Through our own effort we can become the Christ!


“In my ministry of two thousand years ago, about which much is still not known, I strove to set an example of how one might, despite the tremendous opposition of the world, still overcome it. Now, if I were a “special being,” born in a supernatural way, would my example be one that all could follow? – Why, of course not.

I, like you, was born of human parents, grew up through childhood, and came through sincere searching and meditation, to know my own Divinity as you too may know yours, and for which purpose I came into the world – to lead back to the Light the lost sheep that have gone astray, to lead by example; and the essence of that example you still have recorded today in the legend of the Gospel.

And I wish for you not to read my story out of worship and adoration, as beautiful as your Love is to me, but out of the desire to be what I have given you the example for, to know the truth of the “I AM Presence” – which is the Christ within you – and to become that Master “Presence.”

And so, if you will only go over the Gospel story and see the truth of the Spirit that is contained with these words that I spoke, not the interpretation that fanatics and bigots, the subsequent scribes and Pharisees that are still at their work today, have given to my words, then you will begin to know the Truth. Remember, the letter killeth, it is the Spirit that giveth life – for God is Spirit, and you shall worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

And the Truth is, my beloved, that although I represent the Christ Consciousness on the Earth today,

only You can achieve the Christ Consciousness by your own humble effort, for it was in this very same way that I achieved my own Victory;

and by my example, my sacrifice, and the Radiation of My Love you too shall surely achieve your own Victory, Resurrection and Ascension – and, I say unto you verily, as I AM is the Christ, you shall. See you not, Christ is come!

I thank you.


Excerpt From: Peter Mt. Shasta. “I AM the Open Door.” iBooks.