“The fact cannot be too strongly emphasized that energy, from the smallest nuclear center to the greatest Sun, is INTELLIGENT! And that energy is obedient to the creative centers of thought and feeling in man.

The qualification of energy creates a CAUSE, that cause is directed into the universe and creates an EFFECT, the effect is directed back toward its creator, and the creator’s reaction to that effect (emotionally, mentally, etherically, or physically) creates an other cause. Thus you have circles within circles. Accepting the return current of energy as having emanated from one’s self, the creator then learns quickly that it is wise to send forth only CONSTRUCTIVE CAUSES from his world, and that he should not start a chain reaction whereby a new series of both causes and effects are set into motion.

Some earnest souls have misinerpreted this Law by accepting the distressing return of their own misqualified energies and piously saying, “It is God’s will!” Others rebel and say that there is no God. Neither of these statements is true, of course, but these are two extremes of human reaction which must be illumined and corrected by the Brotherhood of Truth through patient teaching, counsel and example.

“Every thought and feeling, every virtue and every vice, contribute to a ‘mass consciousness’ of that particular quality, and into this stratum are constantly pouring the qualified energies of all the intelligences belonging to the evolution.

Each individual tunes into and draws from that “mass consciousness” the particular thought and feeling he chooses by having similar thoughts and feelings. There is also a stratum of the Ascended Masters’ qualities and virtues. LOVE is but one expression of the many divine aspects of this divine consciousness. When an individual is loving, he instantly tunes into the love stratum and becomes one in conscious- ness with all who love throughout the universe. WISDOM is another, and when an individual seeks wisdom, he is instantly tuned into the vibratory waves of wisdom which are being fed by the divine mind of God and tapped by all the scholars of the world.

“It is also true of the discordant qualities, and one cannot entertain a thought of jealousy, suspicion, hatred, or anger without becoming instantly ONE with the mass stratum of these qualities, as well as with all individuals who are vibrating with similar destructive thoughts and feelings throughout the planet.


“For example, possessiveness is a tremendous feeling form that draws the God-energy and smothers the object of its affection. Gossip is almost the most insidious because, through poison sent out, it starts whirls of emotion in the lifestreams of many, and soon you have an inner conflagration. What you plant in the mind of another, what grows there as a result, IS YOUR KARMA! Whatever word passes from your lips that pollutes the consciousness of another, is SIN. This is so even if it is based on so-called fact, and whether or not it is spoken in innuendo or outright accusation. Why? Because you thus add to the shadows of the world, and you are not speaking TRUTH! The truth about every man, woman and child on this planet IS ONLY GOOD! Whatever imperfection you see in another with your eyes, or hear with your ears, and then pass on to someone else, will make YOU responsible to the great Cosmic Law, and you will have to pay for that in some way!

“Criticism, condemnation and judgment are also closely related. The silent criticism of seeing discrepancies and faults in others disturbs the feelings of one’s own emotional body and sets up causes of discord which react in physical disturbances, but the SPOKEN criticism sets others’ emotion- al bodies into the same vibratory action and its unhappy effects are without limit. The effects of the really vicious emotions of jealousy, hate, anger, and malice are self-evident. The aspiring student should avoid these at all times,”(he should either be silent, in both thought and speech, or speak only words of truth).


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