The Power of Invocation and Group Service

"If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the 'Mighty I AM Presence.'

“If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’



Beloved Helios speaks

Ascended Master Love and Truth, Vol. 2:152-54

“Have you thought of the size of Our Causal Bodies? Some of you coming to class this morning have pondered on that subject a little. Our Causal Bodies are larger than the Solar System, which has been crated out of our own light substance. And which is sustained by our Love and Light that we draw consciously from the Sun behind our focus. That Causal Body comes with us wherever we go. It is as much a part of us as your Causal Body is a part of you. So when we come for a visitation and we enter into a forcefield, what exactly happens cosmically speaking? The Center of Power of our intelligence, the heart of our Causal Body, and our forcefield merge with and become the Heart of the forcefield of your group. And your forcefield and Causal Body is expanded to the periphery of our own. Therefore, whatever you say, feel, decree, think, or sing while in our Presence with the expanded activity of our Causal Body – goes to the very periphery of this universal scheme. You have not fully perhaps though of this in Cosmic Beings. Yet, it is a tremendous point of significance with regard to blanketing a planet or universe with more energy than a group of unascended beings could possibly draw

When you draw the Master, you draw all of His full gathered cosmic momentum of feeling! Within that feeling is every Victory He has ever experienced! Every time the Master has used life, created form, and seen the scientific accuracy with which the Law works – all that is registered within His Causal Body. You draw all of that power, consciousness of Victory, consciousness of and the confidence in the GOD POWER ALMIGHTY! You draw all the thought-force of the Master! That means every bit of the wisdom, learning, and understanding that He has drawn forth from the UNIVERSAL FIRST CAUSE, all through the lives He has lived, in the God-Free estate up to the present day. You draw then the Causal Body of the Master! In that Causal Body is recorded all the good, all the magnificent accomplishments which such a one has to His or Her credit. That Causal Body, which is a living pulsating, battery of flame, becomes accessible to each chela in the group, mingling with and becoming a part of the individual’s Causal Body during the time of visitation. Therefore, when you magnetize and draw any Divine Being into your atmosphere during the visitation and address, you have and are absorbing all that One is. At the time when the Divine Being has completed His service, wraps His cloak of light around Himself and withdraws, you have had the benefit of absorbing into your own world the nature, gifts, powers, and light of such a Great One.”