Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “I AM the Open Door.” iBooks.


“Dear hearts, let us talk for a moment about a condition that I know is troubling many of you, and that is the appalling relationship that some of you have with your dear parents,the dear souls that volunteered to bring you into this world – which, believe me, knowing some of you as I do, was a brave thing to do – and who, misguided though some of them may be, have tried so hard to raise you and teach you to the best extent that they were able, as they believed to be proper, and against whom you have struggled to the point that you no longer have that beautiful, Harmonious Relationship of parent and child which is the Divine Plan and which our Creator intended.

This is something which must and, I say, simply must, be rectified if you are to advance; for it is not by chance that you are with these parents. You dear ones chose these parents and they chose you, and although you may have had to go through seemingly unendurable hardships on each other’s accounts, I say to you, one day you shall see the wisdom of this association with each other; you will see what it is that has drawn you together in this embodiment, and you will, through that realization, learn to Love these dear ones – as the Flames of God that they are, evolving, as are you, each in his own right.


But until such time as you do realize the true reason for your being in each situation that you find yourself, I humbly suggest that you learn to be as kind as you can be and to try and get along, even though you may feel ignored as an individual person in your own right, or greatly wronged, or misunderstood, for to learn to manifest Harmony always and under the most adverse conditions is one of the greatest lessons and tests that you will ever have to undergo; and what better place to undergo it than in your own home?


You must never allow yourself to feel “holier than thou,” for you know that you are not; and though you may have advanced very far along the path, I say to you, you could not have done so without your parents, and there is much that you have still to learn from them. It was their Love that brought you into being, and no matter how much that love seems to have waned, it is still there if you will take the time and call on the Law of Forgiveness, and the Fire of Forgiveness into action to consume all human discord, all humanly created resentment, doubt, fear and all wrongly qualified energy of the past that has been causing you to see only the outside of each other rather than the True Christ Selves – the One. And when you see that One what a glorious day it shall be! How happy you shall be, and how happy we too shall be, for in that very One is your True Home, your sure, certain Victory over all human, binding conditions forever – the doorway into the unlimited consciousness Of The Ascended State. And I want you to know that there are many of us in this state now who on the Earth were parents and children of each other, and who now are working together in greatest Love and Harmony, Forgiveness – The Violet Flame – into Full and Sustained Action should you ever catch yourselves or others doing this – and how much more freedom and Peace will you have then. Try it; you shall see.


And so gradually you shall see that only can you escape the effects of the judgment others direct at you by removing, dissolving and consuming forever, every and all tendency within yourself toward judgment of others, no matter how small that tendency may be, for that is the Open Door. What you yourself seek can be obtained only if you are willing to grant the same to others. If you want Love, you must give Love; if you want Peace, you must give Peace; if you want Freedom, you must give Freedom – acknowledge others rights to the same things you wish for yourself. Free will is a Divine gift; it is only man that has curtailed that freedom through his efforts to impose his own will on others. Do not feel responsible for what another does with his free will; rather first take the responsibility for yourself. And the disciplining of, and the conscious, Harmonious direction of your own thoughts and feelings are the greatest would show anyone something that he could not do, and as though we were not there and ready to take that one by the hand and give him every needed assistance. O, dear ones, why won’t you follow through on these things!


When you ask us for something know that the perfect, instantaneous solution is there, but you must have faith in us, at least a fraction, and the patience to let us help you in that Perfect Way, which is very often not the way that you think we should; for the human, with its limited, five sense, material view of things, just loves to rush ahead on its own and make a mess of things, when it doesn’t have the consciousness of what is truly to take place. And, believe me, the Perfection, the Beauty, the True Joy that would fill your lives, each and every one of you, if you would only turn to your own ever present God Selves, your I AM Presence, and the Great White Brotherhood who are one with that Presence, for every single thing from the littlest to the most important – how great a change would your lives undergo – how every little thing that you need would seem to offer itself to you before you even need to ask; for your own God Self knows your needs before you know them yourself. And it is an All Consuming Faith in that I AM Presence which all of you, and, I say, all of you, more than any other single thing, require. For, if you do not have Faith what have you? Remember: “In the name of the Love, the Wisdom and the Power of the Presence that I AM – I AM the Full Consciousness Forever of the Light of God That Never Fails!” I thank you.”



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