“Put the Ascension Flame into Action”

"If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the 'Mighty I AM Presence.'

“If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’

“Put the Ascension Flame into Action”

Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 4 Page:388 – 89

Beloved Serapis Bey speaks:

“Beloved, ASCEND the substance in your worlds, everything and everywhere. I am most willing to help you and most joyous to put it into action. For instance, when you are riding on a trolley car, if that Ascension Flame was placed on every seat, think what it would do for the atomic structure of every person who rode on that trolley car again. And you ask that it be eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever-expanding. One of the angels from Luxor will do that. The same in an airplane, a bus or a private car, or whatever you are using, even the chairs in your home. Streamers from the central flame will flow forth at your call and they are so grateful to be invited! As you have been told time and again, the first activity of the flame—not only the Violet Flame but ALL the flames—is gratitude for being called into action.

The first activity of every Hierarch and every Ascended Master at every retreat is gratitude when somebody speaks his name, calls upon his service, and asks for radiation to assist him or her. We are never too busy, because we foreswore the glory of Nirvana. We stood at the apex of the cone, so to speak, when the Ascension was attained and then the Karmic Board asked each lifestream, “Do you wish to go on into Cosmic Service, or do you wish to be a part of a certain planet?” And those of us who form the Great White Brotherhood are those who at that point, after attaining the Ascension, spoke voluntarily; nobody coerced us any more than anyone coerced you into this room, and we chose to come back into the atmosphere of Earth and work through the unascended chela.” (J. Bk. 4: 388-89)