Spreading Love & Hope…

Beloved Sanat Kumara

(Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “I AM the Open Door.” iBooks.)


“Love, the Fire of Creation, can also be the fire of destruction, when man does not create in harmony, when that fire is misused. That is what has happened to man in the past; through misuse of the Light he has caused great destruction which, as it always must, has returned upon the ones responsible and destroyed, not only them, but their environments and the very continents, with their populations, upon which man dwelt.

You see how dangerous it is to play with these atoms! And I want to say right now: man’s attempt to exploit the power of the atom is now the greatest single threat to man’s existence being forced unknowingly upon the innocent peoples of the Earth. This must stop! And we will see to it that it does stop. The alternative is too ghastly for the human mind to comprehend.

It is the old story of Pandora and the beautiful box; she thought that she had found something good, but when she discovered what it was that she had found, it was too late to stop – she had already unleashed great suffering on man, and she could not put back into the box what she had let escape. But, do you know what the very last thing was that was left in the box? It was Hope. All alone, Hope was all alone,

Hope was all that was left.

And we have Hope for mankind that he will learn from his past and profit by that Wisdom which Pandora only achieved at so great a price.


Each of you bears a responsibility in that respect. Keep in mind that your every thought and feeling affects the atoms of your and your neighbor’s world, and that for the destiny of those atoms you bear the responsibility; for what the great Directing Intelligence of this solar system is to the planets of the system, your own individual God Self is to your own body, with all its constituent parts, which parts, as the saying, “As above, so below,” is true, correspond to those planets. And so you see, in this way you affect, and are affected by, all creation.

You have free will and are a Conscious Creator at every moment of your existence. And you never cease to exist, for life is Eternal. Now do you begin to see your responsibility to life, dear ones? That you cannot think, feel, act or speak – and speaking is acting – without the consequences of your action returning to you. And return they do, amplified many times; for every wave of energy sent out is a living magnet drawing like waves unto itself until, moving in unison, they grow to tremendous peaks before falling again, back to their source.


They travel in grooves, as it were, and when they reach their limit they come back to the sender, and woe until him who has sent forth anything less than Love, less than charitable, to his fellow man, that he would not want to experience. For, it is the Law of Creation that what you have caused another to experience you will at some time, some place, whether this lifetime or another, experience yourself; that, do you not see, is the only way it could be. How else would man learn responsibility?


If you would view all your experience today as partially the effects of previous causes which you yourself have set into motion, coupled, of course, with the free Will you have at every moment that enables you to choose, to discriminate Light from darkness, to seek Forgiveness and Rise above all effects, then you would have a clearer view of your existence. Everything that takes place on the Earth in the material world first takes place in the realm of thought. Earth is the realm of effect. Cause and cause alone from the higher realm of thought is master of all that happens here. And only by mastering your thought can you ever ascend into the Realm of Light, and become a being of cause alone.


Remember, although all causes have their effects, and although you must experience the effects of all causes which you have set in motion, still, there is Forgiveness, a Law unto itself, which makes it possible for you to rise out of the world of which causes which you have set in motion, still, there is Forgiveness, a Law unto itself, which makes it possible for you to rise out of the world of what would be otherwise a limitless chain of cause and effect without respite. By the Grace of God, man was created in God’s image and likeness and, like the God that he is, man has the ability to forgive; and in that Forgiveness, which is a Great Blazing Flame that dissolves and consumes all discordantly qualified energy and binding limitation in which the individual has bound himself through many ages, is that flame of Divine Love which dissolves and consumes all human creation, and sets the individual, wholly Pure and Perfect before the doorway to his Eternal Freedom.

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