Beloved Saint Germain & Mother Mary

Saint Germain:

 [“Eye Am” the eye of God. Though all seeing, “I AM” of too pure eyes to behold nought but perfection! ]

Within this statement the sincere student will find a spiritual treasure. You see, the I of the I AM can well be considered as the “eye” or instrument of spiritual vision which sees only correctly that which God is and has created in one immaculate conception. This conception sprang from its source, the creative heart of being, which is the AM of the I AM. Both I and Am are, of course, one.

Now, the physical organ of sight merely flashes the reflected image it “sees” on its own retina to the brain, where it is made intelligible sight to the consciousness. Consider beloved Ascended Master Jesus’ statement “If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light!”  If the ego or “I” of the human be transformed to become the “eye” of God instead, which only has the capacity to perceive all good, how could the body, mind, world, or affairs of the student reflect anything but perfection?

Know, therefore, that “eye am” the vision of divine perfection now made manifest everywhere! All your human misconceptions, the discordant, critical, fearful, doubting, and disturbing expressions, must disappear from that consciousness that persists in holding the single-eyed vision of not I and God, but I AM the Lord thy God, whose perfect joy is the pattern for every child of my heart and thy heart also wherein I AM dwelling, anchored there as the magnificent threefold unfed flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power that takes dominion, produces perfection, and is itself a Christ focus that is the Light of the world!

When I was embodied as the prophet Samuel (being the national God Father of America, some know and some do not that I AM Uncle Sam) my mother, taught me to answer the voice of the I AM Presence saying, “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth.” Beloved ones, the one who serves God as I then did is really no servant but a Son, and in the glory of the I AM, the created ray individualization becomes one with its own I AM Presence, or its true Source! Now such is the beauty and confidence of divine unity shared by every Ascended Master, which today, right now, I am sharing with you, most gracious ones, whose eyes should only see the glory that was, is, and is yet to come forth!

”I AM the fire and beauty of your eyes, and I carry forth this radiant energy into everything I look into.”


Beloved Mother Mary:

Sons and Daughters of My Own Heart,

The memory of what blessed Morya wrote on the Immaculate Concept and beloved Saint Germain’s words today should linger permanently like the perfume from an immortelle in your memory! How can I add to their gracious offering? Yet they have both asked me to write you on the immaculate concept of God purity and so I briefly shall.

You may or may not know that your physical eyes tell a great story about your individualization with its many past experiences. The military expression “eyes right” is one of the few military expressions that has always intrigued me when contacting the many soldiers who have called upon me. It is very good taken as a command from the Presence to persist in seeing only right and Truth!

Dear ones, everything you have ever beheld tells its story as it was recorded in your eyes, for most of you know that much can be revealed by looking into the eyes of another. Would it not be well therefore for us to engage ourselves in a cooperative service for the purification of each chela’s own world? Give me your attention daily, and as you stand before your own mirror, call and ask me to purify all your past perceptions of imperfection. Then, after your call, see your eyes as I do, as blessed orbs of  luminous beauty,  veritable “windows of the soul” through which God can gaze joyfully upon all his creation, and see the perfection that Light has placed there right behind the screen of appearances. Vest all men with heaven’s holy orders, for what you see in others appears more readily in yourselves. And this that you do for them, each one, is done for me.

As the cosmic Law permits, I shall call directly to your own beloved I

AM Presence, which sees in secret; and the Presence, you may be sure, shall reward you openly by the gift of clearer vision, both physical, mental, and spiritual. The transmutation of your threefold vision will so enhance the power thereof that

those seeing you will perceive God, the I AM Presence, shining in your eyes. And by this perception the grace of God shall flow to them also (which oft occurred, according to legend, in the lives of many of the saints), thus transforming those on whom you fix your gaze from glory to glory as the power of God expands its grace to flash forth the greater Light of the All-Seeing Eye directly from your own I AM Presence.

Ever your Cosmic Mother,


(The Ascended Master Mother Mary Regina)

This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of

the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, Council of God’s

Will, of which all the Ascended Host are members.

In the name of my own beloved I AM Presence, I decree:

O “I AM the Eye” within my soul,

Help me to see like Thee;

May I behold the perfect plan

Whose power sets all free! 

No double vision fills my sight,

The way is pure and clear;

I AM the viewer of the Light,

The Christ of all appears!

I AM the eye that God does use

to see the plan divine;

Right here on earth

His way I choose,

His concept I make mine!

O loving Christ, thou living Light,

Help me to keep Thy trust;

I AM Thy concept ever right

So see like Thee, I must!

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