All ‘outer’ activity can be done much more efficiently through the ‘inner activity’ of your “I AM” Presence, including physical development!


Excerpt from “I AM” DISCOURSES Book 3 – Discourse VI –


“In your outer experience, the use of any activity develops your strength to greater and greater efficiency, does it not? If one can apply this in the outer activity, do you not see how much more important it is to the Inner Activity? The more you put it into use, the greater the power you put into it. Know you can do it with the Inner Spiritual things far greater and quicker than in the outer things, for with Spirit, the Power acts instantly. There is no waiting when the “I AM” acts.

The fact that you give credence to development of the muscular system by use should make you realize that the same effort given to the exercise and recognition of the Inner Power would naturally produce far greater results. For instance, man is supposed to perform certain physical exercises in order to develop his muscles.

I have, in my students, many, many times, enabled them to produce powerful muscles in a symmetrical, beautiful body without having taken a single exercise to do it. It is the same with the exercise of your Inner Faculties in bringing forth the Inner Power.

In all development, either of the Inner or the outer, the first part of the exercise is mental. Here we must know that there is only one Power and Energy to use, and that is from the “I AM God Presence” in you. Therefore, the exercise of your Inner Faculties is necessarily mental—called mental—but I say to you, it is God in action, because you cannot form a thought without the Intelligence and Energy of God to do it. Therefore, your mental activity is the Energy of God in action. Now you see how easy and possible it is to make a strong physical body without lifting your hand in physical exercise to do it.

Most scientific, medical, and men of physical culture will deny this, but I assure you it is only because they have not become aware of, or thought deeply upon the energy or power that is acting; because no kind of activity can take place except by the use of this Inner energy and power.

Individuals allow the impingement of doubts and fears to rush in and overwhelm them when it comes to the recognition of these Great Faculties, which are free for their use at any time. You see, they are but submerged as it were, by the outer, like a cork that has been pushed beneath the water, which when released by a little effort, pops up to the surface into use.

I must say it is positively pitiful when earnest students spend so many years straining at intervals to gain the use of these faculties, and then because they do not operate immediately, relapse into a state of inactivity until something spurs them on, and then relapse again. Persistent, determined recognition of this “I AM Presence” will take you through anything to absolute certain accomplishment—unless you lie down on the job.

I see, and especially at this time, a goodly number of individuals who, with a little encouragement and description of the simple use of these faculties, will quickly leap into their freedom—and especially those who have this verbal instruction and the Radiation

that goes with it. Is it not appalling that Sons and Daughters of God will submit to the binding claims of limitation when, with persistent effort and determination, they would open the door and step through into this great Inner Chamber, filled with such Dazzling Light, jewels,

gold, and substance from which every kind of food in the Universe can be precipitated? Then with this Truth plainly before them, these individuals still hesitate, through unbelief, to step through, take this scepter and be free.

Beloved Ones I Again I say to you: Sing the Great Melody of the “I AM” Conquering Presence. Sing It in your hearts continuously. Feel It with all your ability; be determined to use It. Hold fast to that determination, and the knowledge and the way will steadily open to give you that Mastery which is your Eternal Freedom. Just keep joyously knowing that you are through the veil now.”

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