Excerpt from Journal Book 5 – BRIDGE TO FREEDOM

May you remember the glory of Shamballa, the light of this spiritual city, the enthusiasm and hope and glory that forms the aura, filling the atmosphere. How can words describe the Festival of Thanksgiving from the standpoint of wholly God-free Intelligences who can and do pour forth love, unqualified with human desire, gratitude for opportunity to serve, and praise to God for the use of life!

In song, in glorious color, in beautiful designs, the praise of the God-free beings pulsates out from the city, increasing the aura of the already-powerful focus, a thousand fold. The music of the spheres is greatly intensified by this period of joyous reunion of Gods and chelas and incarnate spirits, who live to serve life in their chosen orbits of expression.

It is no wonder that the dense lower atmosphere of Earth responds for a time to the hosannas and the spirit of giving, for it would be impossible for any substance of energy not to feel the pressure of this glorious period, when God rests in his labors and his messengers gather the harvest of the year and place it at the feet of the Lord of each world and each universe.


Present Service Determines Future Assignments

Quoting one of the Ascended Ones: “In our kingdom, every twelve months, we are allowed the great privilege and honor of walking over that magnificent bridge of light, into the heart of Shamballa, bringing with us not only the results of our individual service through the year, but our energies and consciousness, and, in the radiant effulgence of the Lord of the World, we, too, are repolarized, revitalized and refreshed by proximity to his magnificent and radiant presence. Here in counsel, one with another, we discuss our service of the past year—we bring our harvest, even as you are bringing yours, before the Lord of the World and that harvest determines the amount of service that we are called upon to render for the coming twelve months. What we have done with the light given, what we have done with opportunities offered, what we have done with the consciousness and capacities that we have had at hand, will be a determining factor in our assignment for the coming year.

“As the Threefold Flame at Shamballa receives the harvest of each one of us, from the smallest elemental that made the tiniest apple blossom, to the greatest Archangel who rendered service in dissolving the compound, it grows and grows and grows, until it becomes a tremendous witness to that which every lifestream has accomplished through constructive energy within the year.”


The Release of Sanat Kumara

 El Morya-New Year’s Eve of 1955

“SANAT KUMARA HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM HIS EXILE OF THE AGES! This decision by the Cosmic Law came as a complete surprise to all but a very few of the Celestial Hierarchy and it was my sweet privilege and honor to be invited to present the scroll announcing his cosmic freedom to him, as he stood wrapped in deep meditation within the flame upon the altar. After its reception, he remained for a long while gazing in profound contemplation at the gift of freedom within his hands, while the expression of joy and gratitude on the faces of the entire multitude, as they were made aware of its contents through my words of presentation, was beautiful to behold.”

The New Lord of the World

“The Lord Gautama Buddha, who has been preparing himself through long ages for this hour, now advanced slowly toward the flame, and Sanat Kumara, from his position within it, removed the crown from his head and placed it gently on the head of the Lord Gautama, who knelt to receive it, with hands reverently crossed upon his breast, in an attitude of humility and grace. Sanat Kumara then stepped forth from the flame and standing by the side of Lord Gautama, blessed and thanked the multitude present, and all life, for his release and expressed the desire to remain in Shamballa, as Regent, until the expiration of the time set by the Cosmic Law for his stay on Earth a few years ago. THE LORD GAUTAMA RULES AS LORD OF THE WORLD from January 1st, 1956.”


The Service of Sanat Kumara

Now, quoting from our beloved Maha Chohan:

“The Great Sanat Kumara lived but to LOVE LIFE FREE! He abided for countless centuries of time in the impersonal light of Shamballa, which veiled his countenance from all but the Illumined Ones—the lesser sons of men, seeing nothing but the light of his love. From within this self-concealing light, he answered every heart-call, not by any impelling force of his own great will, but by the soft, effulgence of love and comfort and light. The recipient, with grail upraised, received of the ESSENCE of his very self, but never knew the giver! He lived here on Earth for aeons of time, unknown but by those great enough to pierce through the veil of his selflessness, and yet—WITHOUT HIM—our planet would not be.”