V.15 N.3, 39 A.F. (1993)   LAW OF LIFE ENLIGHTENER – ADK Luk


The Divine Plan for an individual is not always what he desires to do most, although that be constructive. The Divine Plan for him is that which his Higher Self (Christ Self) planned for him to out-picture (externalize) in that particular embodiment. It being one small portion of the great over-all or cosmic plan which includes all mankind, and at this particular time it includes our whole universe.

The cyclic time having arrived when the Earth must go forward into perfection. This means that the waywardness of mankind must cease and again fulfill the Divine Plan, express perfection; which the Divine Plan is. In order for the whole to come into perfection, each individual must perfect himself, since he is a being of free will. Therefore, mankind must again understand and apply certain specific universal principles (some of which have been forgotten) upon which all creation is based.

All Life operates under a great Law -Cosmic Law – under which the Earth and universe function. This Law has ways and means of bringing about these changes (as they are required). In the stepping up actions or the intensifying activities a balance must always be maintained. This intensification is now taking place and is produced by the release of Cosmic Light which has come to Earth for more than twenty years. It has been observed as sun spots at times. At first it was released only at certain irregular intervals. These intervals were gradually shortened and the waves of Cosmic Light were constantly intensified. The intervals then became regular on a weekly basis and finally to a daily release.

Going back to the phrase ‘As ye sow so shall ye reap” – the qualities or actions as sent out by an individual return to the sender whether good or bad. Such as love, hate criticism, condemnation, irritation and so forth, all have their reactions.

Formerly they were much longer in returning, as a rule, but with the increase of this Cosmic Light the reaction has been considerably shortened. It has been noted that sometimes it is only a matter of hours or even minutes. As it seemed to Mary at the time they were at the foot of the cross, now looking at mankind and the outer world conditions, it seems so little has been accomplished thru St. Germain’s and all the other Great Beings’ endeavor these past 30 years or so; there being so little real response for or towards the Light. However, (although) the Earth has been sustained thus far, many great and wonderful things have taken place and great things have been accomplished at inner levels; several hundreds of students have attained the Ascension, also many thousands of service men (of the armed forces) and others have attained the Ascension because of the work done and service rendered by the student body.

The Cosmic Cycle allowed for mankind’s waywardness ended in 1926, and the accumulated destructive forces would have annihilated the Earth in cataclysmic action then. But, because of Saint Germain’s work and planned endeavor at inner levels, a dispensation was secured by the Goddess of Liberty (the statue of Whom stands in NY harbor), then Spokesman of the Karmic Board, thereby permitting the holding back-in abeyance enough of the destructive forces so as to give Saint Germain an opportunity to try out His Endeavor.     (ADK Luk)


































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