Anya;'s rose



March 26, 1961 From Bulletin Book 2 page 458


Beloved ones, the very word “Gospel” meaning good tidings, you have a Gospel of truth within the folds of your own etheric garments; within your beating hearts a part of that one divinity wherein and whereby I qualified after many centuries of service to become the mother of the Perfected Being, Jesus. I had the same implements to work with as you have. I had the thoughts, feelings and the power to speak and to act and to move, but all of these I consecrated early in life to the Lord God when I was not able even to stand before the magnificent temple wherein Anne and Joachim placed me. There the priests did consecrate me, and when I was able to stand alone, yes, among the mighty priests and priestesses of the temple, and face that Holy of Holies, I again consciously consecrated my being and very self, my thoughts, feelings, words and actions, to become a fit grail through which, in due course, there should come into being my son, Jesus. So my life has been a service of consecrated energy.

Beloved ones, you cannot consecrate an hour to God and twenty-three to man and become as free as you would desire, because there is no balance in that timing. I know, for I was a woman who once dwelt among you. Therefore I learned and consciously cooperated with the Cosmic Law in the consecration of everything from the weaving of the tapestry for the temple walls, later to the weaving of the garments of the boy Jesus, to the carrying of the water from the well, blessing it before we took it into our home; blessing our cloth and our table, blessing our humble home and our lovely patron and protector Saint Joseph (now the Ascended Master Saint Germain); blessing the pallets where they lay; blessing the herbs and the gardens in which I served. So it came to pass that my life became a life of consecrated energy and it became a joyous part of my being, so should it be with you. Let the consecration of beloved Jesus and myself and your Holy Christ Self flow forth and that will be a permanent part of you, giving light to that which is in temporary shadow! Oh easy it is to feel rebellious toward that which does not please you, yet wherein is your victory, victory cometh to him who has overcome himself and his passions both hidden and revealed. He who has become a master of peace and balance and light can at a moment draw forth that quality which is required as a benediction to still turbulent waters, draw forth magnificent sunshine, to make the seas part as Moses did, if necessary; to keep the very earth beneath your feet solid and leave an imprint of light wherever you walk.

Yet truly, beloved, that place wherein you walk should be holy ground, and even when you are gone, the scent, the perfume and the fragrance of your being shall be a blessing and benediction to a generation yet unborn. I know, for I so walked from the garden at the foot of the Hill of Bethany up to the apex, time and time again, consecrating that ground, giving to it the essence of buoyancy, of joy, of happiness, of accomplishment for he who should walk that path after me would require all of those qualities, sweeping into his beautiful Form that he might ascend victorious into heaven! Long before he (my son, Jesus) came to that day, I had walked that path and looked on the Sun and prayed upon the crown of Bethany’s Hill for that accomplishment. Never spoke I to any man, but when the hour of my son’s accomplishment was upon him, I knew he would walk in the footsteps which carried LIGHT and VICTORY as he moved majestically upward on energy perhaps not wholly his own, knew it none but I. Can you do likewise? Most certainly! The greater your service, the more humble, the more selfless you become and if someone is ascending on your light, the more silent you can become and remain about the expansion of such a one’s light, the greater is your own victory.

As beloved Nada has told you, that is one of the activities and tests at Luxor, under the direction of Serapis Bey, where she and I both took and passed many such Initiations successfully. We have no such tests at the Resurrection Temple. We have, as you know, the magnificent circular mother of pearl temple in honor of Jesus’ activity of the resurrection on that first Easter Morning. It is builded with seven great corridors surrounding it. Within those corridors angels, elementals and human beings all dwell, each according to their capacity to cognize and to accept the power of the Resurrection Flame. Through the kind intercession of our beloved Maha Chohan, you now are privileged to enter within the inner corridor and form a circle around the Resurrection Flame itself, facing and drawing into every cell and atom of your being that power of resurrection absorbing it through every cell and atom of your consciousness, expanding it gently and then projecting that flame with all the power of you, heart’s light to those who cannot stand the naked fire of creation! Within that Resurrection Flame are the builders of form; within that Resurrection Flame is the power which the great Maha Chohan himself utilizes to surge that current through the Earth and to help Amaryllis and elemental life to create the Springtime. Within that Resurrection Flame live the angels of resurrection and there abide ofttimes Jesus and the Archaii Hope. There is the power which you require!

When the ladies of my court draw you there, accept it, children. Many of you witnessed the ascension of Jesus. You have stood in the lesser corridors of the Resurrection Temple year in and year out. Now you stand amongst the elect, right before that Resurrection Flame and there is a magnificent activity as that flame scintillates and rises. You can see the glorious Beings who are absorbing its light and sending it forth to carry the power of the Resurrection Flame throughout the world. Small as the honey bee, the unborn butterfly, the birds which are to come into birth this season, the new growth of the animal kingdom and the nature kingdom and the individual of course who will enter into the Sacred Heart Temple and take embodiment in this year. They all bathe within that flame. Bathing within the heart of a living Flame is an exhilarating feeling.

When you enter into these Cosmic Flames, they form the same ablution but they start from the feet upward and blaze in, through and around every one of your four lower vehicles and give always the essence of themselves as you step within them. FEEL NOW THE POWER OF RESURRECTION ALIVE IN THIS PLANET EARTH, ALL BELONGING TO HER EVOLUTIONS, IN, THROUGH AND AROUND YOURSELF, FOR TODAY THE RESURRECTING POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY ALIVE IN THIS HUMAN APPEARANCE WORLD GIVES YOU OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN YET IN THIS EMBODIMENT. Thank you. ACCEPT IT NOW, ALIVE, NOT FOR AN HOUR, NOT FOR A DAY, NOT FOR A YEAR, BUT FOR ALWAYS!

In the name of Mary I give to you a Sweet Portion of the Flame of Resurrection. So be it! Thank you, beloved, Mary


Beloved Maha Chohan Speaks:

My children, beloved Mary, all those of you who have loved me well and who have desired to be a comforting presence to life, you cognize the power of Mary. Oh Mary! One of the greatest spirits that lived upon this Earth, and her love for you, like mine for you, is eternal. Now we utilize that Flame of Resurrection, as she has said, to revitalize every kingdom; every kingdom responds, my children, but the human kingdom, which is a tremendous disappointment to the Gods. The birds sing more freely, the flowers are more beautiful, the angels are more exquisite, the shrubs and ultimately the fruit, even the animal kingdom in its process of reproduction is magnificent. But the human kingdom remains adamant against the power active now of resurrection! I can but refer you again to the words of Mary—there is no power more willing to serve for you and through you than that power of the resurrection. I know! Through it, Jesus burst the tomb that first Easter Morning. Through it, I am able to resuscitate the nature kingdom in buoyancy and light to a planet when it has been through the dark periods of Winter, so that hope again shall rise in man’s breast. So I say to you today, we are in a moment which comes not often to man—a moment when you who have been trained in the projection of breath and in the rhythmic use of breath to control the energies of your vehicles should now most assuredly use that Resurrection Flame.

In the name of the Father the son and myself, the benediction of the Holy Spirit be upon you. His love and light give comfort to you, hearts and feelings and thoughts, and my eternal friendship while you are in this world and my arms to greet you when you come over where we are!

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