An Address by the Archangel Gabriel

 The Ashram                                                   December 26, 1959

      I AM Gabriel, he who is called “the Announcer,” bringing tidings of great joy to all generations. These tidings come to you in the progress of this sweet Earth as she, and all her evolutions, move ever upward in the holy Father’s scheme of God-creation. There are already inner, divine causes set up, waiting to burst through the veil of maya, as a manifest expression of God-perfection which the beloved Saint Germain holds for you as well as for succeeding generations.

      Have you ever thought what causes motivation? Motivation is caused by the will to do, the intelligence by which it is done, and the love by which to sustain the manifestation. This was the power utilized for the progression of the Earth and the same activity of motivation can be used to accelerate the cells and atoms of your being, throwing off into the Violet Transmuting Flame, all discord, and sustaining and accelerating the power of God, alive within you, rather than allowing your physical vehicle to decline. Think of it! The motivating power in all life is of a different vibration, of course.

      So-called inanimate matter is impregnated with the consciousness of all who use it, but the motivating power of the cells and atoms of your dear bodies can be regulated and move more rapidly, until all human creation is removed, and the powers of your Holy Christ Flame activated and set free, to bless all life everywhere.Accelerate the vibratory action of those organs and cells, which require assistance NOW. The moment you think of us, you are with us and the moment we think of you, we are with you. That is truly a power of rapid motivation, is it not?

      That is a science. It is a science that can be used, and is used efficaciously by unascended beings as well as those in our kingdom. You cannot even move yourself from this room into your own quarters without being willing to do so, having intelligence enough to go there and then making of your room a shrine of light by the love that is acting.

      Practice the power of accelerating, calling to your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to accelerate the motion of the cells and atoms that make up your physical vehicle and inner vehicles and see the manifestation that can be yours TODAY!

      Beloved ones, utilize these powers. There is no sense in bringing glad tidings of great joy to this or any generation if there is not the acceptance and utilization of those powers within the lifestream to whom we give the gift of our very life.

      Now visualize a crystal ball, about the size of the palm of your hand, and see it rotating upon its axis, that axis perfectly straight—as the Earth soon shall be—and see it move from left to right, of course. That is a magnified cell made up of many electrons. Those are within you and when you call the POWERS OF LIGHT into that cell and it begins to rotate more rapidly, wherever the condition of distress seems to be in the mind or the body, in the soul, in the feelings, it can be removed by the powers of light. This is God-truth,proven by unascended beings and which can be proven by you today.

      We are in the season of Christmas, one which I remember well, as I participated so joyously both in my visitation to holy Mary and to the Ascended Master Jesus and Saint Germain (then Saint Joseph) on many happy occasions. As you practice the power of the Presence of God, alive within you, you will, of course, become more of the light of the world. Walking the ways of men, you shall not be like unto them,for your light shall be a pathway of grace to all.

      That, will give you,of course, a tremendous acceleration but until that hour comes you can receive the acceleration of the cells of your beings through our Presence and OUR CHARGE OF LIGHT through you. You can sustain that in ovoids of light, by the power of the Sacred Fire.

      Practice these things. Yet though you walk the ways of men, you shall not be like unto them;you shall be like the shining starts in heaven, which is your destiny and which you must one day fulfill.

      Beloved Jesus spoke upon the subject of practicing the powers of the Presence of God, within him,which manifested his victory. Although even we, of the angelic kingdom, gave great assistance to his lifestream, if he personally had not chosen to practice those truths, he would not have accomplished the perfect example for all the Christian Dispensation.. My Lady Hope gives constantly of her feeling of hope eternal to the hearts and souls of men in temporary distress. Call on beloved Hope and the angelic kingdom, and allow the orbit of the electrons and cells of your vehicles to expand until you are God-free beings NOW.

      Beloved and blessed of my heart, I love the light that is your heartbeat—the eternal flame that is alive within you and which will one day be God free. Every hierarch and sponsor  and master at the Teton loves that light and you have learned, and are learning,to love that light within each other, though sometimes the untransmuted karma seems to be more powerful, but if your love is strong enough, you can do as Jesus did, when he drew the devils, themselves, out of individuals.

You can call that untransmuted karma into the Violet Fire and love life free. Combine this with calling for the Luminous Presence of myself for any one of the Ascended Host and see the results. You are now in a position to call any Divine Being and through the power of your Holy Christ Self to invoke the assistance that is required to blaze the flame through all untransmuted karma, to love life eternally free.

      PRACTICE THESE THINGS. These are the most simple of all instructions, as you know,and as it descends upon you, acknowledge our reality. You shall then be master of the very substance and energy of your sweet worlds.

      Oh, there are many souls who consider that it is impossible for them to attain to the heights of divinity’s stature. It is the Lady Hope, herself, radiating in, through and around them that gives that stature of perfection, manifesting it with the fullest power of the Sacred Fire, without limit. So stand as the Ascended Host you represent, as the angelic host which we are, and allow the orbit of the electrons and cells of your vehicles to expand, expand and expand, until you become God free beings.

       THIS I ASK IN THE NAME OF THE SAVIOR JESUS, whom we honor in this holy season. We call him “savior” and that is true, because salvation, itself, is knowledge of the Law and that knowledge, applied, sets mankind free.

Savior as used in the activity of vicarious atonement, of course, is a fallacy of the church, but when the Law is given and not used, when the instruction, radiation, blessing and POWER of the Sacred Fire is not poured forth, after the Law is given, there is a karmic line written on your page of life.

   So wipe clean your page of life, your year of life, your years of life,your centuries of life, your aeons of living, through the power of this Violet Flame and let your volume of living in the cosmic library contain only those beautiful and perfect pictures and experiences of perfection that you have ever known now, known before and are to know again. Thus, I come to announce tidings of great joy to you, that the Father of life within you can and will expand,through you, the vibratory action of himself, for the blessing of all imprisoned life. Charge and accept that activity into your feelings, beloved.Let the beloved El Morya be spiritually grateful before the Karmic Board for his energy invested so lovingly in you, each one, when the petitions are presented to the Karmic Board, for 1960. The Earth is in the process of the most rapid redemption of any star that has even sunk to the depths that the Earth has. The Earth is now being resuscitated quickly. Resuscitate yourselves with it and progress with it into that light, that light that we know and that WE ARE!

      The blessings of the Holy Season be yours, and the blessings of every being, power and legion of heaven flow to, through and around you, setting the light within you FREE TODAY,sustained by God’s holy name, “I AM.” Thank you so much.

Reference : Bridge to Freedom – Journal Book 4

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