Saint Germain visiting Bermuda!


Beloved Saint Germain                      

To the Aspiring Friends, Greetings!

I look with fondness upon your loving, gentle hearts aspiring to wisdom and the accomplishments of the spirit. I think backward upon the days when I, too, bound in the heavy garments of unyielding flesh, pursued a like road toward the ever-beckoning achievement of mastery.

During my years of political life in England, I learned that for the seer there is no peace in outer living.

Again and again my attempts to pierce the mysteries were interfered with by the pull of human interference. The so-called tragedy of my political career gave me the opportunity for which I had longed—the freedom from duty to the filthy, sordid wheels of political intrigue.

I left England with my books and manuscripts for a small and uncharted island, Bermuda, that I had discovered in my earlier years while sailing. I had found a cave, where, uninterrupted, I might pursue the course of my philosophical thinking. I brought with me provisions for my simple wants, and arranged with an old and trustworthy servant that from time to time he would sail out to my sanctuary with necessary equipment for the sustaining of my body’s life until my earth span was completed.

I simply equipped a small cave, hidden well amidst a grove of low-growing evergreens, that no house nor hut might attract the attention of the teeming masses that might, perchance, escape their usual haunts and, through freak of nature’s storms or an unhappy quirk of their own thinking, find themselves in the vicinity of my self-chosen exile. Curiosity being one of the ugly propensities of the unawakened, I shuddered to even contemplate their delight at discovering my beautiful island, and shattering its silent beauty by their noisome merriment.

And so, as my faithful friend’s boat sailed away in the twilight, I turned serene and happy at heart to my lovely island, at last to know peace and the uninterrupted serenity of Godly living. Ah me, I smile yet at my innocence! A man alone, freed from the turmoil of outer living, on the brink of heaven!

Slowly at first, and then in most intensifying pressure, I found that I was not alone. A million teeming thoughts of unhappy origin stretched across the bridge from my island to the homeland. A million agonizing, heart-rending feelings raised ephemeral figures of the loved ones and the ones despised. A thousand body cries rose as wind and rain and weather changed the atmosphere of my habitation. Ah, then did I learn the truth that later I affirmed,


And there, amidst the bluest skies, the softest silvery sand, and the most exquisite greenery of nature, I faced the TEMPEST. All the hell of Europe’s brothel, and my heartbreak and my ignominious suffering, was WITHIN ME. I could not read nor study. I paced the shores of my island in horror, to find the creatures of my own making. Never was man nearer madness than your humble servant! I knew then, truly, why man and the whole world is kept busy in much outer “doing” rather than face the truth that lies within himself. And then, when the shock of my discovery had somewhat abated, I began at the beginning, in the firm knowledge that all, both good and evil, was within myself.

And, with ever growing calmness and understanding, I began to unravel the good from the evil, and to become MASTER OF SELF, to know TRANQUILITY.

Thus, to you dear aspiring ones, I am grateful that you shall be spared the full impact of facing the DWELLER ON YOUR THRESHOLD—through the merciful grace of the Violet Consuming Flame. I determined, after my own experience, to perfect some alchemical process whereby the aspirant might have softened this terrible experience and awakening, and I urge you, now, in your forward progress, to use that flame to hasten your entrance into the sphere of tranquility.

Lovely friends, blessed be your progress. I love you, every one. May you, from this simple letter, learn that where ever you go here or above, you must always take YOURSELF, and that nothing but YOURSELF causes your pain. And nothing but your SELF will see your victory.

Gratefully and sincerely, your

FRANCIS*  (Saint Germain)


*(Editor’s Note: Beloved Saint Germain, referring to his embodiment as Francis Bacon.)

SOURCE:  October 1, 1946 ‘Dictations by Ascended Masters’ Bridge to Freedom  APPENDIX  (OTHER UNPUBLISHED DICTATIONS)

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