Our love and gratitude extends to our Lord, Sanat Kumara, beloved Venus, and the Lady Master Meta, their daughter of light!

May all who read it, find inspiration to become a part of that great Brotherhood, whose service is to learn to consciously generate and project the light rays which dissipate the evils created by mankind before mankind, themselves, have to reap the imperfect harvest they have sown.

Blessed Meta! Your activities in the focusing of conscious students in the etheric cities has preserved mankind to this present day! We call now that unascended beings may open their consciousness, hearts and beings to these light rays and become spiritual “partners” with your trained students who serve at inner levels. We call also that every chela may master the magnetization and direction of the light rays whenever and wherever needed to remove distress and to bring peace, healing, protection, enlightenment and God-control to their fellowmen.

Thomas Printz (Beloved El Morya)


By Beloved Meta (Daughter of Sanat Kumara)

Beloved sons and daughters of God, I bring to you the particular and specific benedictions of Sanat Kumara (my blessed father) and the beloved Venus (my holy mother). I bring you also the blessings of all the ladies of heaven who are particularly interested in your endeavors to expand the radiation of healing through sustained harmony in your feelings.

It is many, many centuries (as recorded by human time) since my father returned from a conclave of the Suns of this system. I remember, as though it were yesterday, the day he divulged the information to my mother and our family, that, through cosmic vote and through divine justice of the impersonal universal Law, the planet Earth had lost the right to draw any more energy or to be further sustained by the self-conscious sacrifice of elemental life—neither was it longer entitled to receive the release of substance, power and light from the Sun, from the angelic host and those other beings who had guarded her thus far.

It was thought by the Cosmic Law to be the part of wisdom and justice to return this Earth again to the unformed (to primal life) that its substance might be repolarized and formed anew in the womb of some future Sun, to be a cradle for some other evolution, perhaps more willing and desirous of fulfilling the will of God!

My mother, as you know, feeling the love within my father’s heart for the beloved Earth and its evolutions, gave him full freedom to offer his light and his love to sustain the planet, if the Cosmic Law would accept his offer of assistance. Therefore, he went to the cosmic authorities of this system with a joyous heart, proffering his help, and, as you are aware, his gift of love and sacrifice was accepted.

It was not long thereafter that the first group of volunteers left Venus to prepare a place for him on the Earth, a place befitting his great rank and his great and mighty service to this planet and the universe. These endeavored in every way to re-create the atmosphere which he knew and loved so well upon our star, Venus. Then came the day when he, himself, was to take leave of our planet, to take leave of its people and us, and to rise into the atmosphere over Venus, as he had so often done before. However, THIS TIME, he passed out beyond the periphery of our sphere of influence and entered into habitation in the atmosphere of Earth.

All through the history of Venus, the Kumaras had ascended into the atmosphere of the star on great occasions, such as cosmic feast days, or, at times when they wished to address all the population of the globe at one time. Like stars blazing in the firmament, they were able to direct an address that would envelop the planet through radiation, through color and spiritual telepathy. This message would then be received by each individual in his own locality. Therefore, our people were neither surprised nor startled to see the great Sanat Kumara ascend into the heavens above our star.

Only a few of us—the immediate family, the council, the priests and priestesses of the temples—only these knew that the being ensouling the light above our star would shortly begin a journey which would take him from our home and planet for a period which we thought AT THE MOST would be of but a few centuries duration! Sanat Kumara was the embodiment of all our hope and love, the greatest being evolved upon the star.

It has been a long, long time that the queen of love has reigned alone, acting as man and woman, as father and mother, to an evolution so magnificent and so beautiful that discord of any kind is unknown in her realm. Not one electron drawn from the universal has ever been qualified imperfectly there, by angel, elemental, or the evolution which is parallel to the divinely-matured expression of your humankind. Each lifestream on Venus, each newborn soul and spirit, attains and develops mastery in absolute harmony.

That, too, was the design for your beloved Earth and is the design of the Father of all light and love for every planet and star in the entire universe. The Earth forgot this, not because of her people themselves, but because of the contamination they absorbed through radiation and contagion from the polluted consciousnesses of those who came here from other stars, to whom she (the Earth) had previously extended hospitality that they might complete the evolution which they had neglected in their native spheres.

Because the Earth in herself is sweet, because her evolving peoples are fundamentally harmless, and because the guardian spirits who came from other stars and planets to serve in sacrifice like unto that of my father, have served well, the great Cosmic Law has allowed more than ordinary assistance to be given this small planet at this time.

Thus, beloved ones, we continued on Venus without the presence of our King for a long, long period of time, and finally my mother suggested that I come here to give the assistance of my love and light, until the victory of the Earth was assured. We had, of course, visited this sphere many times, having accompanied groups of envoys from Venus who entered the Earth’s atmosphere on various occasions. The joyous intercourse, therefore, that existed between our planet and yours, gave us a certain freedom and, of course, all through the ages after my father’s departure from Venus, we were in constant communication with the beloved exiles. However, you can see that this is not exactly the same as using the energies of your being to serve on a planet of your own choice and evolution.

May I say, then, just in passing, that we offer our extreme and personal gratitude to you, each and every one, who are interested in the cause of Sanat Kumara. Do you realize that for many centuries even his precious name was UNKNOWN to the mankind of Earth? Yet, when man hears that name, he invariably feels a thrill of happiness within his heart. I need not describe the sensation to you, for each of you felt it when the name of Sanat Kumara was first brought to your attention, either through worded expression or the written page—and we, who are serving life to set him free, we, who are endeavoring to help the Earth complete her course of evolution, are grateful to you—grateful beyond all words to describe—for your interest and your sweet cooperation in our cause.

In the freedom of life, each individual is allowed to choose in what manner he wishes to serve the universe. When I came into the atmosphere of Earth as a permanent resident rather than as a visitor, and when I saw the mighty chariots of fire return to Venus without me, I realized for the first time that my own exile was about to begin in earnest, and that my energies were to be used in the service of the mankind of Earth. It was then I asked for the privilege of studying the Earth’s atmosphere through the medium of every sphere so that I might use the momentum of my own light to the greatest possible extent for the blessing of Masters, angels, elementals, and evolving humanity.

I spent several hundred years, beloved ones, in this “spiritual research” and finally found my affinity of consciousness in the Fifth Sphere. I then asked the Cosmic Law for the opportunity of becoming associate Chohan of that sphere. My request was granted and, in cooperation with the great being who was then presiding Chohan, I held that office for some five hundred years. When he went on to greater heights of evolution, I was appointed full Chohan, and that position I held for several thousand years. This office is presently held, as you are doubtless aware, by the beloved Hilarion.

You know without my telling you, that the service of the Fifth Ray is devoted primarily to healing. This is done through the direction of light rays by individuals especially trained for the purpose in the Fifth Sphere and projected into the consciousness of embodied men and women who have avocation for alleviating the distresses of the mind, body or spirit of their fellowman.

You must know that the healing of the spirit through the teaching of the word of God is as much a part of the activity of the Fifth Ray as the healing of the body through science and research. Therefore, in accordance with the service of this activity, I taught the beings of the Fifth Sphere the science of the creation and projection of the light rays.

You may not know that in each sphere there are Masters, angels, angel devas, cherubim, and seraphim—all of whom either project or carry the substance and radiation of that sphere to the sphere immediately beneath it. Here are messengers of living light who work with the devas, the Masters and the angelic host. Here also are disembodied lifestreams who, through affinity with the interests of a particular sphere, are assigned by the Lords of Karma to dwell there in-between embodiment, and there are the rare individuals who, in their sleeping hours, are assigned to schoolrooms within those spheres, to which their own consciousness and special interests draw them, by the power of magnetic attraction.

You will understand, therefore, that we have a conglomerate mass of individual consciousnesses on whom we can work in each sphere, and my first assignment was to serve with the unascended lifestreams (both disembodied and those in the flesh who had sufficient development to be drawn within its temples during their hours of sleep). I decided that I would work primarily on developing within these people the capacity to recognize themselves as precipitated light rays and then I would enable them to create a beam of light and project it to a give objective through conscious direction.

You may be aware of the fact that there are certain centers within the upper part of the body which are open doors for the drawing and conducting of concentrated light. You have seen pictures of religious figures wherein this is demonstrated. When the artist has a certain spiritual perception, he will usually emphasize these foci in the physical body which are the doors through which the light rays do pass. In the palm of the hand is such a focus which carries the light from the heart through the hands. The Master Jesus is often depicted with a beam of light passing form each hand in blessing. Of course, the heart center is the concentrated focus of the Flame of Immortality, anchoring the life-giving ray from the Presence into the physical heart. That light may then be passed through the hands, through the heart itself, through the throat center, through the eyes, or through the head (forehead) in directed energy to bless life.

When we take individuals for training who are interested in healing, we first call their attention to the silver cord and explain to them that they, themselves, are actually precipitated rays of light. We enable them to look upon the activity of the silver cord and observe the electrons passing from their White Fire Body into the etheric vehicle, which they have used to enter our sphere, either for instruction or service. As these light rays pass from the White Fire Body and are magnetized by the immortal Threefold Flame in the heart, the individual contemplating that activity sees himself as the very precipitating power by which he has continuity of consciousness and intelligence and by which he has life and the capacity TO BE as an individual identity.

If that precipitated ray were to stop flowing, the individual, as a focus of conscious life, capable of thought and feeling, would cease to exist. Sometimes it takes hundreds of years for an individual to realize the fact that he, himself, through the magnetic power of the flame in his heart, is a precipitated, concentrated beam of light, and that this flame (which is the only part of himself cognizant of its relationship to God) is a magnetic pole of a precipitated and consciously-directed beam from the heart of God, himself.

When the lifestream recognizes and accepts this great truth, he immediately comes to a realization that there is no reason in heaven or on earth why that beam of precipitated light should cease when it enters the heart, but rather that it could and should be externalized at will, through the direction of the individual’s thought force, and projected by the feelings through whatever center (in himself or others) that is in need of assistance at the moment.

The lifestream is next taught how to project these mighty currents from the focus of light in the heart, through the hands (through the fingertips also), but particularly through the focus in the palm of the hand. The same activity takes place through the heart center, the throat center and the forehead (which is the head center). The beam at first extends just a few feet away from the physical form or the inner body.

When the lifestream comes to a point where he can direct and hold the beam upon a given focal point, he is given an assignment. His assignment is to qualify that beam with a specific radiation in order to render a particular service. Then the light rays become for him intelligent servants rendering the required assistance while he, himself, abides within the flame of his own heart—master of energy—and, through light, regulating all outer conditions about him. If the assistance required be healing, that flame, as it goes forth in a directed beam, is held by the consciousness upon the condition that expresses less than perfection. It calls forth from within the patient a like condition of perfection, releasing the God-design into action from within that shadowed form.

A triple service is rendered here, beloved ones:

First, it enables us to lower from the Fifth Sphere, into the realm of incarnate mankind, much of the perfection that would otherwise be too subtle for the outer mind to absorb.

Second, it gives the brother at inner levels a lesson in selflessness, because he who becomes the projector of perfection is taught to enjoy the reception of his inspiration by incarnate lifestreams.

Third, the individuals on Earth who are sensitive enough to receive these ideas from the higher realms, enjoy the spiritual as well as physical satisfaction of releasing these ideas into manifest form for the blessing and benefaction of their fellowman (although human beings invariably imagine that they, themselves, are the original creators of these ideas).

I would like to outline for you now an activity which is primarily my own.

After I had completed my work in the Fifth Sphere and had experienced the great delight of training individuals in the use of the light rays, I determined within myself to visit the etheric cities (situated in the etheric realm over the great oceans and deserts of your planet).

This I proceeded to do, requesting the great Master who presided over each of these cities, for permission to establish a temple there, where a group of selfless and nameless ones (both ascended and unascended) might carry on a twenty-four-hour service in rhythm, directing beams of consciously-qualified energy through the continent and particular locality over which the etheric city stood. This, I felt, would be helpful in dissolving and transmuting the mass karma that externalizes as plagues, epidemics and disease in general, as well as the terrific discords that manifest in the minds, bodies and feelings of the race and its corporate history.

I was given the great courtesy and happiness of having my project accepted in each of these cities, and my next step was to call in the healing devas to assist me. They came, bringing builders of form, and in the beautiful locations allotted to us in these etheric cities, we created temples, which were to be dedicated primarily to the projection of light rays, (spiritual lighthouses), one might say.

From the Fifth Sphere, I drew Ascended Beings and then drew volunteers from unascended mankind, making groups of seven. These individuals were already trained to project the light from their bodies. (You have seen the revolving searchlights in airfields—the beams of light that play back and forth in the night). That is a good visualization of the activity that is performed by these groups of seven in the etheric cities. The same beings do not serve constantly through the ages, because as each one evolved a certain development in this capacity, he or she is released for greater service elsewhere, and another volunteer takes his place.

The procedure they follow is something like this. They either sit or stand in a circle, facing outward, so that their backs are toward each other, each one directing a beam of energy into the atmosphere. Then the entire activity revolves and so, like a spinning wheel, these beams of light are playing constantly through the inner atmosphere of Earth.

You have heard it said that man could not live beyond the age of twelve years if it were not for the assistance of Ascended Beings, and I have been told by those in authority that the establishment of these rhythmic purifying centers in the etheric cities over many thousands of years have been a great contributing factor to the evolution and protection of the race, and that through this activity the planet and its people have been saved from extinction many times, due to the recurrent release of destructively-qualified energy by mankind in general.

I am very well pleased, beloved friends, with the perception which has prompted you to devote the energies of your decrees to the removal of the CAUSE behind disease. In speaking to unascended beings, I never dwell upon the conditions of the inner atmosphere of Earth for any length of time, because the etheric bodies and outer consciousnesses are so receptive to discord and mirror it so instantly, that more harm than good is done in picturing these appearances. Yet, when individuals come to a point where they are interested in learning to project the light rays, and when I see an activity as magnificent as that which takes place through your cooperative decrees and visualizations (that same projection of the light rays being set up through a group of unascended lifestreams), it does allow me to open the door just a little and give you an understanding of what you are really doing to assist us.

You know how microbes and mold develop when the sun or heat plays upon some decaying object? Well, precious hearts, the thoughts and feelings of the people in a large city, during the twenty-four-hour cycle, would cause you to faint were you to see them with the sight. Mankind desires the restoration of the inner sight so much, but I tell you it is the greatest mercy in the universe that you do not have that veil removed until you can learn to master the Sacred Fire and arrive at a point where you are able to instantly remove all the imperfection you might see. Otherwise, were you to observe all that is outpictured in the atmosphere around you, the fear and recoil of your own energies would be such that far more harm than good would result therefrom.

In large metropolises like London, New York, Paris and others, where millions of people reside, their discordant thoughts and feelings are constantly passing into the atmosphere and coalesce there into terrific vortices of evil, which pulsate like gigantic, moving jelly masses. Any lifestream that opens itself to a discordant quality of any kind, even for a moment, magnetizes that substance and draws some of its discord into his vehicles where it manifests as great distress of some kind.

These great wheels of light created by the forcefields of the group endeavors, are constantly laying upon these evil vortices, dissolving and melting them away, thus relieving elemental life so that mankind is literally enabled to stand erect, breathe in the air, and actually exist in physical form.

When you go into action in your groups, making tremendous calls for the light rays to expand and to remove those causes of distress, you render a service that you will never fully comprehend until you are ascended. That is why the cities where sanctuaries of light are established are more pure by far than those which are not so blessed. OVER FIFTY PERCENT OF THE ACCUMULATION OF DISCORD AND EFFLUVIA OF MANKIND IN A CITY OR VILLAGE IS HANDLED BY A SANCTUARY WHERE A DOZEN PEOPLE (OFTTIMES LESS) ARE ACTIVE—IF THEY ARE EARNEST AND SINCERE!

It is a magnificent service to life, one that your outer minds cannot conceive as possible. I certainly thank and commend you for the assistance you give. Do you see how close you come to my activity, and how interested I am in your service, when you go into action on those causes? Remember you must go back through the outer cause to the inner CORE OF THE CAUSE, which is the quality in the thoughts and feelings that have spewed them forth. Therefore, you render a service in changing the natures of people because then these masses of discordant thoughts and feelings are removed by your calls.

It takes away their pressures upon the emotional bodies of mankind which prod them to more and more discord. Thus you are helping to change the natures of the people and permanent healing comes only by changing the nature of the individual. Every type of moral, mental, emotional, or physical disease is due to a flaw in the nature of the outer consciousness. When that flaw or defect is transmuted, the distressing condition disappears! This is mathematically exact. It is scientific. Call to me. Call to the brothers and sisters of the etheric temples, and we will give you the assistance of our beams of light. At your call, I shall send you a brother or sister from the Temples of Healing and then, if you accept from that one the beam of his or her energy, you may develop the capacity to direct the light rays yourself.

We are coming into strange days, beloved ones. We are coming to the end of an era. From the Great Central Sun (sometimes called “The Sun behind the Sun”), more light is being released to each one of the Seven Spheres. Why? Because the Cosmic Law has asked that the whole universe increase its light. Every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being is increasing and intensifying his or her own individual aura and gifts to life at present. The Cosmic Light becomes an increasingly greater pressure in the lower atmosphere, because unascended beings like yourselves are calling for light. As that light comes, it presses the psychic and astral realm closer and closer to the Earth. Of course, in time, the light descending will transmute it. Meanwhile, as that pressure of light increases, the causes of distress set up by mankind will endeavor to find their way back to redemption and perfection through their creators. That is why at the end of an era, before the Golden Age comes in, you will find tremendous cataclysmic action, as well as the release of plagues and many other discordant conditions that prey upon and frighten their creators to a terrifying extent, but these can and will be dissolved by the use of the light rays.

This is one reason why I asked for this opportunity to speak to you, because I want you to know that those energies, as they go back through the bodies of mankind, will cause great fear and distress, unless they are transmuted before they find manifestation in the feelings, minds and flesh.

Therefore, if you choose to make of your own sweet sanctuaries, foci for the melting and transmuting of these activities, we shall be glad to assist you. I am the servant of your light! I am willing and desirous of pouring my light rays through you, helping you to experiment with the conscious direction of those beams of light, in the privacy of your own room or sanctuary. Will you please ask opportunity to direct a specific beam of consciously-qualified light into some particular condition that you feel is in need of adjustment, holding that beam steady upon that goal? Ask me to give you the pressure of my flame, and then enjoy what the light will do, WITHOUT THE PRESSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL WILL!

It is a wonderful experience, and one you will enjoy, once you have tried it, because there is no time nor space in the wielding of the light rays. Hundreds of thousands are prepared at inner levels for service in this endeavor. If you wish to serve in this way, remember Meta! I SHALL REMEMBER YOU!

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. God bless you, each and every one!



(NOTE: The first decree below is the one referred to by beloved Meta in the previous discourse as having been so efficacious in the dissipating of foci of plagues, germs, epidemics, and disease. This decree has been used faithfully in all meetings for over 15 years. When you give it, you will have the full benefit of all that gathered momentum to act much more quickly for you, and all for whom you call.)

Blessed beloved presence of God, I AM in us and blessed beloved Astrea! LOCK your Cosmic Circle and Sword of Blue Flame of thousands of Suns from the Great Central Sun, in, through, and around all plagues, germs, epidemics and disease. Close in upon them all and transmute, transmute, transmute them all, cause, effect, record and memory, before they can act, approach, or encroach upon life longer. Replace them by the Cosmic Threefold Flame, in the full power of the three-times-three.

Repeat the above three times, and then say:

“and the FULL POWER of the thousand-fold Flame of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire, in overwhelming Cosmic Power, doubled each instant of each hour, ruling in all God’s supremacy and obedience, until all are ascended and free—So be it! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

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