"If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the 'Mighty I AM Presence.'

Beloved Great Elohim Purity speaks on:




Excerpt from: “The Seven Mighty Elohim speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation”


Bridge to Freedom Publication Page: 152


“If you can realize that you only ever deal with impersonal energy and if you will stop stamping personality upon it, you will save yourself much agony of feeling and, in dignity, you will be able to transmute and return “home” whatever clouds of human creation contact or pass through your consciousness.  Within that energy, spewed forth in hate and in all manner of reviling, is the pure electron, is the very body of myself (pure electronic light), bound in shadows, seeking redemption and freedom.


What matters the clothing upon it, if it be less than perfection?  It is simply something, which yet remains to pass through the Sacred Fire of Purification before this Earth can truly be called “The Star of Freedom.” While there is yet one unkind thought, feeling, spoken word or deed, while there is yet any impure radiation at all, “Freedom’s Star” is not complete.  So, if you should be the recipients of some of that homecoming energy of discord, you can release and redeem that energy, through the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, or the cosmic blue lightning of cosmic purity, from my own heart. Then, that which is driven toward you, in hate, will go forth from you in freedom and as a hymn of praise to the universal God. When you do this, you become an open door for the redemption of the polluted energies of this planet.  Someone must do it, and that is really what you offered to come into embodiment here to do! It is your reason for being and it is your opportunity to gain your own mastery, by rendering a great service of purification to the Earth.”


Great thanks to The Great Elohim Purity for these words of Wisdom!