“Let Me make just one illustration and that is concerning money supply. I have watched among the students, a few Individuals who make the Call dynamically and earnestly, and ten minutes after, will begin to accept in their feeling world as true, the appearance of their financial limitation. You cannot have Results and do that, not in the Quick Full Manner you would like to have. Of course, as you continue to call, it will beat down human feeling. Stand guard over your feeling, when you have made your Dynamic Applica­tion for your money supply; and the moment any slightest feeling of doubt or discord starts, stop it and say: “Stop! Not one thing is going to generate here, to interfere with This Call! My Presence is the Authority and Power in my world! Don’t you attempt to interfere”! Then, you will govern the feeling within yourself, as sure as “I AM” telling you, and you must do it! Then, after awhile, when you make your Application human feeling will not be there to act!

        Take the Messenger for illustration. Blessed People, you will never know, what He went thru in those earlier years. Even when Beloved Saint Germain sent them forth to give out This Work, still some doubts and fears were in Him. When He understood how to silence that feeling with an iron grip, and make it be still; in a short time, it was no longer there to act. Today, when He issues a Decree, He knows there is no opposition, and of course the answer is there! The answer is within the Call!

            We saw him reading a letter last night, or this morning about 2:00 o’clock, and a blessed one had made the Call for help. The letter stated: “You did not answer my letter, and yet the Healing was Complete.” Beloved Ones, if you were to understand and realize the thousands of answers, In­stantaneous Healings of conditions and bodies; and all the limitations of mankind—which are released at His Call, you would know, that you too, can do the same thing. Only He has gained the Full Confidence in His Call to the Pres­ence, which no longer allows requalification to act upon the energy as He calls It forth. You can do the same and you must do it; because you must make your own Application. You are the one in your world who must take the initia­tive. Then, whatever assistance can be given is well and good; but REMEMBER, NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE IN YOUR WORLD. You must be firm, deter­mined and dynamic in YOUR APPLICATION—espe­cially at first; until you break down the human creations, which have pressed upon you and limited you, as you understand it, thru this embodiment. Remember, there can­not be any effect in your world, without a cause for it! EVERY CAUSE IS FIRST IN THE FEELING WORLD, BEFORE IT CAN OUT-PICTURE IN THE PHYSICAL BODY OR IN YOUR WORLD OF ACTION. Therefore, if the cause of limitations and discord is removed, then there is nothing left to interrupt This Great Pure Mighty Energy of the Presence as It flows forth!

           Beloved Ones, is there any one of you who doubts the Reality of the Eye Picture, which the Chart represents to you; that your Presence is really there above you—the Pres­ence of ALL Life ? Let Us show you the proof, Dear Hearts! Take a human form which an hour ago was so happy, energetic, filled with Light, Buoyancy and Power. When Life has withdrawn, the body lies there helpless. All the organs, all the faculties which were acting are there still, but the body is helpless! Then where was that Intelligence, power, substance, energy, and activity, which was acting thru that body ? Right there in the Stream of Life and En­ergy from the Presence of ALL Life. When It withdrew, the body was helpless. Then everything which ever acted thru that form, all the Power, Intelligence or whatever it might have been, was the Power and the qualities, which came thru the Stream of Life beating each human Heart. You cannot deny that! There is not a human Being on the face of This Earth who can deny it. There was a Pres­ence of Life which was in that form which is no longer ac­tive. The Presence of Life was carrying each quality thru the human form and out into the Individual’s world. Then, you know you have found the Source of Intelligence, of Power, of Life, of Action, of All Supply there is in the World.

Let us no longer be limited in the feeling world, by the idea and feeling that supply depends upon human Beings in your midst! As long as you continue to accept it, you will find yourself limited. Cut it off and turn to your Presence— the Treasure-House of the Universe—and your world. Then, remember THIS, Beloved Ones, Oh please HOLD THIS firmly before yourself forever!

When you call to your Presence for your money supply or any supply you require for use, Your Presence, is your Treasure-House actually, practically and literally! It prob­ably would not release coined money in your hands just yet; but It is the Power of Intelligence at your Call, which sets Its Energy into action in your body. All persons, places and conditions, required to bring financial money supply into your hands—by the Wisdom, Power and Love of the Presence, will be set into action to bring it to you. You will be caused to harmonize yourself and do whatever you are required to do, to co-operate with the Activity of Life which produces that result for you.

Oh Dear Hearts, once you would only understand it, you could not be deprived of anything you need for your use. It would be impossible! There is not one human Being on This Earth, who owns anything. Oh, if mankind would only understand that! You don’t even own your bodies! If you did, you would keep them! Now notice how practical all this is! If you owned those bodies, you would keep them, wouldn’t you? At least as long as you wanted to. Then, somewhere something is missing!

Life is always Omnipresent and acting! It is your Limit­less Supply of all you require for use! Your Presence is the Individualized Presence of God, who holds within Its Radi­ance and Power, the Supply of all things; in substance, in energy, in quality! As It releases the Intelligent Substance or Energy, into action in the human octave, the conditions are brought about for a Complete and Full Release of what you require. Don’t you see how It cannot fail in a single in­stance ? It just cannot do it.

Then, what you need to do is to watch, and if you are not having a quick and Full Response to your Call—don’t be discouraged, but say: “Hold on here now! What is the matter with me ? What is acting here which should not ? What am I not doing that I should ?” Then, call the Pres­ence into action and say: ” ‘Mighty I AM Presence’! let me know definitely now what is the reason here.” Be prac­tical ! Don’t be afraid of anything, but be so practical and say: “Here let this thing stop right now! I have made the Call and I know it must be answered! Whatever human quality is in me, take it out”! Be firm about it, and Oh, how quickly, you will find your Calls being answered with Great Speed and Power! It is Magnificent!

            I want to say just a few words in regard to the great industries of today. A Great Law is entering into the industrial world—the Power of Light! One of your blessed citizens, in his Heart is responding so wonderfully to the Great Laws of Life. His Light has held Its Dominion over the most destructive of forces which would have destroyed him. He is your beloved Henry Ford. I am not trying to exploit your beloved friend; but I am stating the Laws of Life. Had it not been for him and his stand against the de­structive forces, which tried at one time to wipe him out of existence; the industrial world would have been in such chaos today, that most of mankind would not have had enough to eat. He was the strength and courage to the other industries of the World in his stand; because he knows God, the Presence of all Life!

Notice—today, the demand of the Activities of Life in the industrial world is imperative; and the heads of great industries are coming to realize, the old methods can be used no more! There are still a few who hold on; still trying at least to hold fast to the old ideas; but they cannot survive and do it! We believe in giving Justice and when We see an Individual who has built himself into the great, almost lim­itless success which Mr. Ford has, then We believe in giving credit where it is due. His only support, his only protection, his only achievement, has been in his Power of Conscious Attention to the Light. No matter what the criticism of him may have been, be careful you do not accept it! If there were now and then an Individual in his service, who might have made mistakes, don’t forget, he may not have been responsible for it.

So it is in all walks of Life. It is not always the head of industries or conditions who may be responsible; because they are not always able to govern the action of those in their employ. Just as a spy from a foreign country might enter into your America; and gain information which would be your destruction, would the government be to blame for that ? Possibly in a slight degree in lack of alert­ness, but the penalty would be on the Individual who did it.

Now remember, Dear Ones, I am prompting you for a Great Definite Reason. In the children’s’ experiences in India, when Rex discovered a spy in the midst of the Broth­erhood—notice the reason! The atmosphere of the Brother­hood had been charged by the spy, so they might not feel, see or detect his presence! Rex coming in from an outside atmosphere, wholly Free from it, was enabled to detect it! Notice what that means to the world, when you clear your atmosphere of human pressure. By calling your Presence into action, you will be alert, to detect the conditions which are about to touch your world—which would affect, limit or harm you.

            Therefore, as you sense it, you can say to the wrong con­dition: “You have no power! Be thou dissolved and con­sumed by the Power of Light!” and it is done! Instead of it finding action in your world, it will have disappeared be­fore it reached your world! That is the Power of Alertness and detection; and it is why We call with all the earnestness of Our Beings, for the students to become more and more alert; in the Acknowledgment of their Presence and all the conditions which touch their worlds; so they may be prompted.

Let Me also correct a thing which has been acting within mankind concerning promptings or the premonition of things. Such a thing is not given as an inevitable occurrence to act in your world but you are being prompted to issue your Mighty Decree, so it may be dissolved and consumed. Then, it cannot act in your world! Mankind has been ac­cepting premonitions and promptings throughout the centu­ries; and have believed because Individuals received them, they must act in their worlds. Because such a prompting was received, you may say: “Be thou dissolved and con­sumed”! and it would be so! Remember, that as you value your progress!

Beloved Ones, My Joy is Boundless! Will you rejoice with Me, in the Service which it has been possible to render, while the Messenger was voicing My Words to you! Seventy-five per cent of you who are in this room, have en­abled Me to dissolve and consume seventy-five percent of your own human creation! My Gratitude and Joy is very Great! Accept It please! Then, as you enter into the class know you have entered into your Eternal—your Permanent Freedom; and no longer accept any condition or appear­ance, as having power to limit or disturb you again.

Oh, will you feel how Real all this is ? I am none the less Real, because you do not see Me. Because My Vibratory Action raises My Body of Light, beyond your physical sight, is no reason why I am not Real! I am more Real than you; believe it or not! Please do not believe a thing is not Real, because it is invisible; for all the Great Powers in the World which are being used are invisible! Many thousands of students have seen the Calls of the Messengers answered with definite precision. Now, as the Great Momentum of the large number of students, who in their great loyalty are joining in these Wondrous Decrees, the Power has become Mighty. Many of the things which were thought to take place in the World, have not taken place. All of you earnest, Blessed Ones, have been a part of That Great Service in the Mighty Decrees which you have issued. We congratulate all the students who are able to release such a Mighty Power of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love and Blessings, for It is the Secret of all things!

The refusal to accept or listen to human gossip is the Open Door to solve your problems.

There the Out-pouring of the Ascended Masters Divine Love and Blessing is the Open Door, to the Out-pouring from the Presence, which  will solve all things. We rejoice, so many of the students after, such a long time and many repetitions of This Instruc­tion, are beginning to understand, the first imperative need in their worlds, is to refuse to listen to or voice destruction; send forth discordant qualities; or even to allow them to act within their feeling then, as they pour out Divine Love and Blessings to all persons, places, conditions and things, the Whole Universe will flood their worlds with money, supply, happiness, health, strength and courage; because They are complying with the Great Law of Life!.

I thank you for this opportunity, to offer My Humble Assistance in that which has been rendered; and may the Glory of Our Happiness ever intensify and increase within your feeling world and consciousness! Remember—to you and all the students, has been offered the Use of the As­cended Masters’ Consciousness and Substance; which can­not be requalified by human qualification. Call It into action jn your world! Charge your body with It and let Its Perfect Work go on, unto your Full Perfection. Then, you attain your Ascension into the Eternal body of Light. Oh, Beloved Ones, how wonderful it is that mankind can have the Opportunity to come home and live within the Happi­ness, the Glory and the Perfection which Life has always held for all Individuals; but which mankind had forgotten.

The Love and Blessings of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light and the Cosmic Beings, flood your Beings and worlds and enfold you in Their Eternal Perfection.

We Love and Bless you!

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