Address – Excerpts – 1/1957


Hail to the Children of Light and Life Eternal!

From the Cosmic Heights We come to bring to you the Power and Pressure of Purity. Think not that in the Emphasis of Love We wish you to become lukewarm or lethargic, for We are the Fullness of Love. It is the requirement of the Cosmic Law to Hold the Balance – when using the Power, Wisdom and Love Flames. They are to be used to help, raise, unfold, develop and increase good. Common sense – that is all.

“GOD, the “Universal First Cause,” from Whom We have received the responsibility and obligation of creating and sustaining the Earth, is the VIBRATORY ACTION OF GOODNESS. Within that Radiation is no negative or discordant vibration. Within yourselves you know the difference between a Constructive Release of Energy to Free Life, from what might be termed a tense fighting energy – this latter is not of “God.” Use always that Good God-Sense within the Unfed Flame in your Heart and proceed in balance.

When you enter one of the Ascended Master Retreats and desire to prepare yourself for the Ascension, particularly at Luxor, the first thing examined is the condition of your Inner Bodies. In order to have a Pure physical body the energies in the Inner Bodies must be Pure. This is why many ascetics, as far as physical control is concerned, are not successful on their Path to Sanctity. They either have not accepted reincarnation or do not give proper attention to their Inner Vehicles whose pressures act upon the innocent flesh and cause the actions which bring the censure of Mankind. The flesh body is the repository for the momentum of the Inner Bodies. A restrained flesh body will do little to help in the Redemption, Sublimation and Ascension of the Soul.

For instance, common sense tells you that after mortifying a flesh body for sixty or eighty years, you pass out of it, and when you stand before the Great Karmic Board, it isn?t even there! Now if that mortification and Purification has been approached as a Soul and Spiritual Exercise, the Etheric Body will record that Purification and the progress of the lifestream will be considerable. There are many who perform certain rights of continence of the flesh and build terrific accumulations of pride that harm rather than help the Soul.

When you go to an Ascended Master Retreat, your Hierarch, examines the condition of your Mental, Emotional and Etheric Bodies to determine the Type of Application you will require, and will also determine how much of the Mystic Rights can safely be given to hold balance within the consciousness. The Retreat, Hierarch and Brotherhood provide an Aura of Safety for the student. Many practices and activities are given to the students that could not be given in the outer world where there is no Protective Balance of the God-Free Guru during this Time of Purification.

The Mental Body is the Recipient of Ideas and it is constantly receiving something. It has been receiving imperfect information since you first chose to turn your Attention outward instead of keeping your Attention on the Perfection of the “Presence.” Your Mental Body has the accumulation of all the false information and half truths that you have accepted since you first embodied on the Earth. Your Emotional Body has recorded the impact and reaction of your many experiences of good and evil. In your Etheric Body is the memory of the sum-total of the good and evil experiences through the ages.

In order to serve as a Pure Channel all of your Seven Bodies must be in Perfect Alignment, Purified and under Absolute God-Control through the Master Presence of the Unfed Flame within your Heart.

This can be done by Invocation and Pressures of the Sacred Fire. The Purification Decrees that you use are good, because they Magnify the Activity of My Flame, which dislodges the discordant accumulation just as rapidly as flowing water dislodges sediment. It is as practical and mechanical as that. I offer to render a Service of Purification for you if you can accept it. It requires that you feel yourself within the Heart of your Three Fold Flame and your Inner Bodies Attention are turned toward My Light; then My Mighty, Rushing Tongues of Flame will sweep out your discordant accumulation of the ages. When that is done, your consciousness will want nothing except God?s Perfection and the struggle through the human will shall be replaced by the Natural Desire for God?s Perfection. Remember, everything starts from Within > Out. If you start from the outside– in, you are reversing the process.

I have seen the Mental Desire for Purity and the emotional desire to satisfy the appetites of the senses. It is all unnecessary. And what becomes of the victim – your flesh body? It becomes marked and torn, destroyed and disintegrated. We shall reverse it. It can be done.”


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