Words from Beloved Sanat Kumara

(From Law of Life website:  https://www.lawoflife.com/ )

Dear Chelas, blessed ones who have heard my voice within your hearts, I entrust to you much that has been dear to my heart for many centuries of time. I AM grateful to yet serve the children of Earth as Regent, to help and guide those who have responded to my Flame of Love sent forth and the mighty Light released from Venus, Uranus, and Mars to help Earth in this critical time of transition.  I ask you now to increase your service.  Seek first of all the sure and certain guidance of the mighty PRESENCE OF GOD “I AM” within your hearts, and in that consciousness serve one another and All Life.  Those who stand with me, beloved Lord Gautama and beloved Lord Maitreya, are truly my sons in Spirit…as close to every fiber of my Being as the sons of Venus.  They have, by their example, shown each of you what a child of Earth can do and be.  Look to them!  Feel the radiation of perfected Love, Wisdom, and Power that pours forth from their hearts in response to you every call!

I speak to you as Guardians, as Leaders, for you are trained to call forth the Sacred Fire and to be the cups of higher consciousness upon the Earth now.  Know that the first realization of a true leader is that you are a part of the total evolution of the whole.  Know that all you think, feel, and act upon affects all creation in a significant way.

The first quality of a true leader is HUMILITY, COMPLETE HUMILITY before the perfection and exactness of Cosmic Law.  No matter from which level one serves, from the lowest to the highest, all are subject to this perfection.  Note that I say “perfection” for the Law is perfection, and fortunate you are to realize this, for then you may act as masters of your energy, bringing forth perfection into full manifestation.

The second quality of true leadership is GRATITUDE. Be grateful for the gift of your free will, given to you by the great God of the Universe so that you might learn to be a master of your own life energy and its expression.  Be grateful for every experience that has served to bring you to the awareness of the Presence of God “I AM” within your heart.  Be grateful for the experiences which have led you to the Presence of the Masters of Light, and given you the opportunity to co-serve with them.

The third quality is LOVE.   DIVINE LOVE encompasses within itself all of the qualities of the Great God of the Universe, and the expression of Divine Love brings perfection into your beings and worlds, fully manifest!   Every Virtue is, in some way, an expression of Divine Love, and that is why DIVINE LOVE is the COHESIVE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Watch, my friends of Earth, for every opportunity to serve the LAW OF DIVINE LOVE, and as you do, I will know you are truly bringing forth the true meaning of “SACRIFICE” upon the Earth.  You will truly make this Planet the SACRED and HOLY STAR OF FREEDOM! 

Sanat Kumara

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