, unless the feelings rush joyously and enthusiastically into the plan to externalize it, your precipitation will be either lifeless or of very little lasting value to yourselves and to the world. When your feelings confirm your desire to do the will of God and then you do that will, joyously, in decree work, visualization and the “Father’s business” becomes a vital activity, which fills the feelings with happiness and opportunity to serve, then your creation becomes something which lives long after your own course is finished and you have returned “home.” If our energies had been poured reluctantly into this planet, Earth, she would not have been such a beautiful shining star as she was in the beginning. Amaryllis [Goddess of Spring] who prepared the Earth for 900 years, would not have found her such a lovely workroom into which to weave her energies, bringing the perfection of spring, and the angels, themselves, might not have been magnetized. We created in love, in great love and joy and in anticipation of mankind’s presence and happiness here! Beloved friends, take the opportunity now! Act upon these great promptings now and prepare yourselves to channel, into the physical world, some good and lasting blessing to life. Do this in our name and when you get that confidence, which comes with your first conscious precipitation of substance into tangible, manifest form, direct from the Universal, do not rest on your laurels! Go right ahead into greater and greater experimentation with the power of your mental body to create form, your feelings to give it life and your etheric and physical bodies to channel it into the world of manifest expression. DO THIS and BE the precipitating presence, remembering the Golden Flame of Cassiopea, which is yours to use freely!

Within your heart is the Golden Flame of ILLUMINATION, which will reveal truth to you. Now, in answer to my call, this flame arises into your brain structure and outer consciousness, clearing away, forever, the human concepts of the ages, clearing away, forever, half-truths and expanding the Golden Flame of the seven-fold activity of the Elohim, which is anchored within your forehead. Thus, if you will consciously accept it, each one of you is being made a grail, through which some Perfected Being may channel and direct his blessings for the race.

For Saint Germain, let us become the precipitating legions! For Saint Germain, let us become the healing legions, as you here, in great power, already have become the protecting legions of this Earth!

The Science of Creation is in your hands and hearts. The Science of Creation is now planted in your thoughts! The Science of Creation must be externalized in your worlds, if you love us as you say you do! Accept it, please! Use it and BE, for all mankind, the brothers and sisters of the Golden Robe, in full command of the power of thought, feeling, spoken word and action, the Elohim incarnate! I thank you!”