BY THE BELOVED MAHA CHOHAN (Now Cosmic Holy Spirit Aeolus)

An Excerpt from Journal Book 5

“I have learned to comfort tiny little elementals, for you know my kingdom is threefold, dealing with the nature kingdom, dealing with the human kingdom and with the angelic. The little elementals are very enthusiastic when looking upon the archetype in one of the nature temples and desire to become the expression on the earthplane of say a daffodil, and they dance happily around the beautiful, divine pattern held by that nature deva. They are curious little fellows, and they go into the trumpet and run along the petals and down the stem, and they examine it from every angle, and it is such a lovely and beautiful picture—it is a living flame held by the being who is the director of the temple, and these little elementals want to become daffodils instantly, in fact they DO because they mirror that which they look upon!

      In one of these temples, where we take the daffodil as an illustration, you will see hundreds of little daffodils all running up and down the steps and in the atmosphere—and then comes the test—it is one thing to become a daffodil in the inner realms where the deva is holding the pattern of the flame flower, where there is nothing of distress. There are no worms, no moles, no drought or excess moisture! They are just living in light. Then these little individuals apply and they will ask—some of them are very small—to become daffodils, and their wish is granted. Sometimes I hold them in the palm of my hand and tell them a little of what it is to live inside the body of Virgo, and that they will meet all kinds of little things down there—but, oh, they just want to be a daffodil and it just runs off them! Then those little fellows come, and when they come home, they are sad little elementals and they are not so eager always to be a daffodil again. Then they are ready to listen!

      The first time, the eagerness and zealous enthusiasm of their light, and of course, the nature of their beings, desiring to out-picture beauty, carries them into the world of form. Here they met resistance, and I might say, there would never be any flowers of any kind if it were not for the assistance of those magnificent, developed nature devas and those elementals who have gone through all of this!

The little elemental comes back. He says, “I am never going down there again. I don’t want to be a daffodil!” Then we come to the period of comfort. Sometimes he is rebellious, sometimes he is crying, sometimes he is just worn out. Before the new dispensation, we had little tiny cots for them and we would lay them out where they could sleep and relax and forget, for just a little time, their troubles. In this one temple (oh the cots were not more than six inches long), we had all these great daffodil builders sleeping there, after an exhaustive bout with a worm, we will say.

      Then they would wake up and begin again and we would talk to them. This time they would be a little more wise and ready for counsel. The individual who is not ready for counsel is going to be like the daffodil builder who wants to go his own way and knows he can do it on his own! After they come back and have had their little sleep, they are willing to come and say, “Now I did meet a great big worm down there; it was awfully dry and hot, and somebody stood on me, and what would you do!” The free will, even in the elemental kingdom, is that unless we are ASKED FOR COUNSEL, we must wait to give it. I do not do this with every flower, but am taking this as an example. Usually the deva of the temple does it. I am merely explaining that I am used to the activity of the zealous enthusiast. I am used to the plunging of such a one into an activity that is larger, perhaps, than their developed wisdom, and I am used to seeing the wilted individuality return and be ready for counsel. When they are ready to listen, they are taught by their deva, or sometimes if there is a particular one in whom I am interested, I will stroke this little head with my finger and talk to him and make him feel happy again and tell him there is no failure but that he can have new opportunity, and he goes out again.

      Now it is the same with your blessed selves! You, too, get a vision at inner levels. You have shared the vision of the Golden Age of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. You have been boundless in your enthusiasm, vital in your will, determined in yourselves that YOU CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS and—here you are! You have your mountains, you have your valleys—some of you have your drought, your excessive floods. Yet always ready to give counsel, even in the midst of an experience which seems trying, we stand, having provided the way and means to reach your outer minds, but do you know, we have not provided the way yet to reach your hearts!

It is my prayer, on this holy day, that the God who created you, the God of mercy that drew aside the veil, revealing as much of his kingdom and of the private incidents in the lives of the Sainted and Perfected Ones, may make you realize in your HEARTS, that we have brought heaven close! Even on Earth you do not share confidences with acquaintances—you share confidences only with heart friends, tried and true. Yet from the great Gautama, Lord Maitreya, myself and the mighty Chohans, Mother Mary and the Archangels, and the great Elohim, we have unbound our hair, which is symbolic of meeting you on an equal level, and have given you the confidences of our own experiences, hoping that therein and thereby you would find, each one, some affinity, some similarity, between your own experiences and one of ours.

      We have opened the privacy of our hearts. We have opened the retreats, some of which you have never heard. We allow you entrance and provide sponsorship and have taught you how, in projected consciousness, to move ALL OVER THE PLANET EARTH, and not only that, but to ascend through the Suns into the very presence of Alpha and Omega themselves, in the hope of reaching your hearts, because when we do, your hearts will overflow with love for one another and there will be no need to speak the words, “I love you,” for love is a palpable essence; it is a substance of buoyancy that raises, sustains and unifies, and where that love is engendered in the human heart and expanded through it, such a one needs few, if any words.”

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