Some of Saint Germain’s lives on Earth


(Source Bridge to Freedom)

As far as it is possible for us to know, the spiritual career of Saint Germain – Sanctus Germanus, as He usually called Himself – started about seventy thousand years ago. He was the Head of one of the greatest empires of that day which, centering at what we know today, as the Sahara Desert, extended from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the Indies. In those days, the Sahara was not an arid desert but a fertile, productive region. Even at that far distant epoch, Saint Germain was highly evolved and one of His main aims, at that time, was to raise the then-existing civilization to masterly levels. Doubtless, He was fully qualified to win His Ascension, but, as we are told, He declined so that by continuing to live in the world of form, he would gain more experience and be better prepared to fulfill the mission which He, inherently, knew was the ultimate purpose of His Being. Having developed what we know as “continuity of consciousness”, he could remember events of previous re-embodiments, this greatly assisting Him to His purpose.

Historically, we know of His life as Joseph, the husband of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. How He was selected for that has been related in a previous chapter. But before then, in one of His re-embodiments, He was the prophet Samuel and later, in the Fourth century, A. D., we find Him as the monk Amphibalus, in England, where he was beheaded at 303 A. D., as a heretic. In the church calendar, He is recognized, today, as Saint Alban. During the Fifth century A. D. we find Him in Greece, as the philosopher Proclos, and later again in England as a member of the “Round Table” of King Arthur, as the magus Merlin.

England seems to have had a particular attraction to Him, and in the Thirteenth century (1211 – 1294) again lived there, as the monk Roger Bacon, whose wisdom and knowledge was such as to be considered one of the greatest intellects of the English world.

At the end of the Fourteenth century, as Christian Rosenkrentz, at the tender age of five, He was placed in a monastery to follow Monasticism. He distinguished Himself so much at it that, before reaching maturity, as a teenager of seventeen years of age, He had become so famous for His virtues and wisdom that in visiting the Wise Men of Damcar, in Arabia, the Magi there welcomed Him as One that for so long they expected. How long He remained there is not known but on His return to England, He brought with Him a translation into Latin, of a work in Arabic, written by the Magi at Damcar. It was at that time that He visited the Egyptian Branch of the Great White Brotherhood where He was initiated. In Germany, He founded the Order of the “Rosy Cross”, from which the present “Rosicrucian Societies” have developed. In those days, spiritual darkness was so thick, impenetrable and dismal, that, as Saint Germain, in one of His addresses to the students related, He and His fellow aspirants had to meet in great secrecy, disguised and in caves, for fear of Ecclesiastical persecution. (“Bridge”, October, 1958, p. 6)

His life as Christopher Columbus is well known and reference to it is made elsewhere in these pages; let it be repeated, however, that in His attempt to find a new world, His reaching Cuba was not entirely accidental, for once being one of the Priests of the Temple of Archangel Zadkiel there, it was natural that the place’s Vibrations would have attracted Him to it.

The last Earthly life of Saint Germain was that of Francis Bacon, 1561 – 1626, natural son of Queen Elizabeth and legal successor to the Throne of England. This Throne was denied to Him by His Own mother and when later the “usurper”, James I, embezzled the money of the Treasury, Saint Germain, as Francis Bacon, and Official Royal Exchequer; assumed full responsibility and was legally condemned for it. Referring to this, in one of His addresses to the students, He said that James I “conveniently” took the money and “My name has not as yet been cleared of it”.

As we know, Saint Germain has brought the Violet Transmuting Flame to this Earth and is the Great Power behind it. It is not generally known, however, that even before His Ascension, He “volunteered to have that Violet Ray actually grafted into His Own Heart. Thus He came into embodiment, century after century, as the most powerful concentrated radiating center of that Violet Ray and Flame, until the very places where He lived and moved the scent of Violets was clearly discernible.” (Archangel Zadkiel, “Bridge”, March, 1958, p. 11)

As Francis Bacon, Saint Germain wrote several Books and Treatises, among them the Shakesperean Plays. As He Himself related it, in one of His addresses to the students, He followed His own funeral, as Francis Bacon, in physical, living form, – and as we are told, it was a feminine body.

He received His Ascension, May 1, 1684, in Transylvania, Hungary, where He went for that purpose from England.

The first Ascended Master Being He met on the other side was the Cosmic Being, the Goddess of Liberty, Whom He asked, “if She knew anyone there from Whom He could get help for mankind.”

“There is some One”, She told Him, and that “some One” was Herself. (“Bridge”, January, 1957, p. 17)

The Great Divine Director was His Guru and Teacher and, we are told, He was overshadowed by Him. Originally, He came from the Planet Venus. (“Bridge”, July, 1959, p. 82)

Between the years 1710 and 1822, He appeared in physical form in different parts of Europe and America, and no one ever could learn His real identity. He was known as Count de Saint Germain, in France, Wonderman in Germany, Count Bellamore in Venice, Prince Rakoczy in Dresden, and with different names elsewhere. He was known to possess vast wealth, but nobody could learn its source. During the French Revolution, if Marie Antoinette followed His advice and directions, the bloodshed would have been avoided. If Napoleon had continued following Saint Germain’s guidelines, not only Saint Helena would have remained unnoticed to the world, but also, a united Europe would have been created, with the ending of all wars. (12) The assistance Saint Germain has been giving to America, since her inception, is not generally known, but if it were, it is questionable whether it would have been recognized and appreciated.

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