An Address Delivered at the Ashram by Gautama, Lord of the World

Excerpt from Journal Book 5 – BRIDGE TO FREEDOM

      Beloved, blessed ones of light, YOU are the light of the world, for within your beating hearts is the most beautiful flame, and that flame, expanding in the radiance of our love, is the hope of mankind, imprisoned angels, and every living thing. The light within your hearts is what we, in the ascended state, love. That light within your hearts is the signal to all of the Great White Brotherhood, to all of the angels of heaven, to all the powers that are acting to effect and manifest world peace. There are among the sons and daughters of men those willing to be magnetizing centers for that peace, that can never be disturbed no matter what the pressure of energy from within or without may be.

My Armageddon

      In my life long ago, as Prince Siddhartha, I, too, learned the lesson to persevere for many, many years, in my search for truth. Having forsaken the beauty and perfection of my father and my own beloved wife and son, I sought the truth, a way and means by which mankind and all living things might be freed from disease and distress. Sometimes, as my aspirations rose Godward, I must tell you that my mind returned to my home and my loved ones and there was the Armageddon. Could I not have done better as the ruler of India, to bring light to the world, than as a nameless mendicant! And there, alone as I endeavored to do that which my own heart seemed to have prompted me to do, there alone, I, too, learned what it was to persevere—to persevere even as my consciousness opened to every one of the spheres and I enjoyed the glory of it.

      Yet, something within me said, “No, it is not the ultimate,” until I had reached, in consciousness, the very heart of God, himself, and touched the hem of his robe and felt the effulgent light of his presence and knew what it was to come home! In that moment, all that I was, longed to remain in that glory, but I had to persevere in returning through the seven spheres, into a vehicle that had become emaciated, and re-animate that vehicle and walk and talk with those who were my followers, giving to them those precepts and truths, some of which you know so well, holding my peace and radiating that particular gift of enlightenment, until my Guru called me to come.

Fulfilling Your Mission

      Every great and Ascended One has had the temptation, from time to time, as Jesus did in Gethsemane’s garden, to ask the Father of Light to remove the cup, but every sainted and Ascended One has persevered, in his own particular service to light unto the end, and those who asked for surcease most assuredly were given it, for God is a God of mercy and love, and they laid down their unfinished business and faced the Karmic Board with their baskets not filled with the sheaves of accomplishment and were given rest in the sleepers’ realm and allowed to be present with their own Guru and given new strength. Then they came to Earth again, with the same mission, which they did not fulfill before—for until your mission is fulfilled, until you have wrought the purpose through, which made you man, you shall not have the fullness of your ascension!

      Bodies tire and souls weary and we are cognizant of that, having passed this way ourselves, but I can assure you that you, who are faithful to the end, will wear the seamless robe and the beautiful crown of victory and you shall not know remorse for what “might have been!” Often have I thought, if I had returned to my father’s house and rejoined my wife and son, and taken up the rulership of light in Asia, it would have seemed a noble thing, yet it was the prayer and the love and the strength of the Guru who guided me, who kept me from the deception of the human mind, which often weaves into promptings motives of a nature not wholly divine. So, wherever your path has placed you, if your hand is on the plow, my hand rests upon yours. RUN YOUR FURROW TO THE END AND THEN WHEN YOU COME TO GREET US, WE CAN SAY, AS WAS SAID LONG AGO, “WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!”

Your Cups Are Filled

      It is most difficult to formulate, in words, instruction for unascended beings, for I have long dwelt in an activity of pure radiation and light, where words and gestures are unneeded and my service as the Buddha was to enfold the planet in that love and light. When the opportunity came for Sanat Kumara to join his beloved on Venus, I could not allow myself the luxury of sojourning longer in that effulgent light, and willingly and joyously, in the name of that great Sanat Kumara, and as a servant of the Great White Brotherhood, I took upon my shoulders the cloak, as well as the responsibility and the obligation, to be the Lord of the World—and just as willingly and graciously does Sanat Kumara (given full freedom to act on Venus) return to Earth. My gratitude is given to the beloved Lord Maitreya who, during this period of my adjustment to the activities of pomp and circumstance, has acted for me on so many occasions as the presiding celebrant at celestial functions.

      Beloved ones, please know that when we come, we give you our light, that is qualified with all the momentum of our living. It is priceless! It enters your feelings, it enters your minds, it becomes part of your etheric body, and it enters the substance of your flesh. So, dear ones, do not dissipate it as soon as we have ceased speaking. You have the greatest gift in the world, when any divine being gives you of their light. This is the communion of saints! Your cups are filled! It is a previous essence that can be lost by the ill-use of the tongue, or by any of the senses. Conserve it, each of you a holy grail, blessed by the Lord of the World. God in heaven be with you!”

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