The Christmas Spirit

By the Beloved Maha Chohan (Now Holy Aeolus)

            (Bridge to Freedom – Bulletin B00k 1, p 186-88)

The approach of the Christmas holidays brings the presence of the Masters very much closer to the consciousness of the people of Earth, and we shall appreciate any particular thought you may care to give on the unfoldment of the higher nature of the race.

As this season is most advantageous for our spiritual harvest, we press into the seven-week period all the light that the Cosmic Law will allow, by the up reaching of humankind’s thought and feeling to the octave of celestial giving. Therefore, the intensification of the calls and invocations of the students at this time doubles and trebles our opportunities to give. So, if you can lift your thought heavenward, particularly during the Christmas week itself, you will have afforded us a personal blessing, as the greatest good that we can give is more of ourselves.

            The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT begins to flow around the first of December, and carries through for seven weeks, until the 12th or 14th of January. The Christ Spirit is an outpouring of love and all the perfect qualities from the angels, Masters, and other Divine Beings, and it pours over Earth like a golden rain of beautiful particles of light. Each particle is like a nine-pointed star, and the entire lower atmosphere of Earth and the bodies of all the people are enveloped in it.

It increases in power until Christmas Eve when its potent presence is almost palpably felt by even the coarsest outer minds. To that outpouring of all the Celestial Beings is added a tremendous radiation from the retreats and sanctuaries throughout the world, under the direct guardianship and guidance of the Masters and conscious chelas.

Now will you remember that for the remainder of the Christmas Season I shall expect each of you, my dear ones, to BE the Spirit of Christmas as much as you can, in order that this outpouring will be worthy of carrying MY NAME, MY BENEDICTION, and MY LOVE to all humankind, and when we have become the Spirit of Christmas for that period, it will be an easy matter to preserve that radiation permanently.

In my own ashram at Ceylon, at Shamballa, at Luxor, at Kwan Yin’s retreat in China, at Lake Titicaca, at Darjeeling, and many other places, the Christmas wreath is already manifest in the upper atmosphere. This is a constant outpouring of a ring of flame, qualified by a radiation of peace and good will to men. These retreats present a beautiful sight to the spiritual eye, and there is no part of life on planet Earth, from a lump of coal to a singing sparrow, that does not receive a gift of love and blessing from each retreat and sanctuary. Each year this outpouring increases, just as a musical creation builds to a crescendo of blended harmonious sound, and EACH Christmas is more perfect and glorious than the preceding one, because the momentum from the ascended as well as the unascended state is growing constantly.

It is also wise to accept all that the Christmas Season offers, because it is one of the greatest opportunities for soul and spirit growth that the whole year affords. And when one is aware of this potent force, it can be greatly intensified in and around you for the evolution and progress of the spiritual nature. You can INVOKE this radiant outpouring, and as the electro-magnet draws particles of substance from the atmosphere into itself, so can you draw the substance from God’s Kingdom, and so feed the evolving spiritual nature of your being. During the Christmas Season, the atmosphere of Earth is literally “stardust,” which the people breathe in, unconsciously filling their inner bodies with a sense of ease, peace, and happiness, which they attribute to the “Spirit of Christmas.”

In India, we celebrate Christmas with lighted tapers and holy incense, and gentle sweet songs to the beautiful Christ Spirit. We have not enjoyed the glory of the fir trees, so all the Masters of the East take particular pleasure in the beautiful display of lighted trees here in the West.

Man somehow thinks that the Gods are above the homely pleasures of the Earth, but even though our joys and our experiences are so gloriously perfect, there is a nostalgic sweetness in the efforts of the bound Earth men to release light, which makes our hearts happy, and many a Christmas tree has a Master standing by its side, giving that tree new radiance, warmth, and light. I might add that when people are through with the trees, it would be a good idea to burn them rather than throw them carelessly aside. They have been light bearers, and should be returned to the flame when their service is ended.

Therefore, from the realms of pure light, surrounded by huge Christmas trees decorated by the angelic host in flaming ornaments of electronic light with great nine-pointed stars blazing at the top, I send you, each one, my Christmas blessing, which carries happiness from a realm where there is no sorrow. It carries the peace that comes from perfect understanding, it carries the vital life from the Presence of All Life, which is an inexhaustible fountain of flame, and it carries the love and blessing of my seven sons.

A blessed and holy Christmas be yours, and a New Year in which only VICTORY shall be the experience of each of your lifestreams.