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Book of Ceremony – Section 6


Through the Sacred Fire of Divinity anchored within my heart, I call to You, Great Elohim Vista and Beloved Lady Crystal to invoke from Your Great Cosmic Hearts, a Ray of Light into my mental vehicle, the etheric mind and physical brain structure, so I may see and hear the beauty of my Holy Christ Self. I humbly request the assistance of one of the Angels from Your Temple to assist in maintaining this purifying activity of the Crystal Ray. Keep this Sacred Flame pulsating constantly through each cell, molecule, atom and electron of my brain structure until my mind and brain are restored to their original crystal purity of substance. Help me to be, once again, fully alert to the impressions of Divinity, so that I may achieve great dexterity in transmitting the thoughts of Divinity into expression.

EXPAND the Harmony of my true being to fill my four lower vehicles, and my Beloved Body Elemental, healing them with the Tones of Cosmic Harmony, and drawing them back into Divine Alignment with my Holy Christ Self. Assist me in constantly maintaining my outer mind at Peace, instantly dissolving, with the Crystal Flame, all thoughts of self-generating expression that manifest.

Like the sea, reflecting the Sun, help me to keep my brain constantly open to the Divine Plan of the Universe, and then seeing and knowing that Plan, assist me in going forth to express it! Beloved Vista, Great Elohim of Music, and Beloved Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music, bathe the Earth and Her atmosphere with Oceans of Thy Cosmic Melody, Color and Harmony, so that all Life may feel AT ONE with Thy exquisite, prismatic, cascading sea of sound and color!

What I ask for myself, I call forth for all lifestreams evolving on this Planet, and I bow in gratitude to You for this tremendous assistance to me and the mankind of Earth. With all the love from our hearts . . . we thank You! We thank You! We thank You! With deep gratitude, I accept this call fulfilled RIGHT NOW … as the MOST HOLY NAME of GOD “I AM”!

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