Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 4 – page 366 – 367

“In the power of invocation as I used it, and as every God-free being uses it, the Threefold Flame in your hearts has a definite reason for its coloration and its place. As you draw the power, and wisdom directs it, and love sends it forth, you are completely protected from every adverse human motive, even those which you do not know of in the outer self. Every healing that I performed, every leper that was cured, every blind man that was made to see, every obsessed one that was freed of a discarnate that had no place in that form, and every man and child that was in the appearance of death, who was given again life, was given that boon through the magnetizing of the POWER of my Father, WISDOM to use it where I saw that the lifestream could be benefited or a lesson could be taught to the witnesses, and then the LOVE for the individual who received healing, as well as for the Father who gave me the power by which to do it.

Beloved ones, keep that in mind in all that you endeavor to do! Power alone is the most dangerous of the qualities, unless it is directed by true wisdom and discrimination that comes of your Father, and unless it is qualified with honest love for your God, the Divine Masters, your fellow man, imprisoned angels, little elementals, four-footed creatures and every living thing.

I repeatedly said over and over again and I still maintain the statement today, “I, of mine own self, can do nothing. It is the Father within that doeth the works,” to remind you that the power that was drawn through my lifestream, directed by the wisdom of the Father and sent forth in love, should never be used, and it never was used, in my whole embodiment for anything but to do God’s will here on Earth, to attempt to establish the kingdom of heaven on the planet Earth, to attempt to arouse the dormant spark of divinity within the peoples of that era. Now, the Cosmic Christ has spoken and the Christ Selves of men and women and children, too, are beginning to act.

Those who want power of the personal self, find themselves sheared of it. Those who want power to use with wisdom to expand the cause of love, shall INCREASE in majesty, in dignity and in works well done. Thus is the teaching of the new era. It was the teaching of the Christian Dispensation which was my era, in which very few of mankind received the ascension. Now you come to the New Age of the great Ascended Master Saint Germain where the Kingdom of Heaven shall manifest on this Earth. Through whom shall it manifest? It shall manifest through those in whom we have invested our life, our instruction, those who have reached their hands out to us from divinity’s realm to form that Bridge, which remains unto this day through your individual and collective endeavor.”

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