Seven bodies of man – in PART ONE, the four ‘lower bodies’.


Man, as sketched by Leonardo da Vinci … most of us think that all we are is our physical body.

WE have seven bodies in all and most of us know so little about the these six “other” bodies, and we are certainly not taught about them in school, but I have no doubt the time will come when our children will be given this knowledge.

A good analogy of the superficiality of our teachings could be the classification of water as H2O! Anybody who has read Messages From Water by Dr Emoto, and seen the new documentary, Water – the Great Mystery, will know that water is conscious and intelligent, and responds to our feelings and emotions, and is a lot more that just the scientific classification “H2O”.

Water is alive and has memory, and can be communicated with, as can all of the Elemental Kingdom which brought form into physical existence on our planet. This is something that will be covered in more depth in later editions of The Ascension Times.

All seven of our bodies, except for the physical, are invisible to most, as they vibrate faster and have a higher frequency, and when we look at the size of the physical in relation to the rest, it is small – yet most of us think that all we are is our physical body! Our bodies are divided into two parts – Lower Earthly Bodies and Higher Spiritual Bodies.

The former are our Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional bodies, and the only way we are going to transcend the lower earthly attractions and transform our lower bodies is to consciously bring light into them. The light acts as an electric charge as it flows into each electron, causing it spin more rapidly and this gradually accelerates the vibratory rate of the lower bodies.

When we lower the calibre of our thoughts and feelings, we lower the vibratory action of the four lower bodies. The biggest of these bodies, by far, is the Emotional Body, and it is the only one that does not take on the shape of the physical. It is oval in shape and sits outside of our earthly vehicle. The body next to this is the Mental Body, which takes on the shape of our physical body.

Next is our the Etheric Body, bigger than our Physical Body and which sits close to it, interpenetrating it, and is often called its “double”. It is known, when combined with other finer, invisible bodies as our “aura”. It is linked to our nervous system and transmits the energy it receives from many external sources including the planets, the sun, the Seven Rays (“Solar Pranic Emanations” or Prana) and even higher, via the spleen in our physical bodies.

It also acts as a store for this radiatory light and heat from the celestial bodies. Prana also enters through the energy centre between the shoulder blades, and it is very good to allow the sun’s rays to enter through here. The Etheric Body also acts as a Memory Body and has recorded all our experiences since our original individualisation took place. It receives all ideas, and sieves them through to the Physical Body once they have been energised by the thoughts and feelings from the Mental and Emotional Bodies for physical manifestation.

As both the good and bad are recorded, it is essential that the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Transformation be used by us to cleanse our Etheric Bodies of the debris that we do not want to hold onto. (See issue one of The Ascension Times). This debris, among other things, makes us sick, feel tired and old, and prevents us from being God-in-Action on Earth, in our Individualised Form – our “I AM Presence”. This was told to us by the Great Master Jesus, who said: “You can do all I do, and more.”

The Physical body is our “vehicle” on this earthly plane and is the body that houses the Immortal Three-fold Flame, in our hearts, which is the aspect of our “White Fire Being”, our original individualised “I AM Presence”, which is the essence of God, Our Holy Christ Selves, in us all originating from the time when we first split from God.

It is the “energy'”that beats our heart. The Three-fold Flame is pink on the right (this represents Divine Love and is feminine in nature and known as the Holy Spirit, which fills us with love, the glue of the universe); in the centre, it is yellow-gold, the “Son” (Sun) and is illuminating in nature, shining the light on the truth – this is our innate wisdom. The white-blue flame on the left is the masculine, the “Will of God” and the “Father” energy in us all, the will that drives us to do good things.

With this knowledge we can see that our physical bodies are in essence the Sacred Temples of God, our own individualised aspect of God (part of the whole – hence the saying, “we are all one”) and need to be treated as such. We need to get into the habit of thinking, feeling and doing only peaceful, constructive and good “God-like” things, remembering, as with all things, that practice makes perfect. So as we expand our “Three-fold” Flame by doing the “good” things that we were always meant to be doing, so the Divinity in each of us expands until we eventually become the Divine Being of Light that we are, just disguised in our lower bodies that we have created by the un-Godly ways we have lived for eons of time.

Equally important is to eat a “peaceful” diet, as the vibrations of our food go into all our bodies. So it is also important to eat food prepared by a sweet, calm person, as their energy also sinks into our food. If we were to follow the ways of the Essenes, an ancient sect or Brotherhood that lived very simple, peaceful and harmless lives – Jesus was an Essene, and is a good example of the Godliness of people – we would eat only live, raw food twice a day.

What we take into our bodies we become, so to eat food that has been cooked is to eat dead food and our bodies take on that vibration. Worse still is the eating of dead animals, as not only are we breaking one of the fundamental laws of life, that of killing a sentient being, but we also merge with the emotional body of the animal, and take on their fears at being farmed and killed so cruelly.

It may take a while to get our diets, thoughts, feelings and actions pure but if we are to progress and get off the karmic wheel of death and rebirth that keeps us in bondage to death, disease, limitation and fear, it is essential we work on ourselves to reach our true potential of the Immortal Divine Beings that we originally were.

We are meant to be living life constantly connected to our divine selves – Our “I AM Presence”, realising that every time we say “I AM”, we are referring to the God in ourselves! And if we fully realise that we are that “I AM Presence” having a physical experience, we can never be sick, tired, old, dying, judgemental, critical, sad or any of the other things that are not God-like.

We should only be doing only good and constantly in selfless service in what every little (and big) ways we can, and living with complete love and peace towards everything and everyone, with excellence and ecstasy. This is easier said than done, but with practice, it becomes easier and we begin to feel the Divine Presence responding to our efforts. We need to reconnect with the Elemental Kingdom that brought into form our physical bodies, and all physical forms on Earth – the elements – Earth, Wind, Water and the Fire.

We need to feel the great love and gratitude we once did, praising and working with the intelligent consciousness of these “beings” that range in size from a tiny speck to a mighty mountain. We need to remember when we all lived in peace and harmony there were no ravaging storms or devastating droughts. The Elemental Kingdom, reflecting our un-Godly selfishness and irreverence for all life, is now rebellious, and the weather reflects this. So if we want to do away with environmental damage, death, disease, wars, greed, separation and competition, we must change ourselves first.

We need not only to look to “greening” our lives and changing our diets but also to our mental and emotional worlds. We need re-teach ourselves to always be polite, kind, forgiving, compassionate, non-reactive, peaceful and loving. This attitude will manifest those same qualities in our leaders and those with whom we share our lives. Harmony is essential.

We need to have clear boundaries, lovingly bringing them into being, making sure we don’t take our Emotional and Mental bodies into the “firing squad”. This will start to change our four lower bodies and raise vibrations, and we will start to live in Godly ways, so expanding our Higher Bodies and then we will start to become more of our Holy Christ Self and be guided by our mighty “I AM Presence”. So our lives will change.

References: “Bridge to Freedom Journals”, St Germain Press Books and “Gnosis & The Law”, by Tellis S. Papastravro.

Part II, on the Higher Spiritual Bodies, appears next issue.

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