The I AM Discourses – Vol 8 – Great Divine Director.

Extracts from Discourse VIII

Pg 86:

…REFUSE TO LISTEN TO GOSSIP; AND I MEAN BY THAT, ALL THINGS THAT ARE LESS THAN PERFECTION OF THE PRESENCE; BECAUSE AFTER ALL, EVERYTHING ELSE IS BUT GOSSIP. That is perhaps a gentle term to use, but nevertheless, only as Individuals see it is not a personal thing, can they free themselves.

Pg 87:

When the Individual realizes there is only ONE SIMPLE THING NECESSARY, and that is to allow the Pure Energy to flow forth to fill his or her mind, body, world and activity, then his or her call are fulfilled quickly. Then, each one will know to call the Presence into action and make the conscious effort to control the feeling, …

Pg 91:

We want to get everyone to that point, as with This Good Messenger; where even though you listen to it, you do not allow any of those qualities to register in your feeling world.

Pg 98:

Remember the simple words so often used: “You shall hold your Peace and the Presence will fight your battles.” It simply means the moving of the Light of the Presence into your body, sweeping out all irritation, all discord of every kind and replacing it with all Perfection which is the Law. No imperfection can penetrate That Light, and when you call it into action – as a Tube of Light – as a Volume of Light flowing into your world, your body, It is quite a different thing.

Please notice this point carefully: It is quite a different thing, than when the Natural Light becomes clothed by your discordant qualities! That Light has become shut in, instead of the discord being shut out. When you place yourselves in a Tube of Light, do you not see the power of human qualification, cannot reclothe the Tube of Light, which you are calling into action? Its Volume is too Great! That is why, if you once understand, when you say, for instance: “ ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ charge my mind and body with Your Mighty Energy, Your Strength and Courage,” or whatever the quality is you require, That is the Light of the Presence filling your body; and Its Volume is too great to be reclothed but the quality which is within your feeling world at that particular time.

Pg 99:

If you once understand this, and as you stand yourselves in This Tube of Light; or feel yourself a Tube or Pillar of Light, moving about in your daily activity, you will soon find all your undesirable qualities will disappear – they must disappear.

Pg 99:

Do not resist the Perfection of your Presence any longer. Just say: “ ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ now this is Your Form! Therefore, it has to be the Symmetry and Perfection which You are! Humanly, I take my mind off it entirely! Therefore, ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ You take command of this body now; and bring it into Your Perfect Symmetry”; then be a Peace and rest about it. Every time the human has an opinion, say: “Hold on! You are to have no opinion”! and you will find the Presence will do This Perfectly.

Pg 101:

The world is full of human opinions which are of no importance; but your attention to the Presence from which ALL Perfection comes, is of Very Great Importance! Stand firm within It and have Its Blessings.

Pg 101:

Do not be disturbed by the appearance world. Human Beings come and go, but the Law goes on forever.

Pg 102:

Remember, human appearances are but the shifting sands of the desert. They have no power, but to confuse the one who accepts human reports! Don’t do it, Dear Ones!

Pg 103:

Remember you are not separate from Us and you cannot be separated from your “Mighty I AM Presence”! Therefore, why give power any longer to human appearances, to human discordant conversations? Why do it? I am sure you will all be strong enough from this hour, to simply hold the Wall of Light so strong, that not a discordant thing can register within your feeling world.

Pg 104:

When you give your attention to Beloved Saint Germain, Nada, Myself or Beloved Jesus, that instant Our Qualities are acting in your feeling world. If mankind really understood this, how quickly enormous, tremendous things could be accomplished; but because of the pull of the attention upon the outer world, it is constantly shifting, you see. Therefore, in the realization that your Presence is your Stabilizing Power, it holds you firm upon a given objective, upon a given call, then you see there is not a thing you cannot do. Not a thing you cannot do or accomplish; but be sure your motives are Right.

Pg 105:

Regarding your financial supply, just feel your Presence open the Door of Its Treasure-house, and release into your use everything which is required. If channels be used, then let the Wisdom of the Presence select those channels, so there could not be a single discordant experience! There could not be a single mistake; there could not be a single failure to have that which you require for use.

It is so Definite! It is so Powerful! Please feel It! Rest in It and know – the Dynamic Action of the Presence is producing those results! Why do I say: “Dynamic Action of the Presence”? Because you must feel that under certain conditions, until you have a Greater Sense of Freedom, you must feel it DYNAMICALLY ACTIVE! Then at each Call, will come the Result.”


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