Golden Key’s

The Power of Invocation and Group Service

"Therefore, when you magnetize and draw any Divine Being into your atmosphere during the visitation and address, you have and are absorbing all that One is. At the time when the Divine Being has completed His service, wraps His cloak of light around Himself and withdraws, you have had the benefit of absorbing into your own world the nature, gifts, powers, and light of such a Great One.” Continue reading


"In the name of God, the Holy Presence of Life within your beating heart whose Sacred Name is “I AM”, I call into action now, in, through and around you, the full power of the FREEDOM FLAME, that all-powerful Violet Fire of Divine Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, transmuting into Light right now every shadow and imperfection which has ever registered upon your consciousness!" Continue reading


The higher the lifestream goes upon the spiritual ladder, the greater is the area covered by his outgoing energy waves, and the more life, power, and love which is directed to such a one by the Ascended Brotherhood, the greater is his responsibility in the solar system to which he belongs, because of the EVER-INCREASING CIRCUMFERENCE OF HIS ELECTRONIC CIRCLE. Continue reading
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