Ascension & Spiritual Matters

The Ascension & Spiritual Matters on this website are only from the Pure Teachings of the Ascended Masters according to the books of the “I AM” Activity (1930’s Guy & Edna Ballard) The Bridge to Freedom and ADK Luk Publications (1950’s onward – Geraldine Innocente & others of the Philadelphia Group)

“We are now entering a new frontier and engaged in the establishment of a Great Spiritual Activity upon the Earth. “

"As always, the pioneers are strong, fearless, faithful, and loving. The loving heart is not fickle and for love's sake many a mother has died to preserve the life of a child. For love's sake many an individual has selflessly sacrificed name, position, dignity, fortune, and honor for the good of the whole." Saint Germain Continue reading


"All over this planet, there are individuals and groups of conscious students whose Forcefields, like pinpoints of light in the darkness of the astral world, are calling for the mass purification of the race, as well as the individual mental and feeling bodies of the people. Through the open doors of these Forcefields come the Angelic legions at our command (the Elohim of Purity and Myself), and go north, south, east, and west, to transmute and remove those pressures of existing thought and feeling forms of impurity of every kind." Continue reading


"On Venus there is life and love and evolution of a cosmic purpose far beyond that which we on earth have yet achieved, but toward which the thinkers of the race have pointed us since time began. For she is, even in her physical position in relation to the Sun, a more advanced planet. Her very name on earth has always signified the fullness of love." Continue reading
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